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No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iudopuw wrote

Remember when you needed a flashlight?

Yes? You are getting old.


Benebs- t1_iuenw0p wrote

Remember when you needed a lantern?

Yes? You are dead.


No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iuet0l1 wrote

Remember when you needed a torch?

Yes? You are mostly decayed.


Acyliaband t1_iufg2md wrote

Remember when you needed the sun? Yes? You are a literal caveman


MasterpieceFit6715 t1_iufizus wrote

remember when the surface of the earth was super hot? yes? you are a dinosaur


Darth-Sheogorath t1_iugarwx wrote

remember when the surface of the earth was really hot? yes? you are from the the future


DeadpoolCroatia t1_iuedi83 wrote

I have cats, i need flashlight to find their toys.


No-I-Dont-Exist t1_iuedly3 wrote

I meant a real flashlight as opposed to a phone flashlight


DeadpoolCroatia t1_iuedxnz wrote

I have 2, small and big. When one of my cat see i grab flashlight he sit near me and "start helping me" finding toys


Zenishen t1_iuefada wrote

I do... Vividly, I was at Whirlowhall Farm on a school trip. I slept alone in one of the towers of the main building (or at least something I remember as being a tower, it tower-like) on the 2nd night and was terrified because we told ghost stories and went on a ghost hunt in the trees armed with Torches only

There was a tuckshop in a barn with a sliding green door...

The memories! - that was more than 20 years ago now... Lol


PillowTalk420 t1_iuezsar wrote

I remember... Now I just fluores from my internal light if I can't see.


pokeoscar1586 t1_iufokfg wrote

Remember when you needed a fleshlight???

Yes? You are getting horny


Craftusmaximus2 t1_iug4y4p wrote

I don't think I ever had a single "strong" flashlight in my life.

Just weak ones that barely even worked.


LabMous t1_iugaha6 wrote

todays generation isnt generating enough tele-lumens, am i right?


Zenishen t1_iudlfga wrote

My first Smartphone didn't even have a light on it - when I used a Flashlight app it just turned my screen white and maxed out the brightness instead 😂


IAmAliria t1_iuei20o wrote

I still use a white screen when I don’t want to illuminate the room like crazy. Just want to make sure there aren’t anything in my way as I walk to the bed


Zenishen t1_iueiiv9 wrote

On Android, you can hold the Torch icon in your notification panel to bring up a brightness slider

By default it's set to the middle:


rpstforhire t1_iuf7vwu wrote

while that feature had been on Samsung's for a while on regular android it got added in android 13


Alex_Shelega t1_iuigxa5 wrote

It's a Samsung only feature and as a fun fact the 5th level cause burning LoL (it's really intensive)


Joker4479 t1_iudzkcu wrote

Lol right? My first smartphone had one camera too


Trekapalooza t1_iudllll wrote

I remember when there were no ''apps'' whatsoever, but rather applications, and my phone didn't even have colors besides green and black.


Real-Art-2355 t1_iudlrci wrote

I remember sending letters through pigeons to communicate...


Trekapalooza t1_iudlwdw wrote

Oh but I remember smoke signals


PeterPDX t1_iudwhhc wrote

I remember before there was fire. It was so peaceful without people chatting back and forth all over the country side. Then there was this one guy who always left the caps lock on in his smoke signals. Freaking boomer...


blackoutc0de t1_iufw64o wrote

Ah yes, but i remember when we rode horseback to and fro other kingdoms


R3m0V3DBiR3ddiT t1_iuezd1z wrote

>through pigeons

Why would one send a letter THROUGH a pigeon? Sounds terrible for the poor pigeons insides.


siddharth_pillai t1_iue4wtz wrote

>I remember when there were no ''apps'' whatsoever, but rather applications



IDK_Lasagna t1_iuexs0g wrote

so apps isn't short for applications?


Trekapalooza t1_iuezdlo wrote

Yeah, but the short term app wasn't used yet. People just called them applications or programs. English is not my native language so idk how it was in US or UK exactly.


IDK_Lasagna t1_iufarm4 wrote

there always was the app store tho, the term has always been used. it just got more popular with time


casey12297 t1_iuhz9q6 wrote

I remember getting a call from Alexander Graham Bell the day he invented the telephone, this confused and frightened me because he only invented one telephone. That's when I realized the acid kicked in


dark_nodens t1_iudlnqo wrote

I used to install strobe light and tried to match its blink frequency with the ceiling fan speed until it appeared to be still. Fun childhood days...


Halsti t1_iue34xv wrote

remember when that flashlight app started asking for location data access?

yes. you are getting annoyed with tech.


xplodingthunder t1_iudvkq3 wrote

Remember when phones didn’t have flashlights and you had to have spare DDD batteries for your mag lights… no? You’re still a child.


tigabama t1_iudojvc wrote

Ohh…that kind of flashlight.


Professional_Gap_371 t1_iudzd2f wrote

I remember my first pager, then calling back from a house phone. But you had to convince your parents it was ok to get a pager because only doctors and drug dealers had one then


Specter2035 t1_iudkqok wrote

Now I need an app for the fleshlight... Lmao, jk


AlexYTx t1_iudxdet wrote

I only had a smartphone for 2 years (mostly because I didn't need one), did you really need a special app for the flashlight?


OverlordMarkus t1_iue57k2 wrote

You would be surprised how much early smartphones lacked. No flashlight, no tap to wake, next to no software and security updates (actually really important), half baked features that would vanish next generation, the list goes on.

Even finding an actually good phone for under 500 bucks was really hard before 2016 or so, and sub 300 you'd carry around actual junk.


AlexYTx t1_iue650h wrote

I get no tap to wake and security, but really? No flashlights? Even the phones with buttons (idk what to call them) had flashlights.


OverlordMarkus t1_iueaq5i wrote

Pure Android was sparse in terms of features and what you got in the end depended entirely on the phone maker. Most would advertise with stupid features and see what stuck, like Samsung's S4 with it's gesture control and scroll by inclination (both fucking stupid).

Actually useful features weren't as marketable and didn't get attention they deserved until the big brands got serious competition by cheaper Chinese brands. Xiaomi had a massive cult following back in the day for having the best Android UI at the time.


AlexYTx t1_iueb2jo wrote

Damn. The days of old Android must've been really harsh.


po_ta_to t1_iuf7577 wrote

Earlier phones weren't intended to have a flashlight. They had a light meant to be used as a camera flash that could be misused to be a flashlight.


colt45mag t1_iufbfzi wrote

Yes, because it was only used for the flash when taking a picture. It wasn't a built-in feature to use it as a flashlight


daero90 t1_iuedkql wrote

Remember pagers?


Splititasunlumo t1_iuebvpu wrote

Wait do I not still need an app HOW DO I FLASHLIGHT


colt45mag t1_iufbol1 wrote

If you've got a Moto, make a chopping motion with the phone twice


Splititasunlumo t1_iufbtes wrote

Ah it's a Pixel something like 2 ish generations ago


dontcometo2021 t1_iugi0wg wrote

Edit your notification drop-down to add flashlight to the quick settings menu. Then you can use your flashlight from your notification area.


Splititasunlumo t1_iugj2ok wrote

Thanks I know I could've googled it but sometimes getting it phrased simply from someone who knows really helps. Wow what a time to be alive, don't need an app for the flashlight


AtlasShrugged- t1_iudw7er wrote

Remember when you had to find matches to light the candle?


PerformanceTop7616 t1_iuelj3h wrote

I remember I owned a phone that had the light built into it but it could only work when taking pictures.


Tuonra t1_iuerqdd wrote

It wasn't even a flashlight, it was a full white screen on the first ipod touches.


PlebNoodle t1_iuf7ztr wrote

Remember when you had no phone flashligjt and had to get irl flashlight?


BSKustomz t1_iug1btx wrote

Remember the Kyocera Rave? You held down the cancel button for however many seconds and dedicated flashlight came on next to the antenna


Carnator369 t1_iug1zk0 wrote

My first phone was forged by the dwarfs for Asgardians, yes I'm getting old.


DummyDummyGumGum t1_iug5cjk wrote

The first cell phone I remember seeing in my life was a flip phone. They were really cool to 5 year old me.


sahrul099 t1_iueg9sq wrote

never download an app for flashlight..i remember in the old days i use to use the camera apps and set the flash to "on"


hardrivethrutown t1_iuekgnm wrote

my first couple phones didn't even have a flashlight


RbtheGhost007 t1_iuem1ps wrote

Me who used "feature phone Flashlight". Yes I am getting old.....


Frio121 t1_iuesq27 wrote

Compass app anyone


Renault_75-34_MX t1_iueszcj wrote

I hade a S3 Neo till 2018 or 2019. That needed a app the have a torch


Economy_Bear_9091 t1_iuev28x wrote

I knew the guy that is wrote the first “flashlight” app for the iPhone (really just turned the phones screen white). He bought a house with that money


rpstforhire t1_iuf8s4b wrote

I was using the app "Tiny Flashlight" on my Samsung ace gt-s5830i running android 2.3.6 that couldn't even take a photo without and SD card even though it had 120mb free space.

that app had different modes for flashlight, screen and light bulb it was cool as fuck.


LadyAngel_Aric t1_iufe4qb wrote

Remember when the flashlight app was better than the built in flashlight


cakeandcoke t1_iufhiay wrote

Back in my day we didn't even have cell phones. We didn't even have to use area codes! You little whippersnappers


PePeWaccabrada t1_iufw4i0 wrote

We still need an app for the 3D scanner on iPhones


RobertoPaulson t1_iufxy02 wrote

Remember when you didn't need a flasghlight to read small text?


KeyButterscotch5473 t1_iufy0zi wrote

Dude, what is this Getting crap, I remember when if you wanted a flashlight, you had to GET a flashlight, the alternative was a candle.


FrozenShadow_007 t1_iug05oz wrote

I remember downloading it even though I had the last iPhone without flash, thinking my phone was gonna magically metamorphosis its way into a flashlight


xiaopewpew t1_iug3z14 wrote

Replace one letter with the opposite conclusion.


Craftusmaximus2 t1_iug4uol wrote

Yes, it even has a feature to make the whole screen white...


80Pound t1_iug9pvs wrote

Nah, getting old is when when you hit something somehow and it comes on and you say “WTF, didn’t know it did that” and then can’t figure out how to turn it off.


RS_Someone t1_iugfmlv wrote

An app? I had a flashlight that plugged into my Gameboy so I could see the game in the dark. The Gameboy Advanced SP was revolutionary. Also, fuck you, I'm not old. I'm not... right?


AveryJuanZacritic t1_iugk7rd wrote

I remember when the phone wouldn't reach past the kitchen counter.


speed_wagon6_9 t1_iugl6e8 wrote

Ipod had one with different light and am 2000 born.


akokaro t1_iugm6k8 wrote

ME AND COUSIN argued about front camera flash light LOL.


Kazoomers_Tale t1_iugru4s wrote

You... Needed?

I think I'm too young then


helicophell t1_iuh86q0 wrote

Phones didn't get inbuilt with a flashlight feature, so the app just kept the flash on. Funny how that worked


Joedemigod4 t1_iuh9y62 wrote

No. My old ipod never had a camera let alone a torch.


Fun_Dark_2247 t1_iuhcr9f wrote

What! When was that ever a thing?


LordOfReddit_69 t1_iuhqbf1 wrote

Well actually i still use the app cause you can fast trigger with the app to make a party light. And you can blind lther people by setting it to max and holding it infront of their eyes


Equivalent-Stable642 t1_iuht2mc wrote

Yeah my mother had that until I gave her the option to turn it on or off without an app


inglouriouswoof t1_iuhugdn wrote

Y’all remember the lighter flame app? And how turning it to the side blew everyone’s mind?


MartyEnd t1_iuhz5oi wrote

I remember when I was a kid my my phone (not at all my father's half-broken phone) had updated and I couldn't find the flashlight app and I started crying because I thought I had broken the phone


alyaomi t1_iui6wkg wrote

remember when dinosaurs existed, damn


Alex_Shelega t1_iuig60g wrote

I'm 17 and tho I remember tha flashlight app on HTC one x LoL

Yea... Was a time...


SadSunny20 t1_iuebevv wrote

Wait you had to get an app for a flash light it wasn't just an option on your phone?


yallsomenerds t1_iuep6fx wrote

I had to read this 4 times before I realized it didn’t say FLESHlight


thecypher4 t1_iufmgkp wrote

Remember when there was nothing? Yes? Your the Big Bang