Submitted by BoringAccountName78 t3_107vsm6 in massachusetts

I agree that Mass is one of the best states to live, but trying to score points by calling poorer and/or redder states "shitholes" or other pejoratives is a bit churlish.

For the same reason I didn't appreciate Trump calling certain countries "shitholes", I think that we should be better and not degrade people who live in certain states we may not like.



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BlueJay_NE t1_j3osgwd wrote

Dude, I think you may be taking this a little too seriously. Poking fun at other states - especially New Hampshire, the Northeast’s equivalent of Florida - is a time-honored tradition.


almamaters t1_j3oxk44 wrote

I live in NH and can vouch for this. We are the South of the North.


kethera__ t1_j3p8hia wrote

what’s maine then? our alaska?


almamaters t1_j3q9l4p wrote

Maine is like Georgia. A single island of blue (one big city) in a sea of red (everywhere else).


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j45fybh wrote

I'm all for poking fun at other states.

But there's a difference between "poking fun" and assuming that everyone in the South is a redneck idiot.


ThreeDogs2022 t1_j3oy6rz wrote

....but.....some of them are shitholes. And they're shitholes by CHOICE, which makes it our right, nay, our DUTY, to comment on the shitholiness. It's punching up when you observe for example that florida is a shithole. Or texas. You show up to the ballot box and keep desantis and abbott on their tin thrones, you choose shitholiness. And other people get to make fun of you for it.


Daily_the_Project21 t1_j3pg5l9 wrote

Those two states are bad examples. Better examples are Louisiana and Alabama and Mississippi.


PutNameHere123 t1_j3qngzj wrote

No: your examples are mostly just full of poor uneducated people who are oppressed by crappy schools and infrastructure; Florida and Texas pound their chests about their shitty ideas.

I’ve never heard of Mississippi sending undocumented people on busses out-of-state to the homes of politicians they don’t like nor Louisiana proudly announcing that they wouldn’t be following the CDC’s COVID protocols.


Daily_the_Project21 t1_j3qqe6l wrote

Idk, I guess I don't define a place a shithole just because the people have ideas I disagree with.


ThreeDogs2022 t1_j3qtwqe wrote

Uh, bigotry, discrimination and fascism aren't 'ideas to disagree with'. That's taxing policy, zoning decisions, new roads.


Daily_the_Project21 t1_j3qucp7 wrote

So you agree with those things? Uh, okay buddy.


[deleted] t1_j3qv5tm wrote



mmelectronic t1_j3ra8ll wrote

What’s fascism again? The merger of corporation and state? How is Massachusetts any less fascist than Texas or Florida?


TecumsehSherman t1_j3s4kg4 wrote

Per Wikipedia:

Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultra-nationalist political ideology and movement,[1][2][3] characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.[2][3]

I'm going to ask you to rank the following states in terms of how far to the right you think they are:

  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Massachusetts

mmelectronic t1_j3s9288 wrote

Well now that wikipedia has changed the definition of fascism I’m not sure.


Ferfuxache t1_j3r03fq wrote

No those are great examples. Texas outside the 4 cities (D,H,SA,A) are complete and utter shit holes populated by delusional religious nut jobs who think bucc-ees is a hoot. (Source drove through a bunch of them on the way to and from Celtics Mavs game, I’m also stuck here for work till good knows when)


adietcokeaday t1_j3s7z00 wrote

As someone who spent a few years living in Louisiana, they’re not willfully shitholes. They elected a Democratic governor to fix the mess a Republican governor left behind when he decided to run for president after running the state into a nearly billion dollar defecit. Not to mention, they’re gerrymandered out of control. New Orleans and Baton Rouge, by far the two biggest cities and separated by an hour drive on the highway, are in the same House district.


threeorangewhips3 t1_j3ri2q7 wrote

In my state, it's Springfield,Worcester and Lawrence. Sorry if you live there and don't agree.


OkOpinion5519 t1_j3ss6l1 wrote

A lot of these 'shithole' states are so gerrymandered, it's hard to even say they are a democracy anymore. You can't blame people for not voting when decades of republicans have deliberately closed polling stations in 'democratic' areas, making wait times hours long, required ID at the polls that can be expensive or difficult to obtain, etc. It's not so black and white.


joeys4282 t1_j3p1orz wrote

lol it’s funny you call Florida and Texas shit holes when more people are leaving states like California and MASSACHUSETTS. For states like Florida and Texas. Why because the parties in power are doing things to make there state affordable unlike unaffordable Massachusetts.


Chippopotanuse t1_j3qku95 wrote

Not really.

Why the hell would I move my family and especially my daughter to a place that won’t protect her rights, where there are horrible education options, and where we’d be surrounded by MAGA dumfucks?

Because it’s “cHeAPeR to LiVe?”

Lol. Most folks in Mass would pay far more to live here to he insulated from the absolute shitheels who govern those other states. I sure as hell would.

We aren’t all broke-ass babies who can’t pay our bills. Many of us make plenty of money and that’s why shit is expensive.

I would LOVE it if the 10% of folks who voted for Trump in my town all moved their bum-asses to Plano, Texas or Tampa. Good riddance.


Codspear t1_j3tcpbu wrote

Honestly, there are plenty of people who leave MA because of the cost. Decent people that don’t make much money but are still needed in society nonetheless. We should be building much more housing so that more people can live here comfortably.


mattgm1995 t1_j3psz7w wrote

Tell me which action the democrats have done that have made mass unaffordable to you.


mslashandrajohnson t1_j3orjiw wrote

You may start to feel differently, once you start paying income taxes and find out that so much money collected in our state is used to benefit those states that frustrate us.


b1ack1323 t1_j3rhgqm wrote

What I don't understand is how much nicer NH roads are even though MA collects so much local tax. I drive up 495 from end to end once a week and as soon as I am on 293 in NH it turns to glass.


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j3ouow4 wrote

It isn't used to fix anything in MA.


mslashandrajohnson t1_j3owip2 wrote

Federal taxes go to Washington, D.C. and swoopidoop through the federal smoothifier of government to go pay for stuff in Alabama and Mississippi and other places more red than Massachusetts.

It’s the punishment for being functional.


joeys4282 t1_j3p2vxd wrote

This state has a crumbling infrastructure and the rift between rich and poor is so big most don’t even talk about it. Go drive past Worcester and tell me those towns are taken care off. Most of the DEMOCRAT state reps and senators out there do nothing to help.


ManWithTheCats t1_j3pkf9l wrote

“So big, most don’t even talk about it.” 😂


mslashandrajohnson t1_j3qsktl wrote

It seems like the commenter is repeating a litany they’ve been taught.

I have a friend who keeps sheep west of Worcester. She also keeps a working dog, a Great Pyrenees, to guard her farm. She has to put him in a closed place when I come to visit because he is not only protecting from animal predators.

I have nothing but respect for people who live in western Massachusetts. Even where I live, east of Worcester, I’ve seen coyotes, black bear, and bobcat in my small backyard. We have homeless people, too, and people who have serious troubles who need help.

Let’s hope for better times, and to preserve our wild spaces.


joeys4282 t1_j3p1tma wrote

Most of the tax money goes to the Massachusetts coast and western Massachusetts is left to rot but few people in power actually care.


Practical-Basil-1353 t1_j3pfxqc wrote

Have you ever been to these places? I have, they are shitholes!


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j45g1zo wrote

Yes. I've also been to New Delhi, so I've seen awful poverty and a very dirty city.

And as dirty as I thought New Delhi was, I'd never call their city a shithole.


Practical-Basil-1353 t1_j45spt4 wrote

I completely agree. But New Delhi isn’t in the “states”, and your original post was about degrading people. You’re changing the topic, unless you mean - why do your fellow massholes degrade people from New Delhi?


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j3p3tpb wrote

A smug air of superiority is one of our best cultural traits.


Clownsinmypantz t1_j3p27rr wrote

nope. those states are holding us back.


joeys4282 t1_j3p3zxy wrote

It amazes me how people here put themselves on a pedestal and act like they know more then everyone else. Let’s face the facts taxes in Massachusetts are going up for almost every citizen and overall cost of living is out of control. More people are now leaving the state then are coming here, why because we r failing our citizens. So to act like Massachusetts has so moral superiority is ridiculous. States like Texas and Florida are being flooded with people because they are meeting citizens needs unlike Massachusetts.


Clownsinmypantz t1_j3pbpj8 wrote

least we dont attack gays or ban womens rights and keep voting in fascists.


joeys4282 t1_j3pcwkq wrote

You have destroyed to true meaning of the word fascist calling Republicans that is a joke. I doubt you even know what it truly means. Also at this point I’ve lived in Massachusetts for almost 25 years and as a Jew I’ve never seen a community act like they have the moral high ground but continue time and time again to turn a blind eye to the states Jewish harassment problem which no one Ik has had this happen in the south state of Florida. This state prides itself on being a welcoming area to all but it’s a false sense of reality. I can no longer live in an area that doesn’t respect civil liberties. You can continue living in the lie which shows me your either ignorant or just don’t care about the state real racist problems.


Clownsinmypantz t1_j3pnb8a wrote

From their event

From the party who cries about election fraud

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

THe party that says LGBTQ+ are the groomers and they are the party of FaMiLy VaLuEs

1 2 3 4 5 6

Good ol boys being anti-american

1 2

Racist: 1 2

Party of rape

1 2

Human rights? What human rights? 1

Let's not forget busing migrants around so they miss their asylum court date and using literal humans as pawns for politics. Oh and stealing covid aid from blue states during a pandemic

Keep pretending the party and those who support them arent destroying this country, guess which states heavily vote them in? Got more links if you need. They will happily take down anyone who isnt a straight white christian


Missmunkeypants95 t1_j3pkx34 wrote

I mean.....Ohio. Ya know? They're just asking for it.


imthathangryone t1_j3qsibi wrote

As a Masshole now living in Ohio you're not wrong...


bv8ma t1_j3t2e5c wrote

As a Masshole whose wife lived in Columbus for 4 years, I'm sorry.


ArsenalBOS t1_j3rnv09 wrote

I grew up in Florida and have lived in MA for a decade now. I will never give up my right to call Florida a shithole.


Wolf_Nipple_Chip t1_j3owp48 wrote

What about identifying and categorizing drivers we don't like by their state registration plates?

Surely, you wouldn't take that away from us....


b1ack1323 t1_j3rh5fs wrote

You could take the plates off and still identify them by dents, salt erosion and lift if its a truck, age if its a Camry, or just a Subaru.


Lobstaman t1_j3ovm24 wrote

I wholeheartedly agree but fuck Long Island and Florida.


Ken-Popcorn t1_j3pp228 wrote

I think every state does this to every other state


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j3ppv5a wrote

I think there's a difference between cracking some jokes about CT not being part of New England and the entire South being a shithole and everyone there being stupid and racist.


Chippopotanuse t1_j3qltbr wrote

Massachusetts has an average IQ of 104.3.

Let’s see how the southern states compare:

Mississippi – 94.2

Louisiana – 95.3

Alabama – 95.7

Arkansas – 97.5

Tennessee – 97.7


You might not like it, but those states are more than free to vote out all the Republican dipshits who domainte their anti-education/anti-science ethos. Those states don’t want to properly fund education because it would allow folks to see through the bullshit GOP propaganda that is very much anti-working class. And while those states are free to tell religious homeschool parents and wacko “book banning” parents to fuck off, they don’t. Because they encourage that horseshit.

Meanwhile, in Mass we just passed a new wealth tax to put even more money into education.

So it’s not some misplaced lie or bad faith posturing when folks simply point out the massive educational and intelligence disparities between the states. It’s a very real thing.

It’s also why Mass has so many insanely expensive private high schools and colleges.

We are the education capital of the country. No state is even close for the concentration of educational opportunities we have.


Much_Razzmatazz1401 t1_j3qmkyo wrote

That's because Mass has a much higher white population, and IQ tests are proven to be racially/culturally biased. They mean nothing.


Chippopotanuse t1_j3qnjrd wrote

Try again racist.

California has only 6% black population is almost all white and Asian, and they have an average state IQ of…wait for it…95.5.

Believe it or not the conservative white folks in Alabama and Texas are dumb as shit.


PavelPod t1_j3ors14 wrote

It’s typical tribalism and labeling.

Tribalism makes those people put them-alike above others.

Labeling makes them wash the humanity of other people and mark/group them using some nasty word, e.g. some lefts calling some rights - “nazi” and rights responding with “commies”. Fun fact- in both cases most don’t understand the meaning of the word they use and when questioned why they call those ppl like this quickly get lost.


DirtySteveW t1_j3qsxe3 wrote

Nah not gonna happen. Still gonna tell my friends in southern states, they are cousin kissing inbreds. And the south will never rise again.


eightfingeredtypist t1_j3oxp3e wrote

I agree that it would be better if people saw themselves as fellow people first, and Americans second. Name calling is just tearing down a culture that might be a little different from ours. We won't come together when we are shouting, even in quiet conversation, like we have here on Reddit. I have seen the best minds of my generation degrade themselves by being better than citizens of other states. For example, Vermonters calling outsiders "flatlanders". We need to love each other, and that only happens when we want to be together. Let's try to respect other state's citizens better, try to understand them, and feel free to comingle our culture with theirs.

Except New Hampshire. Let's build a fucking border wall, with one way doors in it that let people go north, not south.


moxie-maniac t1_j3qikrv wrote

The life expectancy in Mississippi is 5 years less than Mass. If that doesn't make it a shithole, I don't know what does.


keleles t1_j3rt25i wrote

or, alternatively: grow tf up and realize it's 99% joking around because not everyone takes everything seriously on the internet.


bryanhealey t1_j3se5zp wrote

I mean, I don't say it randomly. I say it when those states start to be assholes.

there's no shame in calling an asshole an asshole.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j3qrx4a wrote

It’s terrible, as you can see by this entire thread. People are vicious. Especially on this subreddit. Just read through every comment here. Arrogant and constantly claiming the moral high ground. It’s a homogenous circlejerk if you haven’t noticed, like most of Reddit. Go out and talk to people in real life, not Reddit, and you’ll get different perspectives. I, for one, make a clear distinction between the people that live in an area and the government that runs it. Just because a state government sucks doesn’t mean everyone who lives there is a trump-loving meth addict with an IQ of 95. Just get out there and live, and don’t be afraid to move where you want. Plenty of families are happy living in those states (all southern) that people on this subreddit shit on constantly. I have some family down there. After all, no state is perfect, and there are plenty of things to be unhappy with here. Overall, MA is one of the best by most metrics, sure, but at the end of the day it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we still have our fair share of issues.

Let’s start thinking like a nation and not like a fractured collection of separate entities. The more we demonize each other, the worse it gets. We can talk constructively rather than pointing fingers and proving that we are just as unintelligent and barbaric as our brothers and sisters down south. Good going guys.

It’s just the affect that living in an objectively better state has on people. When I’ve worked for companies that were better than their competition in the same industry, the employees acted exactly like this. Worshipping management’s butthole and walking around with their chins held up against all others who are below them.


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j3qz69p wrote

Great post.

And like I wrote before, I'm not against playful banter among friends. I love to tease my CT, NH or my southern friends, and I expect the same thing in return.

What I take exception to is the blatant arrogance and churlish insults that go beyond playful banter. Insults that are meant to demean and insult the intelligence of people from certain states.


BuyAfraid t1_j3qxd0c wrote

Sounds like someone has never traveled to the Midwest


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j3qyokq wrote

I have.

I've also been to New Delhi and as dirty as that city was, I'd never insult a person's home by calling it a "shithole."


sneakylyric t1_j3rbkqw wrote

Lol that sounds like shithole state talk, where are you actually from? Lololol jk

It's not that serious, mostly just friendly rivalry stuff.


gregkel22 t1_j3s967p wrote

I think Massachusetts is a shit hole.

I think it is a shit hole because if dumb fucks like original poster who cannot make a statement without adding "Trump" to it. On that note, it is clear that the original poster is a cunt if a human.

Cut the shit with the politics, toolbag.

(I've been here more than 60).


InevitableOne8421 t1_j3t7h9q wrote

Have visited rural West Virginia and can confirm it is a shithole


plawwell t1_j3r0lpo wrote

Which states did you have in mind specifically?


threeorangewhips3 t1_j3rhmdx wrote

I myself am from Massachusetts and avoid saying negative things about certain towns for one big reason and that there's always someone from that particular town who will go off on you for stating something that is blatantly true. So I don't.


tjlightbulb t1_j3sc9yj wrote

Ok but have you seen Woonsocket?


pats-fan-till-death t1_j3t985g wrote

I pride myself from MA NOT trashing other states. I spend the winters down south, they are bred to hate northerners down here.


GimmeDatZig t1_j3um4rh wrote

I’ve lived in Mass my whole life, outside of a couple year stint in Louisiana, and I can tell you with absolute 100% certainty 2 things:

  1. This state is a shithole and I hate it. I also love it and am glad I live here.

  2. Fuck Connecticut and their dumbass drivers!


Notmystationbro t1_j42d8pg wrote

Ironic how you called CT drivers dumbasses says the MA guy


GimmeDatZig t1_j42ga58 wrote

Not all, but most. I live on the border Vermont, and if you saw the amount of idiots on the highway with Connecticut plates that are in such a hurry to get to the ski lodges, then, yeah, you would understand. New Yorkers too.


BoringAccountName78 OP t1_j3pf1ww wrote

I'm not against making jokes about other states - I love to tease my sister in NH or my family and friends in CT.

But some of what goes on in this forum goes beyond teasing and joking and an almost disregard for the people who live in those places.

I love Massachusetts, and I hope to return one day to live, but it's not perfect.