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OkSmoke9195 t1_j9wy8s2 wrote

Man I love that fucking brand of mouth wash. Just got the dark green bottle, forest something or other. It's my favorite of the three I've tried


Freak_Out_Bazaar t1_j9wxnm1 wrote

Japanese restaurant owned by Korean people?


aka_quinn OP t1_j9x0cq2 wrote

Yup, very common in Vancouver 🤷‍♂️


Iwasrightdamnit t1_j9x31i2 wrote

As an American, I do enjoy the Chinese place’s teriyaki chicken as well as the Japanese place’s schezwon chicken. It truly is a great way to appreciate and learn the totally accurate diversity of Asian cuisine.


AndersTheUsurper t1_j9x5yi6 wrote

The Chinese buffet near me has some pretty good pizza and jello too, also pizza joint has some fire teriyaki chicken lol


louwish t1_j9xxill wrote

Japanese food makes money so a lot of Korean or Chinese people decide to open up Japanese restaurants- at least in the US. I’m sure anyone who runs a Japanese food place also has a passion for the food too.


DickbeardLickweird t1_j9x21ve wrote

Excellent stuff. The green bottle is my favorite, but also check out the one they make for gum health, I’ve gotten bleeding gums whenever I floss my entire fucking life and, no shit, that cleared it up in about a week or two.


BunniLuve t1_j9x94un wrote

That looks like an employee area


aka_quinn OP t1_j9xd710 wrote

Yes, you have to ask for it


Plenty-Point4351 t1_j9zrj0f wrote

Bro probably asked the hostess to rinse his mouth while they look at him confusedly until he gestures towards the mouthwash.

Hostess notices the container and reluctantly hands OP a little plastic cup along with the container.

OP takes only the mouthwash and puts his mouth right against it and takes a large swig while Hostess is still confused why this man thinks he is allowed to use their personal hygiene materials.

OP finishes his class act by spitting it on the floor


aka_quinn OP t1_ja03tjs wrote

Yeah that's exactly what happened


BunniLuve t1_ja4madc wrote

I believe it is for their personal use, if it was for guests it would be accessible to them


EnthusiasticCommoner t1_j9xbbon wrote

Many upscale restaurants in Japan offer q-tips, mouthwash, even lotion in their bathrooms.


adamr_ t1_j9xwrwg wrote

Surprised no one has mentioned the freedom dollars taped to the wall


Look_to_the_Stars t1_j9y08k1 wrote

What is there to mention? They are there for the employees to quickly compare to make sure money isn’t counterfeit.


Status_Advantage3075 t1_j9wxmxr wrote

Korean restaurant (evidenced by Korean writing on notes on the wall) but interesting nonetheless.


dw444 t1_j9wyv98 wrote

Half the Japanese places where I live are owned and operated by Koreans. Could be one of those.


trina-cria t1_j9xl9a3 wrote

I went to a sushi restaurant with mouthwash in the bathroom. It was on the sink in a squirt bottle so my brain on autopilot squirted it in my hand thinking it was soap.


Koffeekage t1_j9x2qtr wrote

I had an air bnb in Sapporo and they left a bowl of Matcha kitkats. They were delicious.


EthanetExplorer t1_j9xdzoa wrote

People seem to be swearing by the mouthwash - what brand is it? Can't really tell


miszkah t1_j9xff5u wrote

This is very common in Japan, at some upscale karaoke places you have even have combs, condoms, and hair gel available for the customers!


whereisjuicebox t1_j9xlakf wrote

watch them give it to you once u walk in while pinching their nose


Nice_Abroad982 t1_j9zp0eg wrote

how else are you gonna eat with dirty mouth


lajimolala27 t1_j9wycr0 wrote

i’d assume korean restaurant judging by the notes written in korean. or maybe a korean-owned japanese place, i guess.


aka_quinn OP t1_j9x0lti wrote

I'd assume Japanese since they serve only Japanese food lol... Restaurants can be owned and operated by other races


Erik_Phisher t1_j9xz0nj wrote

This is the best brand mouthwash I've ever used.