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RevengencerAlf t1_ja22vt2 wrote

To this day people don't realize that the straw thing was the biggest fucking distraction grift, all based on one turtle video and a literal 8th grader doing bad research with no understanding of statistics and science.


zdakat t1_ja2ilzl wrote

Is it more likely that customers collectively forced places to switch to those awful straws, or that those places did it on their own because they hoped to score points with the public?


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LaneYoungPS t1_ja313i4 wrote

They don’t thought, every company’s incentive is profits, nothing more nothing less.


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LaneYoungPS t1_ja31ijx wrote

Yes, but in the grand scheme of things similarly to an individual being able to do nothing for the greater good, what good is a mom and pop shop when compared to McDonald’s or apple. It’s feudalism even in the corporate and business sense.


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LaneYoungPS t1_ja322td wrote

How’s 80/20?


TakingADumpRightNow t1_ja34207 wrote

So here’s the thing: I was shocked when I learned what percentage of businesses in the us are considered small businesses. I worked with Intuit for a little while and the numbers are wild. Anecdotally it def feels like 80-20 is reasonable, but that’s just because when a fortune 100 company makes a change, we all notice it, and when Jan’s cookies does it, no one does. The numbered are actually probably closer to 20-80. Crazy, I know.


HighNoon1200 t1_ja3i7bo wrote

Every small business near me was required by law to switch to no plastic straws. They never would’ve if not for that.


RevengencerAlf t1_ja4218t wrote

Outside of a few small family stores that got caught up in the stupidity nobody changed to these beverages they wanted to do something good. They did it because of perceived market pressure or in some cases dumb local ordinances.


ChefJayTay t1_ja3qkxj wrote

Additionally the CA legislation that (thankfully) didn't make it to law...
exempted fast food, coffee, basically everything but table service. Like busboys are secretly throwing straws in the ocean.


floatoverblow t1_ja40mw3 wrote

Generally trash makes it to the ocean on the giant barges full of trash and "recycling" we export to other countries to make their problem instead, no one is saying restaurants are just driving up to the local beach and dumping bags of straws there.


RevengencerAlf t1_ja67u52 wrote

I still find it hilarious that people still uncritically repeat the "500 million per day" in the US. That would mean we've averaging multiple straws per day per person. Which given the number of people who are likely using few if any, they think there's people out there just using ridiculous amounts.