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AlexYTx t1_iudxdet wrote

I only had a smartphone for 2 years (mostly because I didn't need one), did you really need a special app for the flashlight?


OverlordMarkus t1_iue57k2 wrote

You would be surprised how much early smartphones lacked. No flashlight, no tap to wake, next to no software and security updates (actually really important), half baked features that would vanish next generation, the list goes on.

Even finding an actually good phone for under 500 bucks was really hard before 2016 or so, and sub 300 you'd carry around actual junk.


AlexYTx t1_iue650h wrote

I get no tap to wake and security, but really? No flashlights? Even the phones with buttons (idk what to call them) had flashlights.


OverlordMarkus t1_iueaq5i wrote

Pure Android was sparse in terms of features and what you got in the end depended entirely on the phone maker. Most would advertise with stupid features and see what stuck, like Samsung's S4 with it's gesture control and scroll by inclination (both fucking stupid).

Actually useful features weren't as marketable and didn't get attention they deserved until the big brands got serious competition by cheaper Chinese brands. Xiaomi had a massive cult following back in the day for having the best Android UI at the time.


AlexYTx t1_iueb2jo wrote

Damn. The days of old Android must've been really harsh.


po_ta_to t1_iuf7577 wrote

Earlier phones weren't intended to have a flashlight. They had a light meant to be used as a camera flash that could be misused to be a flashlight.


colt45mag t1_iufbfzi wrote

Yes, because it was only used for the flash when taking a picture. It wasn't a built-in feature to use it as a flashlight