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CatastrophicSpecter t1_ja7k5f4 wrote

1-1 scale ratio, meaning the piece is the same size as that picture.


Ok_Restaurant3160 t1_ja8gvgq wrote

0 scale ratio?? /s


tipying_mistakes t1_ja8hrlg wrote

Woah, the piece is the same size as the piece ? 😳


TotallyNotAnSCP t1_ja8un3p wrote

The piece on the box vs the real piece


CatastrophicSpecter t1_ja7k7bk wrote

Also just for fun: Idk but I thought it was 2:1


pnaj89 t1_ja7l08w wrote

2:1= 2


RadioSilence014 t1_ja7obm1 wrote

Duplicate this block, if you can't have a parent or guardian do it for you


[deleted] t1_ja8x2ul wrote



ScandalingShadowsYT t1_ja949l1 wrote

I still don't get it... Explain like I'm 5, I'm extremely sleep deprived at the moment.


Psychological-Cat787 t1_ja99ge2 wrote

1:1 means 1 to 1, which also means that the scale of the real piece is the same as the one on the box


Myaltaccount54 t1_ja988qh wrote

So if it's 1:10 scale, and our lego model is 20 cm, that means that the length of the Lego model is a 10th of the length of the real model, same with all the other measurements.


ScandalingShadowsYT t1_ja9ahz6 wrote

Ah I see, so in this example the real model would be 2 meters correct? I just didn't quite understand in what context a model would say 1:1 given most Lego models are that of things much, much bigger like cars and such. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can see how this would also help demonstrate the scale of Lego models relative to other models so for instance if you wanted to make your own Lego city you could ensure all your models match the same scale in the same way as hobbyist RC vehicles.

Edit: or does it reference the scale of the models image relative to the actual model? Getting some mixed info here


clumsy-archer t1_ja9bbf1 wrote

I'm American, can you convert this to being measured in grapes for me?


ScandalingShadowsYT t1_ja9bice wrote

Uh, 14 I think

Edit: I'm american too I just hate the imperial system.


clumsy-archer t1_ja9bxwf wrote

Oh ok, so about a banana and a half.


ScandalingShadowsYT t1_ja9cdag wrote

1/16th of a donkey's tail less but close enough! Who needs exact and accurate miLiMEtErS anyway?


clumsy-archer t1_ja9cked wrote

Exactly, crazy using an easy to use measuring system that can be converted in your head.


ScandalingShadowsYT t1_ja9f3yw wrote

Honestly making fun of (Americans) people who can calculate fractions based on 2's and only directly count up in multiples of 3's easier then counting how many slices of pie they've had in one sitting but can't ÷/× by 10s is one of my favorite things to do, I'm so happy I got into 3d printing otherwise i wouldnt have understood metric or moreso the point of metric until alot later

I can be a bit based at times but it's really only those kind of people who would take offense to that statement so I think I'm safe 🤔


clumsy-archer t1_ja9gdki wrote

What kind of 3d printer do you have? I have an elegoo mars, I like it. I hate using anything other than metric. I work in a lab so I measure in metric, but im American so I always have to convert from gallons or lbs when I could just cut out the middle man.


[deleted] t1_jaa4cp2 wrote



Der_BiertMann t1_jaadvss wrote

Comment stealing bot!

Look here: >


Qiwas t1_ja98nf1 wrote

False, 2 is of data type "number" while 2:1 is "ratio"


FrankieFoxSaturn t1_ja7njzi wrote

It's designed for a 1 VS 1 death match


DrGoosert OP t1_ja7q8k6 wrote

Lego city


AverageVita-SawUser t1_ja838sb wrote

Two people are beating eachother to death, in Lego City!

Build the arena, place your bets, and watch two grown adults beat the everliving 4x4 out of eachother!


saarlv44 t1_ja92u3y wrote

Why do you think that there’s a man drowning in the river in lego city?


BussyAnnihilator420 t1_ja80jgt wrote

It’s a ratio, but the good kind. It just means the actual size is equivalent to the picture, but something like 2:1 either means the piece or the picture is twice as big


BlockHammer1 t1_ja8766i wrote

"But the good kind" I love the internet


Jordancjb t1_ja9dt3k wrote

I mean if he didn’t there’d definitely be someone here trying to ratio the Lego box 😅


WhiteRaven36 t1_ja8ssrt wrote

What's your k/d ratio?


BussyAnnihilator420 t1_ja94yeb wrote



Muellmann4 t1_ja7mn3j wrote

1 ÷ 1 = 1

Hope I could help!


mrapc t1_ja84br8 wrote

I don't believe you can you please write a book that has the principles of math in it were you can prove that statement (doesn't need to be long 200 pages should be enough)


theCacklingGoblin t1_ja84y6z wrote

If we get into the principles of math that equation is gonna start equaling a lot of things.


Ryuu-Tenno t1_ja93bpz wrote

0 to the power of 0 is also 1. So, have fun with that knowledge now, lol


shot_stopper_ t1_ja9279a wrote

For every 1 block you swallow, you insert one up your rectum and thus maintaining the 1:1 ratio.


Ihatecumsocks t1_ja8gm41 wrote

It means that the pictures on the box are the same size as the actual product


Mercurionio t1_ja7yz39 wrote


1 snak scale VS 1 snak scale (snak wifu, from XCom Chimera squad)


notveryAI t1_ja9qaw5 wrote

Ratio of how big the piece looks in that specific part of an instruction to how big it is irl. If it says 1:1, you can just place the needed piece on the page of instruction, and size will fit perfectly. Usually used for rods and other smooth things, size of which isn't inherently obvious from just one axonometry(normal bricks have studs, technic beams have holes, and you can count those to estimate actual size, but technic rods don't, and thus it's sometimes hard to tell how long rod is on instruction.


DrGoosert OP t1_jabko88 wrote

I think I should clarify that I now know (and knew for more than 2 years) what Ratio is


Sernsheim t1_ja8o38d wrote

It's for scale. In this case, 1:1 scale with the picture on the box or something.


WINTERISDEAD77 t1_ja8qeqt wrote

It’s the ratio, 1 for every one that’s there Although that could also be accidental infinity


Codeviper828 t1_ja8r3o6 wrote

The set is the same size as the thing it's replicating


xxDankerstein t1_ja8urnd wrote

It's a 1:1 scale with itself...just like everything else in the universe.


Strong_Look1834 t1_ja8xplh wrote

It just means that you are gonna have a ton of fun


Yamanj3000 t1_ja8yq8e wrote

1:1 means that the Legos in the picture are the same size as the real ones


Raccoon_Shit t1_ja93o0i wrote

What the fuck are you building that’s on a one to one scale?


JeroenstefanS t1_ja96uzg wrote

Its a scale ratio right? The lego pieces on the box are the same size as the actual pieces, which I think is very neat!


jaboa120 t1_ja9wf9d wrote

It is a 1-to-1 scale the Legos are actually Legos sized


aloxplay t1_jab6xql wrote

1:1 means the scale shown in the box is real sized, 1 to 1 scale


probono105 t1_jabq9op wrote

it means you buy one set you get one set


Alien_X10 t1_jabqths wrote

You have to fight the Lego, 1v1


pepsicocacolaglass12 t1_ja83weh wrote

It’s more important on sets where there a lot of axel pieces but on most sets it’s pointless


LithiumXoul t1_ja8e7sx wrote


. No no I'm not asking to cancel OP. I'm just answering his question.


LaserArcher t1_ja8g00z wrote

Ratio of what? The scale? Gear ratio? You are not doing a great job at answering the question.


The_Meme_Dealer t1_ja8i47o wrote

The image on the box is a one to one scale of the model inside.


ILLogic_PL t1_ja8igrx wrote

Clearly you haven’t built any models as a child.


Swaggletooth789 t1_ja8k37l wrote

Size ratio

1:1 means picture is the same size as the piece it’s referencing


KingAmongstDummies t1_ja8mi1r wrote

Its box 1 out of 1,

Imagine the confusion when you got box 2 out of 1 or 3 out of 1. What happened to the previous boxes?

Confusion intensifies if you'd only get box 1 out of 3. It seems complete but where's the other 2.


IzMikez t1_ja8mub7 wrote

Eternal youth


CatalystIsMyFav t1_ja8ob73 wrote

Ratio. I actually had to do this in woodwork. It helps because we can keep the measurements the same just smaller so what we want to build can be drawn on paper. Because if we wanted to make a 1:1 ratio of something that’s 10x30 metres we’d need a fuck ton of paper


The_Uhhhhh t1_ja8tgle wrote

There’s 1 Lego box out of the 1


MagicMonkeyMust t1_ja8tmmc wrote

I like how people are commenting, idk either, instead of looking at the 50 comments with the answer lol


The_Yoshi_Gang t1_ja8vihb wrote

It means that this is one of the pieces in the box.


kausdebonair t1_ja91oao wrote

It was an easy way for parents to teach their children what scale ratios are.


khakimicrobe t1_ja9293m wrote

I thought that there was only one of whatever was next to it in the set (one minifigure or one piece)


Ninjipples t1_ja93pby wrote

It's the scale of the image on the box. 1:1 means it is life sized. 2:1 means it's half sized, 3:1 means a third sized, etc.


Ryuu-Tenno t1_ja93z80 wrote

It’s typically in relation to the piece in question. This is often used with the technic beams so it’ll say a size 3 with a pic that has 1:1. This means if you pay the piece down on the image it should match exactly so you know you’re using the proper piece. Fairly pointless in the sets with a single size but a friggin god send for those sets that have 30 different sizes.

If you’re wondering about the numbering scheme, grab the longest 1xN piece you’ve got (not required but they’re often easier to handle, anything else is acceptable such as baseplates, lol), and lay it down flat and it tells you how long it is in the number of studs.

So a size 3 beam is 3 studs long. :)


WindowsCrashedAgain t1_ja96ota wrote

The lego piece on the box is to scale with its size in reality


EasySmuv t1_ja96vmx wrote

1 to 1 scale ratio, or actual size


luisless t1_ja9950y wrote

Means if you take a lego and put it up to the picture of the lego on the box its the same size, its so people know the size of it before they buy


SphrilixNoir t1_ja99cz0 wrote

1:1 is the scale meaning that the chara ter is same size on box


kekehesterprynne t1_ja99t7v wrote

If you glue, they will melt..I just wanted to say that idk wth it means...(jk)


shuttle-cack t1_ja9b7ou wrote

Its the size scale of the picture to the actual block


StutterOccupied t1_ja9cwwe wrote

The set or Minifigure was the same scale as on the box


HaloGuy381 t1_ja9dk3e wrote

1 inch of picture equals 1 inch of plastic, essentially. A 1:1 model of a real life tank carved out of foam would be the actual size and shape of the tank, just in foam instead of steel and other expensive bits.


DatAsspiration t1_ja9dpmd wrote

It's the scale of the piece size in the instructions, so you can hold the piece up to the book and make sure you have the right one


Lunagirlzkitty_19 t1_ja9eluy wrote

That means the scale it’s drawn to scale. 1:1 means it’s the same size as the real thing


itsdjdozer t1_ja9gxit wrote

The size ratio of the pictures? You didn’t learn about that in 3rd grade geometry? Are you a caveman?


wouldilietouou t1_ja9ha2v wrote

It's a ratio. So 1:10 would mean every one unit of measure equals 10 in actual size from the image.


Kinja02 t1_ja9kllr wrote

Saw those all the time as a kid and wondered what they meant. I started rebuilding my Power Miner set last week and only realized what it meant when I started. It was so useful when you are trying to find the right axle in 6 different bins of Legos.


BoostXtreme t1_ja9liya wrote

Ratio — 1:1 means to scale, so you can literally put the Lego piece in question on the drawing of the Lego piece with the ratio next to it and it’ll fit exactly


General-Resist-310 t1_ja9q0i7 wrote

It means that the shown piece is exactly as big as the picture


WilliamW2010 t1_ja9riam wrote

Means that the brick is 1 stud by 1 stud


HarleyQboy t1_ja9sxw7 wrote

It’s 1 by 1 meaning 1 block by 1 block or a square and rectangle will be 2 by 1


Frostbear107 t1_ja9wjwd wrote

Means that there is one gear if I'm correct.


SaharaRC t1_jaa07uz wrote

Took me holding up a minutiae to realize what it meant


MGJUICYBOI t1_jaa1wmi wrote

Same size as the thing


SNOW_BEAVER t1_jaa83f5 wrote

Wait that means something


Arkas18 t1_jaaa5ly wrote

It's next to a picture of a piece that can be seen on the front image, it tells you that that piece is drawn to actual size so you can see how big it is going to be.


MatteoFaubert t1_jaacfvn wrote

It looks like that. If it was 2 : 1 it would be twice as big


Mammoth-Ideal-2734 t1_jaaiqd3 wrote

Who else missed getting Legos for your birthday as a gift?


vizzy_42 t1_jaaz67r wrote

K/D ratio of the set, duh.


Craftusmaximus2 t1_jac1bij wrote

It's the ratio you dingus.

1:4 for example means that is 4 times smaller than the original.

A 1:1 would be an exact size replica.


patronuspringles t1_jac1s2m wrote

1:1 as in one-to-one scale, i assume it means that the size on the box is the same size as the actual set


pok- t1_jac67q9 wrote

Its the scale


Royal_Focus_6411 t1_jacln2j wrote

If you shove it up your ass, you’ll grow another. Test it out!


Spiritual-Chemistry8 t1_ja88iro wrote

here im gonna be insanely smart here.

that's the ratio of fucks i had, and how many i used on other people, leaving 0 for you


/hj, its the ratio of pieces in the photo to the amount of pieces there are... i think, my 2 braincells are both saying horny right now so