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Venerable_Duvet t1_ja08f6w wrote

Wow it's amazing what they can do with canned tuna these days!


pm-tits-4compliments t1_ja08r6b wrote

Looks like it dried and cracked like wood. I’m guessing it doesn’t bind very well


kryotheory t1_ja0aytz wrote

I try really hard to be environmentally conscious, but the quality of most eco-friendly products is shit. Anyone whose ever had their straw melt in their mouth knows what I mean.


AFABFemboy t1_ja0s4lq wrote

Maybe you should use it next time you gross fuck


RedIcarus1 t1_ja0tszf wrote

Soap dries out… after not being used for months.


Ace-a-Nova1 t1_ja16onz wrote

I went to a huge wedding with an open bar and paper straws. Personally, I went through three to four straws for one cup! We all got our own personalized mason jar glass, so it wasn’t small, but still! There was a barrel full of used soggy straws by the end of the event.


AFABFemboy t1_ja21vtt wrote

I'm emotionally & spiritually troubled because I asked someone to use soap? Your name is literally "awildhorsepenis" you shouldn't be giving any sort of advice to anybody in any content, focus on yourself love <3


RevengencerAlf t1_ja22vt2 wrote

To this day people don't realize that the straw thing was the biggest fucking distraction grift, all based on one turtle video and a literal 8th grader doing bad research with no understanding of statistics and science.


zdakat t1_ja2ilzl wrote

Is it more likely that customers collectively forced places to switch to those awful straws, or that those places did it on their own because they hoped to score points with the public?


lukeasaur t1_ja2sdk2 wrote

The average consumer wouldn't give a shit; anyone who still cares about straws brings their own or doesn't use one anyways. Companies just do this shit to virtue signal to people who aren't that invested but will go "Ooh, fun" and get some flashy press coverage.

(Beyond that, the problem with all biodegradable material is that they won't biodegrade aerobically in landfill conditions, generally speaking; anaerobic biodegradation produces methane, and although methane recapture is becoming more common it's not perfect. Unless a place offers compost, there's not a huge advantage to biodegradeability. And in the case of PLA, that compost needs to be industrial compost -- it won't biodegrade at a meaningful clip in naturally occurring conditions.)


LaneYoungPS t1_ja31ijx wrote

Yes, but in the grand scheme of things similarly to an individual being able to do nothing for the greater good, what good is a mom and pop shop when compared to McDonald’s or apple. It’s feudalism even in the corporate and business sense.


Sparrow1989 t1_ja32diq wrote

This post was directly under the 200+ can of crab meat post. I was so confused thinking someone decided to put tuna in their shower then started to wonder the price.


TakingADumpRightNow t1_ja34207 wrote

So here’s the thing: I was shocked when I learned what percentage of businesses in the us are considered small businesses. I worked with Intuit for a little while and the numbers are wild. Anecdotally it def feels like 80-20 is reasonable, but that’s just because when a fortune 100 company makes a change, we all notice it, and when Jan’s cookies does it, no one does. The numbered are actually probably closer to 20-80. Crazy, I know.


zenukeify t1_ja34zxh wrote

Wtf… what kind of soap is that


Framer9 t1_ja35g7h wrote

If you don’t actually use it for months there could be mold. Throw it out instead of making a post about it. Op needs to stop trying to imply it was the “all natural” ingredients that caused the filth.


SnakeBeardTheGreat t1_ja35i36 wrote

Don't think I would want to be around those people if a bar of soap lasted that long in the shower.


Framer9 t1_ja36vp9 wrote

You people must all keep your favorite bars of soap around instead of actually using and disposing of it properly, which is when it’s clearly useless.


Framer9 t1_ja38eaj wrote

She literally posted a bar of soap that has been in the shower for months. That’s gross. You are a gross person as well. Catch ya on the clean side 🤙 probably not


ThePuduInsideYou t1_ja3be6q wrote

I know this is such a minor gripe and I should just suck it up (literally and figuratively) but I don’t like how my metal straws get really cold from the drink as I’m drinking it. They way they conduct temperature instead of insulating ruins it a bit for me 😬.


KingPhisherTheFirst t1_ja3bu05 wrote

I first read it as soup and was very confused why you had soup in the shower


runnerr0 t1_ja3d1k0 wrote

This is absolutely true re SF buying habits. Before the take out world was tossed upside down SF’s Zero Waste initiative was pushing hard AF to get restaurants to help us reduce the plastic load. It was rare to not be served food to go in something that was not heading for the green bin. With the Rona we relaxed the requirements but I welcome moving back towards a reducing plastic posture.


boofpacc85 t1_ja3hddz wrote

Why in the fuck are you being downvoted for being factually correct💀 reddit is so fucking weird. Neckbeards see one downvote and don't even read the comment just downvote it as well😂 that's the only thing that makes sense


kytheon t1_ja3i531 wrote

“All natural” and “after a few months” often don’t go well together.


Ceico_ t1_ja3kj7v wrote

it dried out - as natural soaps do.


Bryancreates t1_ja3lgah wrote

I usually use plastic reusable straws (ones that comes with a tumbler) but I’ll never use a metal one again. Not only does it get cold, but I used one while driving (it was brand new) and I hit a pothole and it chipped my front tooth. I was so pissed.


Magicsword49 t1_ja3op37 wrote

The straw thing always bugged me because it just makes so much more sense to not use a straw.

Edit: To clarify, I meant straws shouldn't be the default. They should be kept around for those who need them.


breatheliketheocean t1_ja3p4i0 wrote

I had natural soap that did this. I do not know why but I wouldn't worry.


ChefJayTay t1_ja3qkxj wrote

Additionally the CA legislation that (thankfully) didn't make it to law...
exempted fast food, coffee, basically everything but table service. Like busboys are secretly throwing straws in the ocean.


Apocros t1_ja3s2rt wrote

There must be different grades of paper straws? I've only ever been served them at Ted's Montana Grill (meh), and while not the best "initial mouthfeel", they were perfectly serviceable; didn't get at all soggy for the duration that I had liquid in my beverage glass. I wouldn't rave about how awesome they were, but they were certainly fit for purpose.


bradland t1_ja3ve63 wrote

Well, if they’re anything like me, they repeated to themselves (in their head), “Throw away the soap, throw away the soap, throw away the soap,” about 100 times as they dried off, before getting distracted by a weird mole on their leg, or remembering that thing at work they were supposed to do, or hearing their phone ringing in the other room and forgetting all about it. Every. Damn. Time.


awildhorsepenis t1_ja3vk1q wrote

projecting now huh?

I might be a wild horse penis, but you are just a dick.

I get it, you think you are better than everyone.

“how do i blah blah blah” was your lines but since you get petulant you’ll make something new for me.



DMSC23 t1_ja3wui3 wrote

soap maker here. that isn't "natural" soap in the sense of cold or hot process (how natural soaps are traditionally made). this often happens with sydnet bars (which can be made from natural surfactants, but it's not the same as soap) or soap that has been milled and then run through an extruder, which causes glycerin loss, so the soap isn't bound together very well and it splits as it gets wet and dries out repeatedly


kryotheory t1_ja3xclz wrote

People with motor planning disabilities, dental sensitivity, paraplegia, missing limbs, etc literally can't.

I don't understand the hatred for straws or how people just completely forget that people with disabilities exist.


kryotheory t1_ja3xovh wrote

Or paraplegia, missing limbs, motor planning delays, autism, the list goes on. Nobody ever thinks about those of us with disabilities when this conversation happens.


confuddledlilypad t1_ja405tm wrote

This looks like that post of the newborn horse hooves I saw like five minutes ago


Sacred_Stardust OP t1_ja40c6e wrote

To be completely honest, when it still looked like soap I thought my brother would use it, but then I saw it start to do that weird ass pull apart fraying wood type shit and was so baffled I wanted to see how far it would go.


floatoverblow t1_ja40mw3 wrote

Generally trash makes it to the ocean on the giant barges full of trash and "recycling" we export to other countries to make their problem instead, no one is saying restaurants are just driving up to the local beach and dumping bags of straws there.


bustedbuddha t1_ja40v48 wrote

You’re supposed to rub stuff on your body, it doesn’t work just sitting there.


Sacred_Stardust OP t1_ja412tc wrote

Im a vegetarian, and my pockets are always full of litter I see on the streets, thats how I make my difference. But then again I know one person not eating meat isnt going to stop the factory farm industry, its purely a moral choice for me. But when we live in a society that sells plastic as single use, where everything is wrapped and we use plastic bags instead of paper. The problem isnt with the consumer, its with the producer. Can you even go 3 days without using something that has plastic in it or came in plastic packaging? or was brought home in plastic bags? Its fucked up and when big companies guilt us into thinking its our fault rather than theirs and the government who endorses it because the oil companies lobby for them it creates a whole other issue ontop of it.


Sacred_Stardust OP t1_ja41se0 wrote

Nothing wrong with all natural ingredients. Im vegetarian and try to buy ethically produced whenever I can. But this soap was from a church food pantry and gross anyways, I thought my brother would use it but then it started doing the weird shit and left it to see how far it would go lol


RevengencerAlf t1_ja4218t wrote

Outside of a few small family stores that got caught up in the stupidity nobody changed to these beverages they wanted to do something good. They did it because of perceived market pressure or in some cases dumb local ordinances.


ted-Zed t1_ja43c2n wrote

holy shit that looks gross. looks like muscle


DMSC23 t1_ja45r4x wrote

thanks. yeah, the soap in your pic def looks like it was run through an extruder/plodder, which by no means is necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, it's just a very commercialized process


whistlebuzz t1_ja4898t wrote

You haven’t showered for a few months? Gross


Dragonfly452 t1_ja48vyz wrote

You know, the thing with soap is that you actually have to use it


crr0b t1_ja4ad9a wrote

This has some serious Last of Us vibes…


heehahahee t1_ja4k8sx wrote

Or maybe his comment made no sense and is wrong? When you make soap you don’t “form” it “around” “sponge material.” His comment made no sense, was factually incorrect, and deserves every downvote it earned.


PacificCastaway t1_ja4kpqp wrote

This picture says more about OP's use of soap than I want to know.


Protato82 t1_ja4n69t wrote

Yeah okay so those people (small fraction of the population) can use straws. Nothing is stopping them. I'm saying that average everyday folk are perfectly capable of drinking from the container instead of whining about their straws.


oODezOo t1_ja4ns7c wrote

Sure it wasn’t actually “all natural rope”?


Ceico_ t1_ja4w4iw wrote

soap ripes... and dries out in the process, regardless of humidity. that's why store bought soaps contain various additives...

there's only a handful of ingredients to make soap - all available in your local chemistry supplies or pharmacy. everything else is either for nicer bubbles, better smell or longer shelflife.

Minimal list:

  • fat / oil
  • pure lye
  • distilled water
  • anything to make the soap smell nice and have any color (without those, you get that light brown-ish lump grandma used for washing out stains from clothes)

edit: YES, anyone can make soap at home


DMSC23 t1_ja51eib wrote

well, I'd tell you my brand, but I don't want to dox myself lol. you'll find a ton of handmade soaps on etsy, but it is hard to know if their products are any good until you try them. unfortunately, a lot of the newer "soapers" are more interested in creating soaps that are more about "design" than actual quality, and they get their recipes from YouTubers, and those recipes tend to be high in coconut oil, which causes soap to be very drying to your skin.

some tips for finding a decent formula:

look for bars that have at least 2 or 3 butters (cocoa, shea, kokum, or cupuacu for example). if coconut oil is the first ingredient, it's probably a pretty drying soap. you want to see a combination of moisturizing oils/butters like castor, sunflower, safflower, hemp, olive, palm, etc.

you also want to avoid soaps with sorbitol or propylene glycol because they're not really handmade soaps, they're really made from a purchased base of what's referred to as "melt and pour" that people then add color and scent to, and while it can make a very pretty soap bar, it's not really what I would consider a quality soap


RevengencerAlf t1_ja67u52 wrote

I still find it hilarious that people still uncritically repeat the "500 million per day" in the US. That would mean we've averaging multiple straws per day per person. Which given the number of people who are likely using few if any, they think there's people out there just using ridiculous amounts.