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bloodybeakerfolk t1_jackl33 wrote

How drunk are you people getting?!


defeatedafterall t1_jaclr64 wrote

Well, I got so drunk I forgot I had hands the other day if that makes you feel better.


Vader2508 t1_jacy98d wrote

Considering its a teenagers game, I would say any chance they get


TGSYAS t1_jac8l7x wrote

Thats a dark souls 1 level


neko_chan6284 t1_jacxqw0 wrote

Lol First time drunk started seeing my room and stairs shake decided not gonna drink again, next week my whole house was shaking but now in these days a weirdly moving ceiling is funny for me so ya


Captain_Orange-Bud OP t1_jadt5ef wrote

Once I put my car key in the door of my house. I swear the house has started.


[deleted] t1_jad5a11 wrote

When you come home and forget how to use stairs


TheOnlyTigerbyte t1_jadiwte wrote

This looks like Harry Potter, but I don't remember that face?


cinobalanos t1_jabxxgv wrote

This meme is against trans people don't play it

Edit: lol I was joking spare me? 😂😂😂 RIP


mrbossmajor t1_jac779h wrote

You don't play hogwarts legacy because the person who made idea years ago but who had no hand in development said some transphobic things. I dont play hogwarts legacy because im too busy running over trans people with my tractor, we are not the same


Pangin51 t1_jaca3mp wrote

I thought this was r/19684 for a second. Actually I think even over there you’d get downvoted


Rebbit-bit t1_jacque3 wrote

Nah, the product is separate from the creator