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joeys4282 t1_j3pcwkq wrote

You have destroyed to true meaning of the word fascist calling Republicans that is a joke. I doubt you even know what it truly means. Also at this point I’ve lived in Massachusetts for almost 25 years and as a Jew I’ve never seen a community act like they have the moral high ground but continue time and time again to turn a blind eye to the states Jewish harassment problem which no one Ik has had this happen in the south state of Florida. This state prides itself on being a welcoming area to all but it’s a false sense of reality. I can no longer live in an area that doesn’t respect civil liberties. You can continue living in the lie which shows me your either ignorant or just don’t care about the state real racist problems.


Clownsinmypantz t1_j3pnb8a wrote

From their event

From the party who cries about election fraud

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THe party that says LGBTQ+ are the groomers and they are the party of FaMiLy VaLuEs

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Good ol boys being anti-american

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Racist: 1 2

Party of rape

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Human rights? What human rights? 1

Let's not forget busing migrants around so they miss their asylum court date and using literal humans as pawns for politics. Oh and stealing covid aid from blue states during a pandemic

Keep pretending the party and those who support them arent destroying this country, guess which states heavily vote them in? Got more links if you need. They will happily take down anyone who isnt a straight white christian