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EuclidsStairs OP t1_j5lhmg8 wrote

Good to know... how many head units did they install? Does your house have multiple floors?


bigben1677 t1_j5lkldx wrote

1 floor 5 head units. long ranch house


Teacherman6 t1_j5lsge0 wrote

Do you have a basement? Im looking at possibly getting a heat pump, but we dont have a basement which could be a problem as I have been told.


bigben1677 t1_j5lz36j wrote

I do have a basement but not sure why it would be a factor. Unless your talking about something besides ductless mini splits.


test293843 t1_j5mkmq7 wrote

It could be a ducted ductless, as they are often called


whiteoakforest t1_j5mntu2 wrote

No basement for us. I'm not sure why that's an issue. None of the equipment gets hidden or stored in a basement like a furnace/boiler system. I have an 8 head unit system for 3,900 s/f, and it was $28k in 2018.


itsyounotmeithink t1_j5mfswn wrote

Sounds like someone's taking advantage of you i would definitely get other quotes before starting anything. Try getting three quotes never let the other contractors know how much or who gave you a quote good luck.