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nomad_3d t1_jedcdu8 wrote

*Attractive guy who's not awkward as fuck when talking to them



The-Catatafish t1_jee8w0o wrote

Strange that people don't realise its the looks and most importantly self esteem / attitude.

Most girls are not attracted to assholes at all. That the guy is an asshole is a downside they ignore because self esteem and not giving a fuck makes him so attractive.

Job and car don't matter anyways unless she is a gold digger.


nomad_3d t1_jee9z0z wrote

I feel like the "girls like assholes" thing comes from dudes having crushes on their bully's GF


suxxess97 t1_jeczxra wrote

man take this incel shit back to 4chan


Witlok OP t1_jee70j8 wrote

It’s a meme not a dick, don’t take it so hard man.


[deleted] t1_jeeuwxb wrote

Sir drop your weapon and step away from the body


Zanderb4 t1_jeeko0a wrote

Redditors trying not to be incels challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


Witlok OP t1_jeell5p wrote

I could say the same about you/redditors and simps.


Zanderb4 t1_jeembr9 wrote

I’m a simp because I don’t make memes about women choosing “bad guys” and they should go “nice guys like me kinda memes?


Witlok OP t1_jeen1kk wrote

No, you’re a simp because you are looking for gratification from women by shitting on a meme (which is a joke by the way, not factual. Don’t know why I have to explain that) I hope you do the same imitation when women complain about men but I find that hard to believe huh champ? Lol


Zanderb4 t1_jeenza0 wrote

If I was trying to get gratification from women reddit would be the last place I would go and this my honest to god opinion just because I don’t agree with ur shit meme u think I’m a simp.

Don’t u think that’s why women reject because they are probably tired of hearing ur gaslighting and incel views on women???

also a simp is a spending money on women for them to be noticed. which i don’t need to do because I’ve got some actually healthy relationships with women and even have a gf


Witlok OP t1_jeephyt wrote

I’m not even going to read this. You’re probably a kid and your opinion matters very little to me. I’m happily married and not worried about whatever your probably going on about in your comment. Have a good one and try not letting the internet hurt you so much.


Zanderb4 t1_jeequxl wrote

Dude it sounds like ur hurt u can’t even attack my argument without calling me a little kid but there’s no way ur married if ur putting all this incel memes and shit it’s actually kinda sad that ur lying about being married to try cover that u arnt an incel 💀


Witlok OP t1_jeerkcc wrote

Lol keep projecting little man. I hope it makes you feel better.


Zanderb4 t1_jeesq7l wrote

Yes because I’m the one making incel memes 😭😭


Zanderb4 t1_jeeo2uu wrote

Like if all the women are rejecting you then it’s not the women that are the problem it’s you


Psycho-FangSenpai t1_jedahot wrote

Okay, but how many lollipops do you have? None? I thought so.


Benjamintoday t1_jedntq7 wrote

Yeeeaaah, the redditor hoards are going to decend on you and expose their willfull blindness. Brace yourself


Im_Just_Ant t1_jeezelm wrote

It's fine, she can change him.


HeroicDrifter t1_jedodu6 wrote

There's plenty of hardworking men who aren't virgins.


chaingun_samurai t1_jedtl80 wrote

Scooby-Doo taught me that the real monsters are people.


[deleted] t1_jeev3es wrote

All I’ll say is that a LOT more women found me attractive when I was unemployed. As soon as I got another job, they vanished…


throwaway-9924 t1_jefftkj wrote

So you're saying to get a gf all I need to do is commit tax fraud this year? Hell yeah