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navster100 t1_j6p7ku3 wrote

I haven't tied my shoes in 2 years


KomithEr t1_j6pbzm0 wrote

I don't even remember the last time I tied my shoe, they get tied once when I buy them


darthtidiot t1_j6p8ffv wrote

Pre-tie doesn't work with boots


TheLastCrusader13 t1_j6pez57 wrote

It does the only time I had real issues with it was when the boot fucking froze and I had to take it off for a sec


XVeNuX t1_j6p7kgc wrote

I prefer Pre tie but it doesn't work on some shoes


n4jm4 t1_j6p93xl wrote

that's how you get laces that are too loose or too tight or too stretched out


duck-_-yes t1_j6pe9m9 wrote

Who pri-ties their shoes???? I'm on blue side


chemist612 t1_j6p8max wrote

I have a shoe horn at home that I can leave my shoes tied and just slip them on, but when I have to change shoes at work, I completely untie and retie them.


Eternal-Indemnity t1_j6paayz wrote

Depends on the shoes and what you're wearing them for, if it's just a shoe for everyday use them yes it can be pre-tied, if it's for running or basketball it must be tied after to ensure a tight fit.


WasteRoyal3662 t1_j6pant0 wrote

100% pre-tie and forgo any shoes this doesn't work for


Character-Good5353 t1_j6pat32 wrote

pre tie for trainers but i tie when i put football boots on because theyre so damn small and tight and claustrophobic


Tr4sh_E4ter t1_j6ped5v wrote

It really depends on what shoes I'm wearing. I pre tie and slip on if it's tennies or the like and I always tie boots after I put them on