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open_door_policy t1_ja1idbt wrote

This kind of seems like /r/WeWantPlates material, but not quite.


apprehensively_human t1_ja1s9xx wrote



princesscupcake11 t1_ja1wfjs wrote

Wow this exact menu and restaurant was posted there 3 years ago


Alcoraiden t1_ja3gjgv wrote

I wish people would be less cynical and would appreciate cute ideas.


fimpster t1_ja1wdrd wrote


Solution66 t1_ja2tvp3 wrote

I was thinking those prices seemed a little steep…. Geez.


The-Dudemeister t1_ja57ty8 wrote

Seems like most restaurants have gone up 30 to 50 percent in price in four years.


kytheon t1_ja38eo0 wrote

That’s why this cleaver looks so new


Haterbait_band t1_ja4usbe wrote

Oh that’s just because of Covid and Ukraine. That’s where meat is produced, presumably, so you understand. Gas prices too. Can’t have a nice proxy war with Russia if you tax payers aren’t getting robbed every time you go out, right?


perpendiculator t1_ja59w1h wrote

You think the corporations responsible for these supply chains are in on some US government conspiracy?



Haterbait_band t1_ja5b0c9 wrote

looks at record-breaking profits

Naw, it’s probably cuz of covidz.


blissed_out t1_ja1fwst wrote

Hohhh boy that does not seem safe


teachdove5000 OP t1_ja1g1og wrote

It was dulled but full on metal.


ThatGirlOverThere9 t1_ja1uz40 wrote

I mean functionally theyre easy to make just cut out the cleaver shape put a simple cosmetic only bevel, laser engrave the menu and then put on a basic handle and youve got it. The pain is if they want to update the menu its a lot harder and more expensive and time consuming than traditional menus. But hey youre posting it here so the gimmick is paying off as intended.


Ceico_ t1_ja2nprh wrote

I don't think that's engraved.. more like sublimation print, that is easy to polish off and reprint.

The machinery for it is relatively affordable:


Diekjung t1_ja2rieo wrote

If you look closely on the right bottom part you can see that it’s a sticker.


RMW91- t1_ja1xciv wrote

I remember a Cork N Cleaver in my town back in the 1980’s, is this the same chain/restaurant? I haven’t heard that name for years


weaselmaster t1_ja3lb01 wrote

I suggest that you hack the giant scarab beetle sitting across from you to pieces, and then see if you’re still feeling hungry.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1ln1w wrote

Looks like plastic to me man, the colour and especially when you zoom in to the edges, nice try though.


peppercupp t1_ja1numi wrote

I've been there before, those fuckers are real and VERY heavy. Dulled edges, but makes a neat conversation piece.


[deleted] t1_ja1qaoz wrote

Nah op is definitely lying about this, for some reason, i guess?


scottyb234 t1_ja1ru5c wrote

I’ve been there, it’s a real cleaver.


[deleted] t1_ja1wd5s wrote

I was very obviously being sarcastic.


ontopofthatrose t1_ja2lrul wrote

Obviously it wasn’t so obvious


[deleted] t1_ja3azy7 wrote

I think it’s quite obvious actually and you’re just stupid.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja728pt wrote

the ability to show off sarcasm over text form is an ability many possess but with varied levels of skill, and i do genuinely believe you may well possess it (this is not sarcasm), but in this instance it was not as well conveyed as you may believe. The response you gave in turn was also unnecessarily rude. Unless, of course, that was also intended to be sarcastic.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1qa4o wrote

Then it’s plastic over metal, as that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, it looks exactly like cheap silver plastic looks that’s made to look like metal, and what stupid place of business hands out even dulled cleavers to the general public with kids around, that thing even with a dulled edge can crack skulls and break hands and fingers, and I know regular cutlery can do some damage too but it doesn’t have the mass this would if it was metal.


No_Dragonfly5191 t1_ja2xoug wrote

First, they are real. Second, a brick or medium sized rock can crack skulls and break hands and fingers as well.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja72f9q wrote

While true, and you do acknowledge regular cutlery as being dangerous but with less mass, this is also still irrelevant because if a kid was to wave around a knife or something they could well hurt someone as easily as they could if they decided to try and wield the (dull) menu cleaver. This is assuming anyone actually let that occur, of course. At least, without supervision.


tech16 t1_ja1slr0 wrote

OP said it is metal, I'm sure they can tell the difference between metal and plastic by the weight alone.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1sxn2 wrote

Didn’t read my last post did you.


tech16 t1_ja1vgp0 wrote

Oh sorry. When I read something foolish I tend to ignore the rest. My mistake on that one.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja72jho wrote

downvoted because even though idiocy can be irritating if your going to reply to someone you should well make sure they haven't addressed it or explained themselves further in a way that could potentially make sense.


PappaDukes t1_ja25xda wrote

It may not be safe, but we're slashing prices on our menu offerings!


crank1000 t1_ja3y70z wrote

It’s a steakhouse. There are already steak knives everywhere.


justabill71 t1_ja1j41p wrote

That's pretty cleaver.


Jroklovesyoureyes t1_ja1wqy0 wrote

Thats definitely a place I just walk by on my way to Arbys and smell for free.


Devi1_May_Cry t1_ja1yhg3 wrote

I like the 4 for $10 roast beef just fine. If I want what's on that menu, I just wait until New York strip or top sirloin go on sale at the local grocery store, reverse sear in the oven, finish on a cast iron skillet, boom, as good if not better than what's on that menu.


GoodWeedReddit t1_ja1kaid wrote

My question is , are restaurants giving kids Legos now or did he bring that from home? When I was a kid all I got was cheap crayons and a random printout to color.


ampjk t1_ja1o3gc wrote

Ya but the maze on the back and tic tack toes connect 4


anonlasagna23 t1_ja1qkcj wrote

Expensive though


chunkyboynick t1_ja2eip5 wrote

Yeah I want to see what 17$ worth of bacon looks like to them


whatslefttotake t1_ja27ggs wrote

I’m in Chicago and I am shocked at hot low those prices are. That’s crazy


StokFlame t1_ja2fj97 wrote

Damn I thought they were outrageous. You can go out and get a 16 Oz ribeye, 2 sides here at a place for around 25-30 bucks. Midwest


fenskey t1_ja3actg wrote

Same I am in Boston and most steakhouses charge $60+ at least


Devi1_May_Cry t1_ja1y3fd wrote

I found American steakhouses on the high side and that was before the post-pandemic inflation made all prices go through the roof.


moeriscus t1_ja1k5xv wrote

I had dinner at that restaurant less than two months ago :-p


ramriot t1_ja33mor wrote

All I can say is they must be supremely confident in the quality of their food & customers.


teachdove5000 OP t1_ja3dfw2 wrote

It was good actually. And free salad bar.


Imalsome t1_ja3gnwn wrote

The salad wasn't free, the price was just added to your $40 meal


ToonKiller t1_ja1hkk8 wrote

Now we know what happened to those crayons


gt0075b t1_ja1q15m wrote

I wonder how many dishes didn't make the cut


SplatMySocks t1_ja1wkd6 wrote

Probably not a great spot to take someone to break up.


Bojangles1983 t1_ja2yjpw wrote

Are you sitting across from a giant beetle?


jg_bigboypants t1_ja1wh8h wrote

Price increase = time for new cleavers.


slovenry t1_ja1x0l5 wrote

Flip it over, I wanna see what’s for dessert


MoogleKing83 t1_ja1z9nv wrote

When paper menus just don't cut it.


myblackesteyes t1_ja2nt15 wrote

Holy fuck, that's expensive. Let me guess, they still want you to tip?


Haterbait_band t1_ja4vk3p wrote

Based upon the total food and drink cost, no less. So the waiter at this restaurant feels entitled to more tips than the waiter at Applebee’s just because the menu options were priced higher. Same amount of work, but one gets more money. Tipping culture!


Ushan_De_Lucca t1_ja3cuex wrote

Probably asked and answered already, but I don’t feel like trudging through all the comments. Was it sharp or dull?


OPs_Real_Father t1_ja3drr0 wrote

The apostrophe in their logo is backwards.

It makes it read like “Corking Cleaver” rather than “Cork and Cleaver.” Look down at the salmon to see it placed correctly.


StampYoPassport t1_ja4lu79 wrote


Edit: Oh fuck it's a real sub.


pobody t1_ja1ic96 wrote

Dare you to ask what the vegan options are


justsayno_to_biggovt t1_ja1jpuk wrote

Well, we know THIS restaurant isn't in the UK...


Melodic_Raspberry806 t1_ja1se56 wrote

I’m curious; what makes you say that?


No_Inspection1677 t1_ja1m39d wrote


EDIT: that says cork, but it's still funny to think it said gork.


AccountNo5319 t1_ja1m50s wrote

Cool ideea but i think a huge liabilty.


druule10 t1_ja1nc9p wrote

Hmmmm, wait till they have a Karen. I'm sure they'll soon go back to actual menus.


ampjk t1_ja1nx0f wrote

I want legos at my table


lmc198099 t1_ja1p4px wrote

I love eating there, soo good!


Pseudonym31 t1_ja1pdy5 wrote

Where the hell are you from!? I’m jealous of those prices


Scale-Alarmed t1_ja1snnm wrote

Great idea. They will get a ton of free publicity with this


PostalMike t1_ja1wso3 wrote

No one will be getting their fingers near my shrimp cocktail.


No_Honeydew_8864 t1_ja2285h wrote

How do they change the menu or prices


Haterbait_band t1_ja4vww1 wrote

Buy new cleavers and just raise prices on everything so the owners don’t lose any money. Same as any business. Always protect the investors and executives while passing along the consequences of poor business management to the customer. They’ll complain, but they’ll still pay.


nonsensestuff t1_ja22n9q wrote

Is the kids menu on the other side?


MrCoolC t1_ja22ye1 wrote

“Hey Paul!”


CmdrSelfEvident t1_ja25a7g wrote

Teriyaki Filet Mignon, that's the real capital crime here.


ZombieCoffeeGarden t1_ja2mvm0 wrote

Looks cool tho. I want something like this on my wall as a decoration.


rectumish t1_ja2wp0x wrote

too rich for my blood.


efcomovil t1_ja2wwwz wrote

"Boss, sorry to tell you this, but we need to adjust menu prices this week..."


vass0922 t1_ja2xova wrote

I'm really curious of this coffee crusted. Some things I'm a fan of coffee flavored but steak I'm not so sure ... but I'd be tempted.


jimbalaya420 t1_ja2y6jl wrote

Gork n gleaver is an odd name for a restaurant


TheFrustratedPastor t1_ja31l0d wrote

Evansville, Indiana. I can’t imagine there’s more than one Cork and Cleaver that does this.


lance4re t1_ja360fy wrote

Their used to be one in Kalamazoo


Jylubin t1_ja36yvy wrote

How is bacon $1 more than crab cakes‽


Bean_Juice_Brew t1_ja3a6w5 wrote

Imagine seating a large party? "Lemme just juggle fifteen of these meat cleavers, watch your toes!"


doodoohead1748 t1_ja3aeyo wrote

Steak and some plain potato -40$ lolol


vibrant_crab t1_ja3ef4b wrote

Seems like that may be a pain in the ass when they need to update the menu. Pretty neat though.


MeyerCo t1_ja3gwxy wrote

Wait till you see what the kids menu looks like!


TheDukeofArgyll t1_ja3hlcl wrote

Bet they get their menu’s stolen a fair amount.


Mahgenetics t1_ja3lpor wrote

$43 for a 10oz steak and crappy side dishes


Haterbait_band t1_ja4wdix wrote

Probably in some tourist area, or near an airport or something. Definitely not near a Costco. Although, to be fair, people are really bad with money. They’ll pay a lot of extra for convenience. Oh, and being in the regressive US which still grasps on to tipping culture, go ahead and just add 20% more to each menu item!


BigDickSD40 t1_ja3rzx0 wrote

Cork N Cleaver is the best!!! Fort Wayne?


Evanecent_Lightt t1_ja3s6s4 wrote

Another pretentious restaurant.. why can't we just have decently priced good food?..


Haterbait_band t1_ja4wsop wrote

Greed. Simple as that. The restaurant owner(s) just want more money so they make the menu items more costly. It’s a great time to do it too, since we can blame Covid or Ukraine and customers are begrudgingly understanding, even if those things have no actual effect of their business.


also_stl t1_ja3szb3 wrote

Gork 'n' Gleaver


WilliamZorterfield t1_ja3xz0s wrote

holy shit! I've never been to a steak house before, is it usually this expensive?


Haterbait_band t1_ja4wwta wrote

No. It’s probably in some tourist spot. Normal people know how much a steak costs.


Annahsbananas t1_ja4029l wrote

I must be living in a shoebox but 50 dollars for a 10 oz filet mignon



Eastern_Company2567 t1_ja42m8n wrote

Wow this is something really original. I would def go here lol


MathTough1501 t1_ja446o1 wrote

Pass the menu when you’re done please


dilletaunty t1_ja488wt wrote

What is sun rice? All I get when googling it is a rice brand. The pictures look like it’s just Mexican rice w/ tomatoes, carrots, peas?


Zogoooog t1_ja4fwew wrote

None of these sound like something I would want from a place with meat cleaver menus. I would be expecting cartoon style legs of mutton that you hold by the bone.


Eye_Con_ t1_ja4nylh wrote

$42 filet mignon??? thats the real atrocity wtf


Koffeekage t1_ja4wcuh wrote

Im going to guess this isnt in London.


hatsuseno t1_ja5f86g wrote

Cool, better hope prices stay pegged!


Jse034 t1_ja5zcb1 wrote

We had this restaurant here in Louisville in the early 70’s/80’s. It was an awesome restaurant. Where is this one located?


Economy-Visual4390 t1_ja1iw7e wrote

The slow pitched lawsuit is resting in your hands. Do what must be done sir 🍿


Devi1_May_Cry t1_ja1xskm wrote

Looking at their online menu. $23 is a little high for "chopped steak." Hell, I made it at home tonight using Costco ground beef, gravy packets and Aldi white onion. My stepdaughter, a little slip of a thing, had 2/3 lbs to herself.