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DragNutts t1_ja8ki33 wrote

Call the fast food chain directly and receive a few coupons. This kind of stuff makes me never go back though.


drunkfoowl t1_ja9fagn wrote

This is such a telling statement. Thousands of burgers, one small mistake, and a good mistake (they are tracking produce freshness) and you “never go back”.

Where in the industry did you work?


nickystockboy t1_ja9id8o wrote

How many times you gonna find a foreign object in your food before you stop going there


drunkfoowl t1_ja9jwbh wrote

It’s a produce sticker. Not exactly “foreign object”.


nickystockboy t1_ja9k6w7 wrote

It doesn't belong on the burger. It's not edible. What are you talking about not a foreign object?


Juan-More-Taco t1_ja9t71d wrote

I just preemptively blocked you so I never have to get a joke like this as a comment reply from you in the future.


DragNutts t1_ja9l4vt wrote

Why are you asking where I work? All I'm saying is this almost isn't a mistake. Did they not look at the burger as they were making it? But hey I'm not a culinary artist so what do I know?

Edit: Words are tough.


Purlofur t1_ja9riww wrote

I think it's more just that they were rushed and accidentally slipped it in there. Might've fallen into the pan of lettuce or worked it's way into the produce. Realistically, these things happen. Especially at a fast food place that hires mostly teenagers who probably have never held a job before.

I work at a restaurant as a cook, and I'm not about to say I've never made a stupid mistake before.


drunkfoowl t1_jaaiqlo wrote

So clearly the answer is "I have never worked in the food service industry".

The reason I asked, is because if you had you would realize that when you do something 1000x a day, 5-6 days a week, for years, you naturally have a few mishaps here and there. The fact that you will completely drop a place for something simple like this is telling to both your character and your experience.

Make sense?


Illustrious-Scar-526 t1_jacnznz wrote

There's a big difference between a small mistake and putting something inedible inside your food. That is not a small mistake.


drunkfoowl t1_jacrxvh wrote

Get real. Having a roach in your burger is worth not going back. Seeing a sticker that is used to track produce life on produce is literally the definition of small mistake.


[deleted] t1_ja8ipob wrote

Yikes. At least you opened it first!


JuanCena175 OP t1_ja8ivp9 wrote

Yeah, I was checking for pickles but found a sticker instead. I still ate the sandwich though 6.5/10.


SwegBucket t1_ja8pm6o wrote

Probably got stuck to their glove and came off when making


NeedsPraxis t1_ja9l8ds wrote

People hating on this but honestly you want to know if your sandwich is past expiration; this restaurant is doing you a favor


randomjberry t1_ja8p4u7 wrote

it should be an edibke sticker. should be but might not be


Jarl_Xar t1_ja8ptlv wrote

Ah yes a dusting of lettuce, one sticker, and barely any mayo. Classic.


Klin24 t1_ja9g72p wrote

Beeee K, stickers your way


saggytestis t1_ja9zmy4 wrote

As a former burger king employee I'm sorry people just really don't give a single fuck, I left because I did a lot of shit no one else would take annitiative doing and the manager was still an absolute fuckin cunt to me for nothing, ended up just not showing up one day and not going back.


catscakekhaos t1_ja9glnz wrote

They thought they had to use the sticker in the sandwich


Rinbox t1_ja9ictr wrote

That quality is exactly why I stopped eating BK 20 years ago. Seems not much has changed


theveryrealreal t1_ja9vqz5 wrote

Hard to read it there. Why not stick it on outside of bun?


hfdwhaler t1_jaa01d4 wrote

I'm sure it looked just like the picture


Hatchedtrack835 t1_ja8xgbo wrote

Did you use the sandwich before the date?


anonlasagna23 t1_ja8siso wrote

And they only charged $12 for that sandwich too