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dudeKhed t1_j6o2d40 wrote

Was it labeled $1.00 and you actually paid $100?

Then it checks out..


NerdyKirdahy t1_j6o1jhv wrote

Is there a sub for Massachusetts nostalgia?


SmuglySly t1_j6ogcz4 wrote

Wait… were they selling chocolate bars to fund this project like a middle school fundraiser would?


squannacook t1_j6ogye2 wrote

This is amazing!

I'm from MA, and in 2007 I went to Vegas and visited the Hoover Dam. Shared a van with two different mid-western families. At the time they were building the new bridge by the Hoover Dam. The tour guide has mentioned that the bridge was being constructed by the same team that pioneered the Big Dig. Everyone in the van shuddered.


NotMeUsee t1_j6oflgt wrote

remember that time a chunk fell and crushed some ladies car?


nocolon t1_j6pc7z7 wrote

This chocolate bar has held up better than the actual big dig.


UncleCustard t1_j6odssu wrote

Was the state making candy bars and selling them to fund this atrocity? They probably sold them at a loss and made the tax payers foot the bill.


jesagain222 OP t1_j6oedwh wrote

I don't know, I can't find it on the internet anywhere!


BermudaTwiangle t1_j6pf5kw wrote

Interesting idea of what the Zakim was gonna look like


NativeMasshole t1_j6obzwx wrote

I'm intrigued. Who the hell made this and why?


jesagain222 OP t1_j6odec1 wrote

The back says , Barnes and Noble distributed it. Why did I buy it? Why keep it? It's a running gag in our family at this point. I also just threw out 2001 box of Wheaties with the Patriots superbowl pic, lol


FTHomes t1_j6pel5i wrote

OMG that's awesome. I think you should bury that in a secret place and make a very hard and confusing map and have a treasure hunt for it.


TheFlabbs t1_j6ojl1i wrote

This is so funny to me


DadsRverykooltoo t1_j6phefm wrote

In the 90’s they had a picture of cars going over the Zakim? 🤔


Dismal_Ad_9603 t1_j6o5myj wrote

If it was truly a Big dig relic, it cost a $100 to make but it was probably sold for a dollar, then the taxpayers picked the rest!