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mustichooseausernam3 t1_iyc28yh wrote

I'm trying to figure out if this meme is in Fahrenheit or Celsius, but neither would make all that much sense.


A1tze t1_iycrukr wrote

As a finn, Celcius fits perfectly


theasomgy t1_iycv6p4 wrote

it would be 60 F outside thats like perfect wether bru


4XTERUMI t1_iycyti7 wrote

60 C would be burning in the sun


_FowlPlay_ t1_iyd4bnj wrote

60 C and you'd probably die very quickly.


ByZocker t1_iydt1t5 wrote

Saudi Arabia says hello


matmatking t1_iye1eqg wrote

They burn probably like 10000000tons of oil per second to cool everything down with their supercars' a/c and shit


ByZocker t1_iye68ss wrote

I think there's a non cooled desert 🗿


kurcatovium t1_iye7wwg wrote

Highly populated desert, right?


ByZocker t1_iye9mvm wrote

no but people still go there sometimes and i have no doubt that it gets over 60c there sometimes


DontShowMomMemes t1_iyevm63 wrote

60 is fine with clouds and wind. 60 in the sun is hot. 40 in the sun is nice.


eimronaton t1_iycrs03 wrote

It’s in kelvin if you ignore the degrees symbol

Edit: I corrected the things y’all smart assess called me out on


5hiphappens t1_iydp6jp wrote

I guess I'll be that guy:

There's no such thing as "degrees Kelvin"; it's an absolute scale. It's just "Kelvin".


eimronaton t1_iye4kko wrote

I didnt say degrees kelvin?


BrainCellDotExe t1_iye8e1m wrote

There’s a degree symbol next to the temperatures, if they were in kelvin there would be a K


Mr_Wombo t1_iye5mkf wrote

It's an angle, an acute angle to be more exact.

Just like you ;)


Marco45_0 t1_iyc48bz wrote

15°C outside is very pleasant, OP what the hell are you saying?


AdministrativeBar748 t1_iycm80k wrote

I live in a tropical country and 15°C is freezing hell


BEETHR33 t1_iydjhc7 wrote

I live in the UK and 15°C is pretty warm. Or at least in the north of England


BigMoneyJesus t1_iyd8p2h wrote

No. The temperature where water begins to freeze is Zero degrees Celsius. That’s what the whole system is based on haha.


ByZocker t1_iydt7lf wrote

No shit haha.


BigMoneyJesus t1_iydxd9s wrote

haha it’s a joke. Though I come from Canada where we would never say 15 Celsius is anywhere close to cold. We don’t complain till -10 at least.


-Voxael- t1_iybz26w wrote

Who … who sweats in 15 degree weather? That’s Winter temperature


Not_Bre4d t1_iyc0h78 wrote

Unfortunately I have hyperhidrosis. I am sweating no matter the temperature :/


jf_selecTo t1_iyc1525 wrote

Cool superpower ma man


6_NEOS_9 t1_iyc2n5z wrote

Hyrosis Man


jf_selecTo t1_iyc61ah wrote

He can sweat on demand, covering everything in sweat. Enemies will slip while its liquid and after a while it will turn into hard salt.

Applications are endles. He could e.g. defrost icey paths during winter. Or "your meal is not salty enough? Let me get that for you!!"


Not_Bre4d t1_iyexv8u wrote

Funnily enough I have learnt to sweat on command.

I can't stop it though :\


bitterbuffaloheart t1_iycr5tv wrote

Looking this up and I might have this. The worst part is I have sweaty feat so when it’s winter they’re the first thing to get cold


kalkkunaleipa t1_iyc60id wrote

Surely you are talking about fahrenheit? Because in finland 15 degrees celsius is nowhere near winter


sakujakira t1_iyccqba wrote

Not even in Germany it’s considered Winter. Autumn at most.


SmartAssGary t1_iyc66zb wrote

Just because you live in the arctic circle...


kalkkunaleipa t1_iyc6enz wrote

Doesnt make it more cold?


SmartAssGary t1_iyc75np wrote

That's what I'm saying. 15C is winter where I'm at. But you live in the arctic circle, where that is beach weather lol


kalkkunaleipa t1_iyc8h40 wrote

20-30C is summer for us here


-Voxael- t1_iyccl17 wrote

For most of Australia, 15 degrees Celsius common Winter temperatures.

For our summer, we average between 30 and mid 40s in our coastal cities and around 40 to 50 in the desert


Mataskarts t1_iycg8kd wrote

Not really, here in Eastern Europe far from the arctic circle we get 30-42 C in the summer(with no AC in most houses), and down to -20C in the winter, 15C is in between/Spring weather and the perfect warm temperature for doing stuff outside, it's cold if you stand still, just right if you actually do stuff and move around.


Mataskarts t1_iycgrgs wrote

You must be talking about F?...

15 C is peak autumn/spring temp in a large part of Europe at least, which is on about the same climate zone as upper US/lower Canada.

~18-20 C is generally what home heating in winter attempts to reach and to me personally it's too hot if I move even slightly, I sweat a lot with any physical activity at that temp so have to crack open a window and drop it to ~12 C to not drown in sweat like the guy in the pic.


-Voxael- t1_iychy1c wrote

Fortunately I’m one of dozens of people who don’t live in either of those locations


Mataskarts t1_iyclfum wrote

Well that's where 80% of the Reddit users come from so it's not unusual to expect others to be from similar places.


siggiarabi t1_iycjofc wrote

Bruh that's like the hottest summer days where i am


Loligxp t1_iyf7gng wrote

Where are you from that you call 15degrees winter temperature? Unless you're talking farenheit


WexorSegai t1_iycpmd8 wrote

Pretty sure winter temperature is below zero at least


Spyrix643 t1_iycbn1j wrote

bro you live inside an acute angle?


DnDnPizza t1_iybxk1x wrote

59°F? Yeah thats a cold house. I kinda think it's chilly outside too but I'm in the south


Hippietrip76 t1_iycpnug wrote

This is Celsius right? Bc Fahrenheit would be the right picture twice.


the_lego_lad t1_iycgj72 wrote

This makes no sense in celcius, Kelvin AND farenheit


chief313 t1_iyc4a2x wrote

I mean 15° (or my more familiar 59ish F) isn't cold but that's pants and a long shirt depending on the wind where I'm at. Good gusts going and it feels like 7° C which gets nippy especially with rain. Then that's jacket wearing time. Full blown coats hit at -5° C


KingKiler2k t1_iyda02z wrote

cuz you are in direct sun light with minimal to no wind if the wind were blowing harder it would be same as thst room you don't leave unless your mom makes you.


BrainbrakersYT t1_iyc321s wrote

Doesn't matter how hot or cold it is, i still suffer from heatstroke


skinnymukbanger t1_iyco5on wrote

Very true. That’s because when you’re outside, you’re mostly dressed up heavier and constantly moving/walking etc.


MessiahsLeftNut t1_iydek5w wrote

That’s much colder than room temperature.


a_shiny_heatran t1_iyc76hs wrote

15 degrees suddenly becomes a lot more manageable when I have to pay to make it warmer and can wrap up in blankets


DodoJurajski t1_iycnmvb wrote

Meanwhile my room, the place where tea turns into ice.


ExoFox_the_furry t1_iycq1l6 wrote

15°C? Dawg most of the time it's 0°C at my place cuz I like the cold


notveryAI t1_iycsakh wrote

Mfw -30°C in Siberia for a whole week now, when it's not even winter yet💀


Summar-ice t1_iycspll wrote

15°C outside is classic autumn temperature here in Argentina (Buenos Aires)


Ambitious_Onion_6453 t1_iycudiy wrote

15 Celsius is 59 in Fahrenheit

(In case an american sees this meme)


MBcodes18 t1_iyd1kqc wrote

Me, an American :


cel_la_lokaa t1_iydet31 wrote

Where I live in spring it gets to 38°C so 15°C is cold for me but not that cold


Willinton06 t1_iydis5j wrote

15 celcius outside and I’ll freeze dead, fuck that


tpd1864blake t1_iydpihw wrote

20C is room temperature, or exactly 68F. And 10C is exactly 50F. You can estimate what 15C would be from that.


Gatekeeper31 t1_iydunt6 wrote

I read this in freedom units and was very perplexed for a second.


[deleted] t1_iydxgaq wrote

That’s cold as fuck bruh


memepriest101 t1_iye6s36 wrote

If this is celsius, i would disagree


Rhyze265 t1_iyf1ikn wrote

As an American, i must say you are indeed built different if youre sweating at 15 degrees


ValCamino89 t1_iyf9rpz wrote

Florida has entered the conversation and is confused.


flamelizardcodes t1_iyfacl7 wrote

15 degrees „outside“ is shadow temperature


l3etelgeuse t1_iyfaz8v wrote

15 celcius outside is wonderful.


Yolo3362 t1_iyf4i7e wrote

that’s cold in both what the hell you on about


Leftover-Waffle t1_iycwvp4 wrote

Okay you have to agree Fahrenheit is the best system for the ambient air temperature we humans exist in. Imagine asking someone, “What do you like the temperature in you house set to?” And they respond with “21.6° C”.


DredgenGryss t1_iyc98rj wrote

I'm not european enough to understand this.


KingKiler2k t1_iydad9u wrote

Its 0°C and the wind is blowing so hard you can open doors and I still wear one jaket.


thedidge1998 t1_iybyg1c wrote

How 59⁰F hot outside that's as cold as a Los Angeles winter can get


SeriousDamage95 t1_iyc1t55 wrote

I'm only comfortable in 11°C or less... God damn central heating!


wombey12 t1_iyeoht0 wrote

<18°C is the point at which your body makes an active effort to keep itself alive, I'm suprised you're not dead yet mate.


BasedChadThundercock t1_iybvwvs wrote

Celsius shit?