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Framer9 t1_ja36i43 wrote

It’s that piece of steak she’s cleaning herself with.


CodeCat5 t1_ja36o7z wrote

Perhaps you should read more of the post rather than continuing to make ignorant comments.

Or don't... I guess it's more entertaining this way.


misteraaaaa t1_ja3bxub wrote

I need to learn to attain this level of patience on the internet. Absolutely brutal clowning of this troll


Framer9 t1_ja36vp9 wrote

You people must all keep your favorite bars of soap around instead of actually using and disposing of it properly, which is when it’s clearly useless.


CodeCat5 t1_ja384t4 wrote

You really seem to enjoy making up fantasies about other people in your own head based on assumptions and ignorance.


Framer9 t1_ja38eaj wrote

She literally posted a bar of soap that has been in the shower for months. That’s gross. You are a gross person as well. Catch ya on the clean side 🤙 probably not


CodeCat5 t1_ja3ddut wrote

>You are a gross person as well.

And you've come to this conclusion based on 3 posts that make no mention of hygiene. Thanks for proving my point.