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SpacemaniaXu t1_iybncit wrote


"I have no money"


"I have negative money"

Then you will be closer to the truth.


Axxedde t1_iyc5h7e wrote

When my net worth is a fucking sine graph


feeltrig t1_iyd2gao wrote

Replace i get paid some money with I don't get paid for unemployed life cycle


LegitimateCrows t1_iybn9bc wrote


And when the cycle ends you are dead.


Matego_g t1_iybs3vx wrote

You still owe money after you are dead.


LegitimateCrows t1_iybsqy4 wrote

Yeah but I won’t give a fuck.


Canadian_Poltergeist t1_iyc5buq wrote

You will when corporations start using life extending drugs to keep people alive for more work.

Not even that far fetched anymore.


USAIsAUcountry t1_iyboec3 wrote

I don't have any money and absolutely nothing has happened for years. I'm starting to think money is the problem.


CommonCasual1 t1_iycjam7 wrote

The more stuff you buy the more stuff needs can break. So kinda yes. But then there is health, housing and many other things that can require money to fix


Willinton06 t1_iydilsf wrote

He’s probably European so health is not an issue, generational housing makes it a non issue too, except for fixes but if you’re e careful shit lasts long times


Send-the-downvotes t1_iyc6f6g wrote

Its designed that way on purpose, so that the slave labor force people living in the lower class are so fixated on struggling to survive they wont have time to rebel. Especially if kept distracted with super expensive overpriced toys also designed to siphon as much money out of pockets and into the higher classes hands as possible.


Dandechii t1_iybv5c7 wrote

My landlord telling me he has to raise rent because of the Gras prices. I saved up for emergencies but I hope the costs of the additional living costs won't be so high... Seems like no heather fore this year.


z0rrok t1_iyf2gbv wrote

Damn where I live the weed prices have been going down. Saw $40 oz recently


ChicknCharlie t1_iyc0055 wrote

I finally saved some money for a skiing trip and then boom. car accident.


Batehripi t1_iyc839p wrote

Im glad you're okay. Shit happens but you will go on that ski trip!!


Jwirv t1_iybjmol wrote

You're not alone.


BigFatStupid t1_iybyh7u wrote

I like money. I have some money. I keep it in a jar on my refrigerator. I would like to have more money and that's where you come in


sock_templar t1_iycvk03 wrote

No bullshit, happened yesterday:

  • I'll get my paycheck Dec 1st
  • was in the car coming back from taking the kids to school
  • car broke down 14:15
  • had a meeting 14:30 with HR stating we would be getting a 1k bonus this month due to xmas
  • had to tow to mechanic
  • gearbox went to shit
  • 1k to fix

apata68 t1_iybob7g wrote

The circle of life


BranRaul2007 t1_iyc4u84 wrote

What if i dont pay the bullshit and just keep the money?(it will eventually backlash but who cares)


theksm t1_iyc5mdn wrote

Bruh make this 100X if you are living in turkey....
Actually not getting paid is more profitable right now so everyone is trying to be neet here...


mean_pneumatocyst t1_iyc6lm6 wrote

For real. How does one break this cycle? Life sucks so so so so so much until you do. And idk how.


asome3333e1 t1_iyczaau wrote

I would also go to say a good trade, like Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, and other trades similar.


BallumSkillz t1_iyc9rhb wrote

Only advice I can give is work in an industry that’s high paying, you’ll have to study/learn but that’s the only way unless you know someone who can give you a head start.


DCpride26 t1_iyd4nhd wrote

If you can do this and then make some sacrifices to live below your means for a while, that's how you get ahead. Basically live off of less money than you make, be cheap, don't eat out, don't buy unnecessary things, work hard to try to save for a year or two. It sucks but it'll be worth it.


DOGETHEEGOD t1_iydl6ud wrote

This happens to me but includes an extra step, "going hungry so I can pay the rent"


noareyenoar t1_iydp3j9 wrote

Its even true in the opposite dirction though.


North_Energy_1628 t1_iybyf4o wrote

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh...... Slay . That IS How a drag Queen work....


giggluigg t1_iyc2hbi wrote

My accountant uncle used to say that money is not designed to be kept for indefinite time: it’s given to us so that we pride ourselves for a moment before giving it to someone else


Arad0rk t1_iyc34uv wrote

Me two weeks ago. I don’t normally dip into my savings, so dipping twice hurt a lot


Joshooahh t1_iyc5c9b wrote

I get money, Get car i wanted, Ridiculous fuel prices, No money, I still love my car.


gkgboi t1_iyc6lfk wrote

That hit me right in the feels


Mentos13371 t1_iyc7atf wrote

Same, thought i'd have at least a little left for the holidays but nooope fuck you here's a healthcare deductible. All this because i went to seek help for my mental health.


MADMAXV2 t1_iyc7mnp wrote

I relate to this being in college, now I do full time I don't think I ever seen struggle with money since I started working lol


Elegant-Name1974 t1_iyc7pb2 wrote

I invest some money --> doge coin enters the chat


No-Thanks-7502 t1_iyc7tcv wrote

Congratulations of being a part of the slave society that makes the rich richer. Now back to the wagie cagie.


sausage4mash t1_iyc7z68 wrote

You have to go into work to make more money, and society needs you to work, the system works.


StuffProfessional587 t1_iyc9bbt wrote

Depending where in the world you live, saving money is a bad idea, invest in gambling or other forms of money exchange. Banks love money sitting untouched while you get fucked by extreme low interest rate.


7lick t1_iycaht0 wrote

My life is officially a meme.


Luke_4fun t1_iycdbyf wrote

And then you die


yabbasella t1_iychp84 wrote

This is what my girlfriend doesn't understand. 😞


DaikonNorth t1_iycimlc wrote

The irreversible cycle that is society


reload88 t1_iycows5 wrote

It’s crazy how many times I had to drop a $1000 on some random bullshit in the last 2 years. Like monthly for a while and it got to the point my credit cards are racked to the max now.


BRLaw2016 t1_iycuvqz wrote

The bullshit is usually me buying things I don't need


BL1FFORD t1_iyczfjr wrote

This is why when you turn 18 youre way less excited to be 18 than before your parents told you about all their money troubles


GeniusLabRat t1_iyd356i wrote

Stop saving and start investing.


Maskedbandit63 t1_iydbln3 wrote

Happens when the government and rich steal everything you have leaving you pinching Pennies which only ends up nowhere when life happens


revoloveraudio t1_iydf48q wrote

Random speeding ticket has entered the chat


RiceRare t1_iydiptg wrote

Can relate. Actually saved some money finally and was wiped by car breaking down. The cycle continues ...


AnonymousP30 t1_iydj341 wrote

LOL this so on point it's frightening.


LillyAr1 t1_iydjauj wrote

Hahaha and you will just know now you’ll have to keep doing rinse and redo again! It’s about life man!😂


ItsnotAhiret t1_iydneav wrote

My f*cking life. It is very difficult to be young in Turkey.


Alpha_pro2019 t1_iydsge0 wrote

You missed the "spends all my money on funky pops and video games" part.


GreatBayTemple t1_iye4v80 wrote

Worked overtime for a month and half. Get hit by a drunk driver on the way home from work. That's the kind of bullshit that makes me think capitalism is a lie.


giantrhino t1_iye6g15 wrote

Just cut out that starbucks yo. That's what all the billionaires are sayin.


hugthemachines t1_iyc9knd wrote

I know it is not fun, but if this is your life you have to live cheaper. Check out how to eat cheaper while still getting the vitamins etc you need. Food prices can vary quite a bit between different stores. Try to lower your electricity consumption.


Funky118 t1_iyc64w1 wrote

Just stop drinking Starbucks and find a better job 🤓


Elmore420 t1_iyd9j2f wrote

There is a solution to this, it just requires cooperating and choosing it.


wombatthing t1_iydjol9 wrote



Elmore420 t1_iydlova wrote

You could be if you quit complaining and feeling sorry for yourself and did something to change.


wombatthing t1_iydlsmi wrote

I literally don’t have issues nor feel sorry for myself, this is for the others. Fuck you.


GHz69 t1_iybkp1j wrote

Omg me asf ong frfr no cap