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assratratass t1_ja679w8 wrote

It probably is on purpose when you think about it. One of the most common calls Poison Control Center receives is parents freaking out about their kids ODing on gummy vitamins and Flintstones chewables. They probably make cough syrup taste bad to keep dumbass 5 year olds from accidentally killing themselves with it.


No-Still1227 t1_ja6cr93 wrote

Just like engine coolant believe it or not. It tastes sweet by itself, so it is usually embittered before it is sold.


Fc-chungus OP t1_ja67g1x wrote

What happens if you overdose on vitamins ?


The_unseen_0ne t1_ja686m2 wrote

I'm not sure about the exact reaction, seems like different types of viitamins could cause different reactions, Vitamin C could cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea, too much selenium could cause gastrointestinal upset and even fucking hair loss. But overall, an overdose could cause you severe pain or even death.


assratratass t1_ja68cr7 wrote

Any excessive amount of anything is bad, effects and dosage varies. Too much vitamin C causes vomiting, vitamin D will fuck your kidneys, Iron is suuuuper sketch because even just a little bit too much can fuck up your liver pretty bad, etc.


Malavek t1_ja6u6eu wrote

redditors downvoting people for asking questions are the most braindead people on the planet


V0idC0wb0y t1_ja6ws2d wrote

Dude super easy questions, that can be solved by a 4s google search and 1 click of the button deserve a downvote. Like you don’t even have to open a link just click on one of the “people also ask” things and the question is answered.


V0idC0wb0y t1_ja6x5gq wrote

This is partially the correct answer. Another thing is trying to keep the medicine as physically small as possible. Pill size is incredibly important as the larger a pill is the less likely it is that people will take their medicine. Really that’s a huge thing in pharma. Also smaller sizes keep shipping costs down, saving .1 grams per dose doesn’t seam like a lot but when you are manufacturing millions of doses a year it adds up.


Jomgui t1_ja8n3do wrote

My mother said that she once caught me under the table downing a while bottle of chocolate-flavored cough syrup


PossiblyLinux127 t1_ja6ls80 wrote

You have no idea

My grandpa used to drink Castor oil


Deaconbeacon_69 t1_ja7ehzi wrote


This is Serious! (Serious) We could make you delirious (delirious)


Sack_Meister t1_ja6726n wrote

Not really designed with flavor in mind, but a drop of mint or (insert preferred fruit) syrup shouldn't be too much to ask


Shadowscreemer15 t1_ja6ddt4 wrote

Well, most medicines are basiclh highly concentrated extracts from plants/mushrooms in some filler and coating. For exame, most antibiotics are made with the use of certain types of mold. Some medicines are even extracted from things that would normaly kill you, best example being serums for treating venomous bites/stings.


Chemicalreagent420 t1_ja71h4h wrote

Yeah but that’s only like 2-5% of meds most today that are super common prescribed are synthetic. That doesn’t mean it’s bad at all because most things that grow naturally are trying to kill you so man made stuff can be safer then plant based meds. At one time when hydrocodone was the number 1 prescribed drug In American it’s semi-synthetic from thebaine in the poppy plant and that pill/syrup tasted really good and still does in my opinion. There are other meds like ambien that taste like shit but klonpin taste like candy and these should not taste good at all because it just makes them all that lore appealing to kids. Like adderall taste like sweet candy too and that is marketed highly to kids. That’s also just 5-10% of the meds there are so so many thanks to the wonders of chemistry.


Bambithegoodgirl69 t1_ja70bfr wrote

Me chasing the cough syrup with chocolate milk coz I know how to drug


RetroVedZed t1_ja7gqo1 wrote

I’ve never tasted bad medicine, so I really can’t relate.


crystalsaladsandwich t1_ja6ojfx wrote

I viscerally remember that pink stuff in the '90s. I swear I can taste that crap from memory


manonfire493 t1_ja6poov wrote

...Pepto bismol?


crystalsaladsandwich t1_ja6pwuv wrote

No, no, this was prescription. I think it was liquid form amoxicillin but I can't remember exactly. Pepto is nasty though, this was was worse.


LeonardoDoujinshi- t1_ja66jxc wrote

so they can sell the stuff that tastes better for more prolly