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arglarg t1_iud31ga wrote

Ok what's your question?


DanHam117 OP t1_iud5d41 wrote

If I tell you, you might discover my old GameFAQs account and all the cringey stuff I said as a child so Iโ€™m gonna pass


MrGloom66 t1_iudv431 wrote

I understand this person on a whole new level.


Rakgul t1_iuf488n wrote

Well I tried to pay my uncle after he brought me a drink after a walk.... So....


Jason666392 t1_iuf5yai wrote

What if I promise to not look it up if you tell me?


arglarg t1_iuguntm wrote

Tbh I saw your question before you changed your response, but also didn't know the answer. I guess there's only one way to find out, if you still have the means, and dedication.


jacknshit t1_iud0ab4 wrote

Bernie: For fuckโ€™s sake.


Rockefeller_Fall t1_iudf8mg wrote

to quote the big blue man "Time is not made out of lines. It is made out of circles; that is why clocks are round."


8_Gauge_Tempest t1_iue7ujz wrote

And that's why I'm glad Askreddit has a "serious" flair.


hardrivethrutown t1_iufcu9y wrote

is it just me or are support forums the most useless there are


PillowTalk420 t1_iuffdey wrote

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.


NUaroundHere t1_iugixct wrote

well... except the last part it already happened to me a couple of times. Which is googling, finding a dead post with the exact same question and the replies were all "Google it MF"...


M4sterRed t1_iugkrj4 wrote

Sounds like a Stackoverflow moment


AdministrativeBar748 t1_iugndcn wrote

Flat like yo mum ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

Just kidding guys she can choke you with her tits, be careful. This person's mom is deadly.


Benjamintoday t1_iuh901u wrote

I actually had the good ending happen and I had a nice afternoon with the rabbit hole it led me down.

My question; Can I keep a snake from biting me if I grab it by the tail and swing it around over my head?


X_SniffMyButthole_X t1_iud0f4m wrote



DanHam117 OP t1_iud4qfq wrote

The GameFAQs message boards beg to differ


Pobo13 t1_iue6ibj wrote

On God that site has some of the most brain damaged messages I have ever read. And I know for a fact they were all from young kids. But still I feel this. I was one of them.