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Ace-a-Nova1 t1_ja16onz wrote

I went to a huge wedding with an open bar and paper straws. Personally, I went through three to four straws for one cup! We all got our own personalized mason jar glass, so it wasn’t small, but still! There was a barrel full of used soggy straws by the end of the event.


kytheon t1_ja3ia62 wrote

Damn I got the question sometimes whether I use plastic, bamboo or paper straws and honestly I just drink from the glass. 🤡


SwoleWalrus t1_ja3k31w wrote

If youre good at keeping up with stuff an aluminum straw is where its at


Apocros t1_ja3s2rt wrote

There must be different grades of paper straws? I've only ever been served them at Ted's Montana Grill (meh), and while not the best "initial mouthfeel", they were perfectly serviceable; didn't get at all soggy for the duration that I had liquid in my beverage glass. I wouldn't rave about how awesome they were, but they were certainly fit for purpose.