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RedIcarus1 t1_ja0tszf wrote

Soap dries out… after not being used for months.


Sacred_Stardust OP t1_ja11ugh wrote

It was under the drip of the shower so I think it was the splash or something


Nearby_Landscape3451 t1_ja3bqjp wrote

It looks like it was pushed through an extruder to mix it then maybe forced though a smaller bit to form it into a bar and it came apart? It may have no binders since it's all natural.


simplyorangeandblue t1_ja1u2l7 wrote

If it was under the drip for a long period then the soap melted away exposing the abrasive Sponge material it was formed around


boofpacc85 t1_ja3hddz wrote

Why in the fuck are you being downvoted for being factually correct💀 reddit is so fucking weird. Neckbeards see one downvote and don't even read the comment just downvote it as well😂 that's the only thing that makes sense


heehahahee t1_ja4k8sx wrote

Or maybe his comment made no sense and is wrong? When you make soap you don’t “form” it “around” “sponge material.” His comment made no sense, was factually incorrect, and deserves every downvote it earned.


boofpacc85 t1_ja4l3nf wrote

Plenty of soaps do tho, seems like something that would be more common or even necessary with a "natural soap"


Framer9 t1_ja2zzow wrote

You’re a gross person


Infoleptic t1_ja34we2 wrote

For… leaving soap in the shower?


Framer9 t1_ja35g7h wrote

If you don’t actually use it for months there could be mold. Throw it out instead of making a post about it. Op needs to stop trying to imply it was the “all natural” ingredients that caused the filth.


CodeCat5 t1_ja36bmt wrote

Where is this "filth" that you speak of?


Framer9 t1_ja36i43 wrote

It’s that piece of steak she’s cleaning herself with.


CodeCat5 t1_ja36o7z wrote

Perhaps you should read more of the post rather than continuing to make ignorant comments.

Or don't... I guess it's more entertaining this way.


misteraaaaa t1_ja3bxub wrote

I need to learn to attain this level of patience on the internet. Absolutely brutal clowning of this troll


Framer9 t1_ja36vp9 wrote

You people must all keep your favorite bars of soap around instead of actually using and disposing of it properly, which is when it’s clearly useless.


CodeCat5 t1_ja384t4 wrote

You really seem to enjoy making up fantasies about other people in your own head based on assumptions and ignorance.


Framer9 t1_ja38eaj wrote

She literally posted a bar of soap that has been in the shower for months. That’s gross. You are a gross person as well. Catch ya on the clean side 🤙 probably not


CodeCat5 t1_ja3ddut wrote

>You are a gross person as well.

And you've come to this conclusion based on 3 posts that make no mention of hygiene. Thanks for proving my point.


Sacred_Stardust OP t1_ja41se0 wrote

Nothing wrong with all natural ingredients. Im vegetarian and try to buy ethically produced whenever I can. But this soap was from a church food pantry and gross anyways, I thought my brother would use it but then it started doing the weird shit and left it to see how far it would go lol


Framer9 t1_ja429sm wrote

No worries ☺️ it is kinda weird. Never seen something like that before