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scarlettkizzes3 t1_j9q7l65 wrote

That’s actually really cool lol


Pedrao_zao OP t1_j9q7u9w wrote

Right?? Its imersion oil for microscope so i think it has the same refraction as glass


Yeesusman t1_j9qdp85 wrote

Yep, index matching oil. We use it all day every day at my job hahaha. My bottles have labels though so I can’t see the effect like yours. Nice!


Milnoc t1_j9rc3f7 wrote

That's correct! This exact phenomenon was a question in the Gaki no Tsukai's New Year's Batsu Scientists special and included a demonstration with a glass submerged in salad oil. The glass vanished!

"It's a science!" 😁


TheBatemanFlex t1_j9tidns wrote

You're not supposed to agree! That was a trap! Don't you know where we are?!


Besunmin t1_j9qbc0n wrote

This is very very cool because it is very rare that the refraction index of two things match up.


Pain_Monster t1_j9rydx8 wrote

You can do this at home with a Pyrex glass container and mineral oil.


Pedrao_zao OP t1_j9qbnvp wrote

Here's a video showing it better and without the cropped image


gay_for_glaceons t1_j9tam9l wrote

I've seen demonstrations of people dunking things into fluid with the same IOR before, but showing the same effect by using an eyedropper like this makes it look way more interesting.

You could probably make some pretty cool stuff with this effect, like a snowglobe with figures that will randomly "disappear", or a clock made out of air bubbles inside of a thin tank.


Space_Shep t1_j9tkan8 wrote

Those are both really cool creative ideas! You should be some kinda inventor.


Pedrao_zao OP t1_j9u2pa0 wrote

Bro these are Amazing ideas! I'd buy that for sure


virgilreality t1_j9qf3sk wrote

The liquid is the same density as the tube, so no refraction\lensing occurs as light shifts from one to the other. As far as the photon is concerned, it's just about the same path to travel through both.


B15h73k t1_j9qi3au wrote

Something something index of refraction.


frenix5 t1_j9q7eon wrote

But I can see it


Pedrao_zao OP t1_j9q7no2 wrote

It didnt fill all the way bruh '-'


ImgurIsLeaking t1_j9qemgm wrote

Achshually it's invisible in the first pic too, we just see the air bubble that's trapped inside of it!


Orange_comfort t1_j9qa5pr wrote

Why'd you black out the top of the second photo?


Pedrao_zao OP t1_j9qatz5 wrote

These are from a video i took but since i couldnt post it here i had to print the screen and make this collage. I thought it would look better with them side by side so I slided the left one a bit down


crown_valley t1_j9qfram wrote

Have an upvote, finally something that really is mildly interesting on here


ChessBorg t1_j9rqe9c wrote

The Copperfield Effect.


dustin91 t1_j9sbvke wrote

Took my multiple watches before realizing I needed to go full screen on my phone 🙄


no1cromo t1_j9t9f1g wrote

Insert a joke about me filling up your mum and her being invisible to me after I’m done but written more witty.


TheBatemanFlex t1_j9ti5gf wrote

You play a dangerous game. This is getting mighty close to moderately interesting.


Ferosch t1_j9tb1v1 wrote

so that black bar at the top definitely isn't hiding the fact that you just pulled the tube up?


Obar-Dheathain t1_j9qgowm wrote

I mean, I definitely see it in both pictures?


Serikan t1_j9ru1gd wrote

I thought that it had been lifted in the second pic, but it's the same depth in the oil in both pictures


purdhamm t1_j9qdevf wrote

Wow it's almost like you lifted it up and cropped out your fingers. Karma farming is getting worse and worse I swear.