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Charles12_13 t1_j6am5ua wrote

It’s completely normal to switch side once you realize you’re wrong


pizzaboieatspizza t1_j6ben55 wrote

Not if you are a stubborn bastard like me if i know im wrong i stay wrong, unless its like actually a fucking stupid thing i said


SomeLikeItDusty t1_j6ce5zy wrote



JustaNormalRedditorL t1_j6ckkuo wrote

I am the fucking 4th reply


SomeLikeItDusty t1_j6ce3oj wrote

…if you’re wrong. More than a few times I’ve been downvoted into oblivion even though I know I’m right, but yeah, I wear those downvotes like a badge of pride. Some mfers will delve deep into denial rather than accept a basic fact.


Qtoyou t1_j6cex6d wrote

Yep. Funnily enough. My life is no different whether I have karma or not. I don't actually know what it's for


Bruschetta003 t1_j6dkp4i wrote

Heard it's needed to post memes, but i couldn't give a fuck, i lurk most of the time and can't be bothered to make memes


Chris_Wasnt_here t1_j69r9dv wrote


If your post gets downvoted.

#Just ignore it.

People clearly don’t know Facts.


Equal-Rutabaga-8104 t1_j6a0ikg wrote

Especially if overall is ~1200 karma


kajetus69 t1_j6auooi wrote

bitch please


skitz6969 t1_j6c2abg wrote

Alright your paying tax for your karma now


GUM-GUM-NUKE t1_j6bt3uy wrote

No when people give you criticism review it and think on it And if you still think you were right that’s fine but don’t dismiss how people feel about what you said because surprisingly and they shocked me when I learned it to you weren’t always right.


Teska-Tenka t1_j6aive6 wrote

Don’t trash people who genuinely change their opinion.


DefinitionOk7157 t1_j6b0zgh wrote

This. If you are willing to actually learn and change your stance on something, that should be something admirable, not something frowned upon.


Vanir-_- t1_j6cjidz wrote

If someone looks the shit up on Google don't shit on them, thier becoming more intelligent


Bruschetta003 t1_j6dl0as wrote

Yeah, those are as rare as diamonds in reddit, it always feel nice to see someone change the way they view certain things after hearing from others that can show where he is wrong


Fabulous-Pause-6881 t1_j6a0qhq wrote

I'm not into arguing with idiots, so I post and fly away.

I do not give any Fucks about if a comment gets downvoted.

Downvote this comment to oblivion and see if I reply.



banananas_are_sick24 t1_j6a32x7 wrote

“Never argue with an idiot, for they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” - I don’t remember


Wood_On_Fire t1_j6c6odq wrote

Guys, I know this sounds crazy but hear me out

Why don't we do the opposite of what he said, and give him a ton of upvotes instead


Assassin_843 t1_j69shch wrote

Unless im objectively wrong, I'm gonna back myself and will continue to do so until I'm proven wrong or unless the other guy is an idiot or troll

Karma isn't worth shit


kajetus69 t1_j6auxu1 wrote

Money Doenst matter -Rich People

Looks dont matter -Attractive people

So i say Karma doesnt matter


burnt_cucumber t1_j69uvkc wrote

Sometimes, you just don't have the energy to deal with things.


ExistingExample281 t1_j6c02m8 wrote

4th is changing sides once you have realised your mistake and acknowledging it.


WALLY_FRANKS3036 t1_j6adud0 wrote

I delete it. Sue me. It’s called damage control, neutralize the damage before it grows bigger.


BenZed t1_j6ay0k7 wrote

Okay, I’m suing you.


WALLY_FRANKS3036 t1_j6ay4e2 wrote

You wouldn’t.


BenZed t1_j6ayiao wrote

My lawyers are drawing up a supeona as we speak.


WALLY_FRANKS3036 t1_j6ayni1 wrote

Good luck findin my house.


BenZed t1_j6azmeb wrote

What’s your address? Also, can you detail some damages you’ve caused?

My lawyers are asking me fuckin lawyer questions like “why” and “whats the goal here”


WALLY_FRANKS3036 t1_j6b0ell wrote

Ive damaged your moms ass. Does that count?


BenZed t1_j6b0jn8 wrote

lol, I guess that’s on me for trying to get some witty repartee going in the comments of r/memez


Bruschetta003 t1_j6dn8v3 wrote

You are making the problem bigger because acting like a coward would only make the people corious and ask why the comment is deleted, usually followed up by a detailed version of the worst possible takes you previously typed by the people that just roasted you, no amount of "damage control" can save you from this outcome


WALLY_FRANKS3036 t1_j6dpnox wrote

No, but people won’t know who posted it, can’t downvote my post, and won’t be able to badmouth me about it.


Psycopathic_Duck t1_j6c1ft6 wrote

Karma is kinda dumb. But if i know im in/Am wrong about something, then i will try to right that wrong 78% of the time depending on how bad it is


Vanir-_- t1_j6cjt5y wrote

"karma is useless" everyone on reddit yet we still care, even if it's just a little


[deleted] t1_j6coh44 wrote

I would like to think someone who listens to cogent, thought out debate and objective arguments and change their mind and perspective should be respected.

Personally, I think there’s nothing more stupid than “dying on that hill,” with confident wrongness to serve the ego’s need to see itself as right.


LlorxYT t1_j6d3cbp wrote

Sorry but dumb meme.

People that stand by their points although they ar shown empiric data that shows otherwise are the dumbest ones.

I prefer the one that switch sides when he is shown data that shows how he was wrong, so he understood that he was wrong.


Goatymcgoatface10 t1_j6aujrp wrote

Nothing is wrong about changing your mind if you're presented with new info or perspective


TheLordofSpuds t1_j6bk8dz wrote

You’re forgetting the best of all: people who have a point but are willing to listen to others opinions and change their minds if they feel they are incorrect. A rare species indeed.


Susdoggodoggy t1_j6caqdh wrote

I know what I said, I know who I am.
I know that I’d sell you for an Xbox one X and not think twice


Similar-Sector-5801 t1_j6cebmo wrote

I got downvoted into oblivion on r/terriblefacebookmemes because people thought i was a bot smh


Chemical-Beat-7174 t1_j6cryqv wrote

Me who gets downvoted stands by my opinions and gets even more downvoted bt deletes it when when I am bored of the argument and want to go on with other memes. Which category am I???


[deleted] t1_j6csk3f wrote

Once I realize people don't care I just delete my post to keep my page clean haha



Sensitive_Job_7164 t1_j6dlwmh wrote

I've seen people edit comments then argue I read it wrong to begin with and watched them get up voted..its enfuriating, I deleted it to avoid it altogether.


OneSpicyTaki t1_j6e95g9 wrote

real men argue back and forth to prove there point


atomicBlaze21 t1_j6a88ya wrote

There was one time that I got corrected to such a degree that I changed my stance, but kept my old comment up for the historical record.


Quick-Protection-831 t1_j6aki5t wrote

I would admire a person who is willing to change their veiws when presented with a new perspective, new info or something along those lines.


satans_bootyhole t1_j6asgy8 wrote

What’s wrong with having a change of heart?

Edit: oh cool I see the smoothbrained hive mind is downvoting. Lmao


Critikalz t1_j6c18wg wrote

I’m surprised my karma is positive now since it used to be negative and I still don’t care about it lol


Nika13k t1_j6c5861 wrote

Yo OP, comment here, you pussy! Let's see which side of the spectrum you on!


da_way_joshua t1_j6cg5p4 wrote

Downvote me all you want, i will not change my opinion


PcTheCoconut t1_j6cgjek wrote

Downvote this comment, bc screw karma


ndation t1_j6cuxer wrote

People who try to understand the problem, learn from it and change - where are those losers?


Tasriel514 t1_j6cx9ir wrote

Imagine switching sides…

quickly changes shirt to other team


ShadTaker t1_j6dgbx2 wrote

I definitely delete it IF the thing i am arguing about is stupid


jakethesnake949 t1_j6dhphf wrote

I deleted comments because I couldn't figure out how to mute notifications, I didn't change my mind just got tired of getting yelled at for having a take and not being able to mute the notifications.


Embarrassed-Lab3661 t1_j6dkpdu wrote

By switching sides, do you mean are convinced of something else?


Jemaniema OP t1_j6do6zb wrote

I meant if for example you wrote and opinion like the earth is round and you get downvoted and than suddenly you say no your right it is flat ( not because you realised your wrong but because you don’t want to loose karma)


SizeableFowl t1_j6drvob wrote

Isn’t the point of an argument to try to convince the other side you were right? Therefore if you lose an argument that means you sort of have to reevaluate your position, which would include changing sides?

Sticking with a bad idea thats been proven wrong in front of you is just a bad idea.


-_-10001110101-_- t1_j6at5q2 wrote

I don’t even look at my good comments, not worth it.


RabbidYoshi9 t1_j6atn85 wrote

Guess I’m on the classy side


kajetus69 t1_j6av37q wrote

Minecraft is a bad game overall


The_User008 t1_j6c0n7w wrote

recent updates are kinda shitty and the devs are lazy so I agree


ReedThaUchiha t1_j6av990 wrote

Yup I almost went into karma debt the other day after making 3 posts on new subs that just bombed


Limebeer_24 t1_j6axuz8 wrote

I go until mutual ground is found, an acknowledgement of both sides is met even if not agreed upon, or the other person rage quits and/or blocks me .


Shadow07655 t1_j6b1zfu wrote

I enjoy the downvotes. Your hate is nothing a good meme can’t reverse!


T_M_G_ t1_j6b2tb1 wrote

It’s not about votes it’s about sending a message


Consistent_Paper_104 t1_j6bw41r wrote

So one isn't allowed to change one's mind when shown adequate readon to consider doing so? Sounds pretty close minded. Glad i don't hold the same values I did at 13 but you do you


Jemaniema OP t1_j6e8g5q wrote

obvious that I meant people who try to switch sides to avoid loosing karma not the people who realise that they were wrong


some_bald_boi t1_j6cgx6e wrote

Why wouldn't I delete my toxic comments if they get downvoted? Like, why would I keep negative karma coming when I can stop it whenever I want? And it makes me feel down and ruins my day. Why can't I just say whatever I want and get away with it? /s


Pristine-Ocelot1034 t1_j6cp8h0 wrote

Tell me your comment got massively downvoted without telling me your comment got massively downvoted.


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6e7z0c wrote

Wait you think people admitting they were wrong is the third image?

OP is the third image 💀 💀


Jemaniema OP t1_j6e8n80 wrote

It’s obvious that I meant people who try to switch sides to avoid loosing karma not the people who realise that they were wrong


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6e8t6d wrote

Only thing obvious to me is that you’re actually the third image.


Jemaniema OP t1_j6e9681 wrote

Clearly if you don’t understand the difference between trying to switch and realising your wrong you are the last one irl


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6e9dgv wrote

Clearly you are the third image. Don’t get offended snowflake.


Jemaniema OP t1_j6e9v9y wrote

Seems like all you can do is repeat yourself. If you can’t think of any argument stfu and go cry to your mommy snowflake


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6ea07y wrote

Oh he’s projecting now.


Jemaniema OP t1_j6ea989 wrote


This you ?


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6eagik wrote

Oh he came at me with the “No u”. I’m never going to recover from this.


Jemaniema OP t1_j6ebemo wrote

Bro can’t differentiate two different things than makes a lame ass excuse goes to mom and cry’s and now try’s make a comeback. In your place I would wipe the saliva of my face and stop trying to win a lost cause. Now if you excuse me I will do something more interesting than writing with a idiot online. Don’t bother replying I’m not gonna read it anyway


Some_Dude_718 t1_j6ec0jf wrote

Oh he’s hurt. Homie wrote me a love letter that he thinks I’m reading. 💀 💀


aSaik0 t1_j6brs9h wrote

When you never did something wrong you're an outsider that cannot judge people. When you did something wrong and you change your mind and tell people to not do it you're an hypocrite. You're free to think wrong things are right and it's honorable to change your mind when exposed to good arguments.


-Rens t1_j6bz4tp wrote

You forgot the person who downvotes themselves


Anarchy_trucker t1_j69xdti wrote

9/10 I delete because I don't argue with simps and incels or sheep. And I don't want their ignorance popping up non stop


Bruschetta003 t1_j6dno00 wrote

That's like saying you don't argue with kids because you are an adult, they may be ignorant about a lot of things, but that doesn't stop them from being right on one particular subject


bluethunder7788 t1_j6a2wkf wrote

I delete my comments when they get too many upvotes if I don’t like them


bugleboy488 t1_j6a87e2 wrote

Most of the time, yeah.

But, I have mad respect for people who are open minded and respectfully change their minds WITHOUT deleting their stuff or gaslighting folks.

Then again this is reddit... how unlikely is that?


No-Good_Oddity t1_j6af64k wrote

I got downvotes for referencing r/lovefornestle and I don’t exactly know why


ThatRandomDude_mp3 t1_j6amho4 wrote

I honestly believe karma is stupid. Some people value karma so much they will avoid using Reddit for fun and start just grinding karma and staying away from anything that might get downvotes. Meanwhile, I am here willing to die fighting against people whether Air-Heads taste like flavored plastic. (They do.)


shreddedtoasties t1_j6agkeg wrote

Usually I just comment 3 or 2 words and watch as the person arguing with writes a short novel in response to my comments


Moseratti t1_j69xjbl wrote

I said what i said. You don’t have to agree with me, you dont have to have an opinion about my opinion.


EthanSheehan t1_j6an951 wrote

I downvoted every comment in this comment section 😎


Landscapeus021 t1_j6a6tso wrote

I got banned 2 times for making "innaproperiate" comment. Still hold a point and I will hold it until i die. Or someone proves me wrong. Which they can't. Why? SCIENCE MY DEAR REDDITORS!