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Trekapalooza t1_iudllll wrote

I remember when there were no ''apps'' whatsoever, but rather applications, and my phone didn't even have colors besides green and black.


Real-Art-2355 t1_iudlrci wrote

I remember sending letters through pigeons to communicate...


Trekapalooza t1_iudlwdw wrote

Oh but I remember smoke signals


PeterPDX t1_iudwhhc wrote

I remember before there was fire. It was so peaceful without people chatting back and forth all over the country side. Then there was this one guy who always left the caps lock on in his smoke signals. Freaking boomer...


blackoutc0de t1_iufw64o wrote

Ah yes, but i remember when we rode horseback to and fro other kingdoms


R3m0V3DBiR3ddiT t1_iuezd1z wrote

>through pigeons

Why would one send a letter THROUGH a pigeon? Sounds terrible for the poor pigeons insides.


siddharth_pillai t1_iue4wtz wrote

>I remember when there were no ''apps'' whatsoever, but rather applications



IDK_Lasagna t1_iuexs0g wrote

so apps isn't short for applications?


Trekapalooza t1_iuezdlo wrote

Yeah, but the short term app wasn't used yet. People just called them applications or programs. English is not my native language so idk how it was in US or UK exactly.


IDK_Lasagna t1_iufarm4 wrote

there always was the app store tho, the term has always been used. it just got more popular with time


casey12297 t1_iuhz9q6 wrote

I remember getting a call from Alexander Graham Bell the day he invented the telephone, this confused and frightened me because he only invented one telephone. That's when I realized the acid kicked in