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Molvaeth t1_j6lwrhb wrote

Aye, you could make a series out of the Old Testament that would put GoT to shame.

i.e. Tamar


SodiiumGames OP t1_j6lxe1u wrote

I honestly wish someone would turn the bible into an anime


Cbjmac t1_j6nqdh8 wrote

It would get removed from every single platform if it did


HotPocket_Consumed t1_j6llws1 wrote

Jesus is God


Ok_Occasion_8559 t1_j6otqc8 wrote

Jesus is G.O.D. (Gold Oil Drugs). 'muriKKKa is an empire of useful idiots on roids. Nothing but brown people killing sprees on behalf of Lord White Jesus ever since the Good Ship Jesus set shore with a boatload of slaves for the New World!!!


SirDumblord t1_j6p65ce wrote

Wow, I thought i was king of stupidity but here is my crown of stupidity


Scribe_WarriorAngel t1_j6lwy9j wrote

New Testament God?

Then the Lamb broke open the fourth seal; and I heard the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 I looked, and there was a pale-colored horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hades[a] followed close behind. They were given authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill by means of war, famine, disease, and wild animals.


ScarletBall t1_j6lla6u wrote

Alot happened in the Old Testament 🧘‍♂️ God was always a good, though


BeliefBuildsBombs t1_j6m0wj5 wrote

Exactly, a lot happened in the Old Testament and most of it was done by humans. Jesus is God and God is the same from the beginning to the end and forever.


Le_Babnan t1_j6m3yd2 wrote

Well I wouldn't say ALWAYS. He did commit a few genocides


Scary_Environment274 t1_j6m4df6 wrote

He is also the person who made everything and gave everything life. So i would say he can do as he pleases. It's like if you make a car, you can take it apart, or crush it, no one is gonna tell you that you can't, after all it's your handwork that went into it.


Le_Babnan t1_j6m4y26 wrote

Ah yes. Ownership. What a lovely father. One who loves us so much he can kill us as he wills

Please never have kids if that's how you see things


Scary_Environment274 t1_j6mx0v4 wrote

It's not how i see things, it's how i would see things if i were a all knowing being that can make and break as i please.

But i also feel like people are missing the point, he doesn't want to kill us. But he makes no exceptions when sin is involved, which is why the flood happened, and then after that, he said, i can see that humans aren't good at hart, so then he made rules.

Now He doesn't wipe out people, but instead He says that the reward for sin is death. This death is not the one you die in human form, but the one your soul experiences, since it ends up in hell, which is God's version of death.

He is truly like a parent now, follow my rules or suffer the consequences. I think it's fair. Note you don't have to follow it, but as i said - consequences.


RudionRaskolnikov t1_j6nv6j3 wrote

Ya I don't think we as humans should expect kindness from God(or whatever higher being there exists).

Cause if there is a being like that who truly exists, he wouldn't see us as we see each other or how we even see animals.

From his vantage point we would be no different from insects. Like pest, he could get rid of us in the millions without thinking twice or having any moral apprehension.

I mean how often do you feel guilty after crushing a mosquito? Or calling pest control to kill termites?

So it's not that he is our father in the human sense, of a father or son relationship because a father and son are more less equals or atleast grow to be so in intellect, strength etc.

But this being could never have such a relationship with us.

So we are more like a bunch of ants in his box, which he can observe whenever he wants if he finds it fun or interesting in what funny, stupid ways we act and behave OR he can eradicate us with a magnifying glass if he so chooses.


ChesterWillard t1_j6lwbjy wrote

Anyone thinking this has not read the whole OT and definitely not read the ending of the NT....


whiskey_jones t1_j6lnhf5 wrote

Until you get to Revelation and Psycho Dad is back with a vengeance...


DaSmartestIdiot t1_j6omsox wrote

True but 99% of people he killed deserved it


Good meme tho


[deleted] t1_j6ml0eb wrote

Book of Revelation

"Yeah I don't exist..."


Suspicious-Coyote-51 t1_j6my0uc wrote

Can we talk about how everyone assumed Satan or lucifer is the God of all evil but if God is God doesn't that make it the God of evil too


AkumaDaemon t1_j6nf9r4 wrote

God killed more people than Satan


DaSmartestIdiot t1_j6oml4a wrote

Then satan tortured those people in hell


AkumaDaemon t1_j6ond8o wrote

*God proceeds to sit in a chair and watch as the people in Hell burn for their sins*


BananakinsPeel t1_j6lkkef wrote

It's all nah nah nah my kid killed himself, we're good


RetroCompute t1_j6mgoto wrote

Duh, the OT god and NT god are different gods ;) Welcome to Gnosticism.


youarefartnews t1_j6lpq3d wrote

Could be two different gods. After all, one of the commandments heavily implies the existence of other gods and the Abrahamic god not wanting any of them to come before themselves.


WDGASTER6 t1_j6myzbz wrote

No, he is called the same things in the New Testament, including “the God of Jacob” (Acts 7:32)


youarefartnews t1_j6nbcmp wrote

Exactly what a God would tell people if it wanted to take another's followers with minimal effort


WDGASTER6 t1_j6o52c8 wrote

Something I failed to mention, the “other gods” thing was supposed to simply mean not worshiping pagan gods like Zeus, and not putting anything above God


youarefartnews t1_j6osjf5 wrote

Exactly, and there is no legitimate way to simultaneously claim that Abrahamic God exists and the other gods humans wrote about did not.

Saying the Bible is proof for this claim is the ultimate "just trust me dude." Like killing someone then telling the police they should just believe when you say you didn't, because why would you lie?


BramblesCrash t1_j6lndne wrote

He killed his own son


BoomBoxBoxBox t1_j6lqmm0 wrote

He killed his son to save all of us...


BramblesCrash t1_j6lqo5o wrote

From what?


BoomBoxBoxBox t1_j6lqsg1 wrote

Sin, by dying on the cross he gave us eternal life


BramblesCrash t1_j6lqtwq wrote

Where did sin come from?


BoomBoxBoxBox t1_j6lqxzp wrote

Our free will. We couldn't truly love god if we had no choice and were made to. We can only love god if we truly choose to


BramblesCrash t1_j6lrc1w wrote

God isn't powerful enough to make people who could truly love him without introducing evil and suffering upon the world?


BoomBoxBoxBox t1_j6lsdg4 wrote

The Devil caused Adam and Eve to fall into sin. Sin is a sickness, one we are cleansed of after death. I've yet to find an answer to that question, but for me, I don't need all the answers to believe. Faith is always part of a religion.


BramblesCrash t1_j6lszxk wrote

Where did the devil come from?


jsementj t1_j6lv3vb wrote

he was an angel i believe called lucifer, he was turned into satan and converted maybe atleast 1/3 of the angels into demons(according to my memory from a very open minded catholic school) because he tried to go beyond god.


Scary_Environment274 t1_j6m4nse wrote

His original name was not lucifer, we actually were never told his original angelic name. God gave him a lot of power and then he went power mad pretty much.


BramblesCrash t1_j6lv8is wrote

Was God not powerful enough to create a good angel or did he just not see it coming?


PastaFucker1 t1_j6lxun9 wrote

Bro read the Epicurean paradox and think he smart 💀


SirDumblord t1_j6p6kso wrote

Read the Bible and find out


BramblesCrash t1_j6p77tj wrote

Really reading the Bible is like the number one reason former Christians cite for becoming an atheist. I am biblically literate.


WDGASTER6 t1_j6mymve wrote

That would violate our free will


BramblesCrash t1_j6o3gr7 wrote

So God isn't very competent? It seems like everything he made breaks in terrible ways. Why can't God make people with free wills who choose not to sin? For that matter, why does he even want to be worshipped?


WDGASTER6 t1_j6o4h7z wrote

If he makes us choose not to sin, then it’s not us choosing, it’s him making us not sin. Also, worship can simply mean respecting and serving him, other things such as music are optional.


BramblesCrash t1_j6o5o0v wrote

He hardened Pharaoh's heart, where's Pharaoh's free will?