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Good-Table5566 t1_iucuw9n wrote

The Farmer: I make Apples everyday, don't compare me to these newbs!


Level13Soviet t1_iucwzkq wrote

I'm 20 and writing a book about a demon cyborg ninjas, should I still give up


RobotTrexNinja t1_iucymx5 wrote

Make it a T Rex demon cyborg Ninja and you got yourself a million dollar idea.


Matdup2 t1_iuebepq wrote

Ask to be paid for your idea

You'll then pay me for being paid


Interesting_Horror93 t1_iuh0dyp wrote

That…sounds awesome. Hope you finish it soon


Level13Soviet t1_iuh50as wrote

It's way more flushed out in writing, and gradually tells how the protagonist becomes these things. It's way in the early stages, but making fast work on it.


dumbass-cute t1_iuds71w wrote

"I m 14, so it's still not late!!!!"

80 years later

-its very late


Backstabmacro t1_iucwbqy wrote

Mmm, yes. I am properly demotivated now. Well done. Off to die in my special dark place.


ElectromechSuper t1_iucxnod wrote

Didn't Gates already own a house too? Not a 20 year old in the country that can afford a house now lmao. Different times.


StayChillPls t1_iueauce wrote

Steve Jobs died of cancer. Bill Gates wound up divorced.

Success isn't what it seems.


MisterFistYourSister t1_iuf5q6b wrote

Are you suggesting that poor unsuccessful people are impervious to disease and failed marriages?


StayChillPls t1_iuf8ph8 wrote

No. I'm suggesting that being rich doesn't free you from the troubles of life.


AdityaTheOne t1_iueh4jc wrote

I am 18 :)

Any advice ?


Interesting_Horror93 t1_iuh0j5t wrote

My advice: Don’t listen to anybody but yourself when it comes to your dreams. Fuck everyone’s opinion about you, do what makes YOU happy and have fun with. (Unless of course you’re a serial killer or rapist, in which case, don’t follow your dreams)


Dense-Day294 t1_iuhahtz wrote

At what point do you draw the line?

Onlyfans - yes; serial killer - no; rapist - also no;

What about being a very sadistic Butcher? Yes or no? I want to know what is possible and what not.


Doll-Master t1_iuhe0gd wrote

Be born rich, be a sociopath, have no care for human rights. Then you'll be able to become a corporative billionaire in two years time too.


FrankieGS t1_iueoolt wrote

Enzo Ferrari started building cars when he was 50.

Ray Kroc was 51 when he started his first franchise with McDonald’s

Just sayin


Flyz_it_dies t1_iudfcx3 wrote

About to be 24, I’ve already missed my time window to come up with something cool :(


TheEzyRealz t1_iuebnai wrote

I have 2 months left until im 22 I still have time


yunus5491 t1_iueln85 wrote

Reposts are funny lime 3 times not 23times i fucking saw that meme too much times


SomeLikeItDusty t1_iufszf1 wrote

Harrison Ford was a 33 y/o carpenter when he was picked up for the role of Han Solo.


SASAgent1 t1_iug0hxt wrote

You don't stop running in a race if you don't come first


AloneWithFood t1_iug0zrj wrote

Just give me a happy family and upper middle class.


Scribe_WarriorAngel t1_iugfkgo wrote

Me who will turn 18 on Christmas Eve: I don’t care how others see me but I will be remembered no matter the cost


[deleted] t1_iugh42u wrote

Bill Gate's father was lawyer, and his mother was on the board of the directors of a financial holding company.


TigerlilyBlanche t1_iuglv65 wrote

No I'm 16 I'll be fine

Besides I don't wanna make shit


Interesting_Horror93 t1_iuh0c2d wrote

Samuel L Jackson was in his 40’s when he got his first major movie roll. No it isn’t


Hudba_Oir t1_iuh0zue wrote

Auch but I get your point


LocalNobody117 t1_iuh41ia wrote

In the court case didn't both get noticed for stealing from the same software company? Allegedly


Hoibot t1_iuh4smp wrote

I have


Sestican_ t1_iuhb1p7 wrote

Ha, i am still 20, so i got another year to invent a product that everyone will either love or hate.