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EuclidsStairs OP t1_j5lh4kn wrote

They wanted to install 8 head units: 2 in the basement, 4 on the first floor, 2 on the second floor. They said required to mini-splits. I think that's why it's so expensive; one unit is quoted as $18K the other is $20K.


OldBobKenobi t1_j5lhrij wrote

I have a single unit on the first floor of my 2200 sqft house. It cools the entire first floor with minimal effort. We still use a window unit upstairs, but will likely install another mini split in the near future. The total cost to buy and have the first one installed was $5800. That is insane.


pro_auto_advisors t1_j5lt001 wrote

Yeah we got a cheap-o 18k Mr.Cool system that was like…$2k and you can install it yourself. Cools and heats the 1st floor of our 2000sqft home with no issues.

Support sucks if you need it, but better than paying $10k+ for a single zone


mountainwocky t1_j5lklgs wrote

I have a two story townhouse of about 1300 sqft. Two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, kitchen, dining room, living room, and half bath downstairs.

About 10 years ago we had a 36000BTU Mitsubishi multi zone ductless unit installed with 4x 9000BTU interior wall units. One each in the dining room, living room, and the two bedrooms.

It keeps the place cool in the summer and warm in the winter unless we get below 20F, then I fire up the pellet stove.

It cost us about $11k. Our installation would have been less expensive, but I had to pay extra in labor to have them run the lines through an interior wall to the second floor instead of on the outside wall because our of our condo complex rules. Normally they’ll just run the lines on the outside wall and cover it with a line set covering that sorta resembles a gutter running on the side of the building. Faster and cheaper.


wolf95oct0ber t1_j5lklem wrote

Is your basement finished? We have 3 heads on the mai floor and 2 on the second floor.