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LeonardoDoujinshi- t1_jefaz6o wrote

i hate 11 year old me


Killmumger t1_jeh2kaw wrote

If I had a time machine i would honestly go back to beat the ever living crap of my 14 years old self for making fun the of the Chinese exchange student who had difficulty speaking English man I was such an asshole I would absolutely beat the little pos that I was till he had no teeth left god i cringe so much just thinking about that time


Supernova_was_taken t1_jefpyrr wrote

We’re all still annoying children deep down, we just don’t want to admit it


ElKuMaRrR t1_jefbzzn wrote

What do you mean 'were'


RadioSilence014 t1_jefaf0c wrote

Just because I use to be an alcoholic doesn't mean i can't hate alcoholics....


MollyDooker99 OP t1_jefbu96 wrote

I mean it means you really shouldn’t. Considering at one time people afforded you graces for your problem and helped you turn things around…


egric t1_jeghm6k wrote

As a former child i can confidently state that children are fucking stupid


MythicalWarlord t1_jefjhmy wrote

Oh I'm fully aware, and I hate that I was. Just because I was an annoying kid doesnt make it fine.


JustMyTwoCopper t1_jeg6mk1 wrote

Were once? Jokes on you, I never stopped !!!


LabRAT_20 t1_jeghct2 wrote

Gotta love people defending their actions of openly hating and shitting on kids because it's online and 'it's ok I used to hate myself too hurdur'


Candyland_83 t1_jefwqj0 wrote

I have to remind my kids this every time we’re in a restaurant


Stivox t1_jeh27e3 wrote

…that grew up into an annoying manchild


CataclysmDM t1_jefzzpf wrote

I'm pretty sure most people accept that they were annoying children, and try to move past it.

I know for sure I was an annoying kid.


Ok-Ihatetiktoc t1_jegfrgq wrote

I was very quite so when it went from tag to football I was left behind and Every time I talked I got things wrong but besides that when o was 5-8 I was most likely annoying


StoneRule t1_jeh17cc wrote

At home i was super calm at home as a child, i only gave trouble to my family because i was always fighting at the school.


TemporaryAmbassador1 t1_jegqz88 wrote

Idgaf about your kid, I could watch kids fall off bikes all day.


Ben______________ t1_jefpwk6 wrote

Let me guess, you‘re the type of guy to nag your relatives about when they‘ll finally have children, cause it‘s the greatest joy in the world?

Yeah, no thanks, take your shitty opinion elsewhere. Everyone is free to dislike whatever they see fit.