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No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iudopuw wrote

Remember when you needed a flashlight?

Yes? You are getting old.


Benebs- t1_iuenw0p wrote

Remember when you needed a lantern?

Yes? You are dead.


No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iuet0l1 wrote

Remember when you needed a torch?

Yes? You are mostly decayed.


Acyliaband t1_iufg2md wrote

Remember when you needed the sun? Yes? You are a literal caveman


MasterpieceFit6715 t1_iufizus wrote

remember when the surface of the earth was super hot? yes? you are a dinosaur


Darth-Sheogorath t1_iugarwx wrote

remember when the surface of the earth was really hot? yes? you are from the the future


DeadpoolCroatia t1_iuedi83 wrote

I have cats, i need flashlight to find their toys.


No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iuedly3 wrote

I meant a real flashlight as opposed to a phone flashlight


DeadpoolCroatia t1_iuedxnz wrote

I have 2, small and big. When one of my cat see i grab flashlight he sit near me and "start helping me" finding toys


Zenishen t1_iuefada wrote

I do... Vividly, I was at Whirlowhall Farm on a school trip. I slept alone in one of the towers of the main building (or at least something I remember as being a tower, it tower-like) on the 2nd night and was terrified because we told ghost stories and went on a ghost hunt in the trees armed with Torches only

There was a tuckshop in a barn with a sliding green door...

The memories! - that was more than 20 years ago now... Lol


PillowTalk420 t1_iuezsar wrote

I remember... Now I just fluores from my internal light if I can't see.


pokeoscar1586 t1_iufokfg wrote

Remember when you needed a fleshlight???

Yes? You are getting horny


Craftusmaximus2 t1_iug4y4p wrote

I don't think I ever had a single "strong" flashlight in my life.

Just weak ones that barely even worked.


LabMous t1_iugaha6 wrote

todays generation isnt generating enough tele-lumens, am i right?