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simplyorangeandblue t1_ja1u2l7 wrote

If it was under the drip for a long period then the soap melted away exposing the abrasive Sponge material it was formed around


boofpacc85 t1_ja3hddz wrote

Why in the fuck are you being downvoted for being factually correct💀 reddit is so fucking weird. Neckbeards see one downvote and don't even read the comment just downvote it as well😂 that's the only thing that makes sense


heehahahee t1_ja4k8sx wrote

Or maybe his comment made no sense and is wrong? When you make soap you don’t “form” it “around” “sponge material.” His comment made no sense, was factually incorrect, and deserves every downvote it earned.


boofpacc85 t1_ja4l3nf wrote

Plenty of soaps do tho, seems like something that would be more common or even necessary with a "natural soap"