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yirush OP t1_j9qvoao wrote

Definitely not here. Quebec.


AngryAngryKangaroo t1_j9qw2ue wrote

We don't have plastic drinking straws either fwiw, all waxed paper or other compostible stuff. Lots of the little bits of plastic that were common a decade ago have been changed.

Tasmania, Australia


MarcusForrest t1_j9t12y4 wrote

> Definitely not here. Quebec.

My bread bags have had cardboard/carton bag ties for at least 2-3 years - also Québec, Montréal - so definitely here, Québec too


Haven't bought bagged milk for a while though, not sure about those bag ties


yirush OP t1_j9t1m4i wrote

Hmm. That's the first I've seen. Maybe I need to pay more attention.


MarcusForrest t1_j9t2dj6 wrote

It probably depends on the brand!


I always get Bon Matin bread (huge variety, whole ingredients, excellent nutritional profile - personal favourite is the Protein one) and they switched to cardboard bag ties some years ago - more reasons to like them!