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hour_of_the_rat t1_j55gqin wrote

Fortunately, there is absolutely zero chance I get this.

Sadly, there is absolutely zero chance I get this.


wickedblight t1_j57wfjk wrote

I for one have never been more grateful to be a redditor


aja09 t1_j57i2k1 wrote

😐 idk anyone who thinks it’s sad they got zero chance of getting gonorrhea…


SouthShoreSerenade t1_j57nj00 wrote

Think about how you get gonorrhea, an STI, and think about why someone might be sad they have no chance of getting it, an STI. Hehe.


dawaxtadpole t1_j55clqg wrote

I got Gonorrhea from riding a tractor in my bathing suit.


spg1611 t1_j56iwfh wrote

That’s what you told your boyfriend?


sneakylyric t1_j56mzci wrote

Wtf was the other person doing to that tractor????


dan420 t1_j55mjv3 wrote

Super Gonorrhea, great.


SugarSecure655 t1_j56st31 wrote

This picture reminded me of covid, I'm thinking "covid gonorrhea" a new strain perhaps. Lol


[deleted] t1_j569rik wrote

How long till we flatten the curve?


googlebeheadings t1_j57x6w7 wrote

Depends how many dumbass conservatives are in the region of study


[deleted] t1_j57yo1p wrote

Ohh, I think this is the fault of liberals


print_isnt_dead t1_j57zgjx wrote

Probably right, who's going to bang a conservative, yuck


[deleted] t1_j57zrvw wrote

You mean people who bathe, have original and real sex organs, jobs and a functioning brain? Yeah, who’d wanna bang that


googlebeheadings t1_j580jcy wrote

lol you guys are so sheltered, it’s unbelievable the weird alternate reality you live in. Must suck being an outcast of modern society. No wonder you’re all full of rage, trying to bleat your chest to compensate, failing at stealing elections..😂

Back to the subject though. In case you missed it, conservatives died disproportionately from COVID because they think ass light, horsie paste, and Jesus are effective biological interventions for a contagious respiratory virus. At this point it’s just funny in addition to pathetic and sad. The funny part is how dumb you guys are btw. In case you needed that spelled out for you like everything else.

Can’t even imagine being such a miserable fuck that you’d care about what other people do with their bodies. So insecure aren’t you. And just fuckin weird like some boomer grandma from 1905. Go to Iran or something lmfao, you’d fit in better there


[deleted] t1_j581q8n wrote

Where is the data that more Conservatives died from Covid? In case you haven’t been keeping up to speed, it’s actually the fully vaxxed and multiply boosted who are getting and dying from Covid now and I would venture to say that most are democrats.


googlebeheadings t1_j58i4h9 wrote

You can make up allllllll the bullshit you want

Normal sane people don’t care bro. We just don’t care about your little world of idiocracy.

Good luck being all emotional about it though 👍👍


[deleted] t1_j58iar5 wrote

Emotional? Bro, I don’t give a shit


googlebeheadings t1_j58io7w wrote

Yes, you’ve constructed a reality based on your emotions, instead of actual data and reality. You really aren’t too sharp are you? Ok, have fun now. r/HermanCainAward material hahahaha


crow_crone t1_j5a0hso wrote

Let's not bring Peyronie's into this, please.


bostonmacosx t1_j56q58a wrote

mRNA to the rescue....


vomita_conejitos t1_j58bvwr wrote

On the plus side this gives an out to everyone with the other type... "yeah I've got gonorrhea but it's not concerning"


Ok-Lengthiness446 t1_j571939 wrote

Ugh, and I just started a separation


crow_crone t1_j5a0beq wrote

You picked a bad day to stop monogamy! (bad Airplane reference)


phaedrus71 t1_j589dfw wrote

As if anyone here is getting laid now a days


[deleted] t1_j59ut6j wrote

True enough. Most young people stay in their bed room with masks on nowadays. It’s a shame


sav-dab87 t1_j57miib wrote

Dude, We’re first!


923kjd t1_j57kfx8 wrote

We are Number 1!


crow_crone t1_j5a05ka wrote

Oh no, will someone please think of The Villages!!


PuritanSettler1620 t1_j579b4t wrote

I am very ashamed that our state has been so promiscuous as to be the first to have this strain of disease. Abstinence is the only 100% effective to prevent STDs.


BeerBatteredBacon t1_j58h24r wrote

I love that people are downvoting this like it isn’t a parody account


R_Morley t1_j55ljis wrote

Abstain from relations outside marriage, as god intended, and you will be protected from this sinner's plague! Unless your partner cheats on you, upon which, you should sue.


ElectricalDot9 t1_j55r7i1 wrote

Nah live free, die young as nature intended


R_Morley t1_j55sr2c wrote

The only state of nature I like is one with Panda bears.


spiked_macaroon t1_j56a74g wrote

Yeah but that's just a rule made up by the book club.


R_Morley t1_j56c7io wrote

I like the book club. They have cools hats :)


dariemf1998 t1_j5bea1r wrote

Mi parcero el alucín que culiaba hasta con la prima pero se volvió evangélico:


R_Morley t1_j5eqyc4 wrote

You should never become evangelical I’m so sorry for your cousin — the authenticity of a church is measured on how many gargoyles it has, or something


Levophed t1_j5613m0 wrote

Preach! Your prayers ✝️ are so beautiful in the presence of god 🙏. Make Massachusetts a safe haven ⛪for our children 👦God and church! 💦🔥😩😩 Jesus his name hallelujah 💒