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teachdove5000 OP t1_ja1g1og wrote

It was dulled but full on metal.


ThatGirlOverThere9 t1_ja1uz40 wrote

I mean functionally theyre easy to make just cut out the cleaver shape put a simple cosmetic only bevel, laser engrave the menu and then put on a basic handle and youve got it. The pain is if they want to update the menu its a lot harder and more expensive and time consuming than traditional menus. But hey youre posting it here so the gimmick is paying off as intended.


Ceico_ t1_ja2nprh wrote

I don't think that's engraved.. more like sublimation print, that is easy to polish off and reprint.

The machinery for it is relatively affordable:


Diekjung t1_ja2rieo wrote

If you look closely on the right bottom part you can see that it’s a sticker.


RMW91- t1_ja1xciv wrote

I remember a Cork N Cleaver in my town back in the 1980’s, is this the same chain/restaurant? I haven’t heard that name for years


weaselmaster t1_ja3lb01 wrote

I suggest that you hack the giant scarab beetle sitting across from you to pieces, and then see if you’re still feeling hungry.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1ln1w wrote

Looks like plastic to me man, the colour and especially when you zoom in to the edges, nice try though.


peppercupp t1_ja1numi wrote

I've been there before, those fuckers are real and VERY heavy. Dulled edges, but makes a neat conversation piece.


[deleted] t1_ja1qaoz wrote

Nah op is definitely lying about this, for some reason, i guess?


scottyb234 t1_ja1ru5c wrote

I’ve been there, it’s a real cleaver.


[deleted] t1_ja1wd5s wrote

I was very obviously being sarcastic.


ontopofthatrose t1_ja2lrul wrote

Obviously it wasn’t so obvious


[deleted] t1_ja3azy7 wrote

I think it’s quite obvious actually and you’re just stupid.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja728pt wrote

the ability to show off sarcasm over text form is an ability many possess but with varied levels of skill, and i do genuinely believe you may well possess it (this is not sarcasm), but in this instance it was not as well conveyed as you may believe. The response you gave in turn was also unnecessarily rude. Unless, of course, that was also intended to be sarcastic.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1qa4o wrote

Then it’s plastic over metal, as that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, it looks exactly like cheap silver plastic looks that’s made to look like metal, and what stupid place of business hands out even dulled cleavers to the general public with kids around, that thing even with a dulled edge can crack skulls and break hands and fingers, and I know regular cutlery can do some damage too but it doesn’t have the mass this would if it was metal.


No_Dragonfly5191 t1_ja2xoug wrote

First, they are real. Second, a brick or medium sized rock can crack skulls and break hands and fingers as well.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja72f9q wrote

While true, and you do acknowledge regular cutlery as being dangerous but with less mass, this is also still irrelevant because if a kid was to wave around a knife or something they could well hurt someone as easily as they could if they decided to try and wield the (dull) menu cleaver. This is assuming anyone actually let that occur, of course. At least, without supervision.


tech16 t1_ja1slr0 wrote

OP said it is metal, I'm sure they can tell the difference between metal and plastic by the weight alone.


WhiteHawk77 t1_ja1sxn2 wrote

Didn’t read my last post did you.


tech16 t1_ja1vgp0 wrote

Oh sorry. When I read something foolish I tend to ignore the rest. My mistake on that one.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja72jho wrote

downvoted because even though idiocy can be irritating if your going to reply to someone you should well make sure they haven't addressed it or explained themselves further in a way that could potentially make sense.