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Ghoullag t1_jee0qmz wrote

I work security in a homeless shelter and so many of them pretend to be John Wick assassins. Not even a joke even though it's hilarious.


Benjamintoday t1_jef90o6 wrote

Like trying to judo throw each other into glass shivs or shooting under their arm close up?


Blechl0rd t1_jedyq0t wrote

murkans will do anything to convince themselves that homelessness isn't a real issue in their shithole country


the_supreme_memer t1_jee0obw wrote

Bro it's a funny movie series about a guy who uses writing supplies as lethal weapons.

You're thinking about it too hard.


Blechl0rd t1_jee1gt1 wrote

Can't say that it's funny. Also, being somewhat critical of mass media & culture franchises instead of a passive consumer wouldn't hurt.


JetSetWally t1_jedqhdc wrote

All of them. And everyone else.


musiciansaresad t1_jediwdu wrote

I used to do it before this movie came out. I live in a big metropolitan city with a lot of drug problem


Geassiscool t1_jedxdjf wrote

john wick is sleeping under the blanket lol


Azarath_HK t1_jee5jfk wrote

Yo ass aint important enough to be shot


kg1479 t1_jeg1vly wrote

I thought this said "me seeing homeless people watching John wick" I need a nap...


Beneficial-Tooth1847 t1_jeh3e1j wrote

Its like walking on the streets and wonder how many serial killers have you interact with or walk pass without knowing, thats real life scaring stuff.