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Marthyist_ t1_j9qyup3 wrote

Thanks for putting the coin next to it, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was cardboard without it.


TwoFingersWhiskey t1_j9rdkau wrote

Yep, becoming a huge thing in Canada to eliminate plastic waste.


clemep8 t1_j9wrhlr wrote

but the bread is still in plastic, right?


AngryAngryKangaroo t1_j9quvzt wrote

They all are here, haven't seen a plastic one in years.


yirush OP t1_j9qvoao wrote

Definitely not here. Quebec.


AngryAngryKangaroo t1_j9qw2ue wrote

We don't have plastic drinking straws either fwiw, all waxed paper or other compostible stuff. Lots of the little bits of plastic that were common a decade ago have been changed.

Tasmania, Australia


MarcusForrest t1_j9t12y4 wrote

> Definitely not here. Quebec.

My bread bags have had cardboard/carton bag ties for at least 2-3 years - also Québec, Montréal - so definitely here, Québec too


Haven't bought bagged milk for a while though, not sure about those bag ties


yirush OP t1_j9t1m4i wrote

Hmm. That's the first I've seen. Maybe I need to pay more attention.


MarcusForrest t1_j9t2dj6 wrote

It probably depends on the brand!


I always get Bon Matin bread (huge variety, whole ingredients, excellent nutritional profile - personal favourite is the Protein one) and they switched to cardboard bag ties some years ago - more reasons to like them!


sproutsandnapkins t1_j9rgrw5 wrote

Wish I could say the same in California, I’ve yet to see a cardboard one.


pupdates t1_j9qu7u1 wrote

This is how they should all be


LoveThemApples t1_j9r33sp wrote

It would reduce waste, but honestly, there is so much freaking plastic on everything that it really wont make a difference. Bigger changes are needed.


DrDroid t1_j9tnizl wrote

There’s no downside though. Perfect is the enemy of good.


Hirsute_Heathen t1_j9r3tg1 wrote

Aldi's bread?


yirush OP t1_j9r55kn wrote

La Meunerie Urbaine on Monkland ave. In Montreal. Crazy delicious sour dough.


IdealIdeas t1_j9rrrlp wrote

I always threw the plastic thing out, twisted the bag and sat the bread on the twist and my stepmother would get angry at me.

I say it was just as, if not more effective than using the tie.


tatpig t1_j9r1y67 wrote

much better than those lifetime plastic tabs.


Analysis-Klutzy t1_j9s76xz wrote

We only just started to get them in aus, roughtly the same time we started trying to handle our own recycling as these things jam up the equipment. or so the radio ad says


FuxxxkYouReddit t1_j9so6jh wrote

How about the bag itself? Is it still plastic? Then what the fuck are you solving by replacing these tiny fucking things? The world has become crazy. Suck that kool aid with your paper straws.


james2432 t1_j9t92yk wrote

everything in Canada is using cardboard now. Paper straws suck btw as in are bad not the actual function


yirush OP t1_j9tki0s wrote

I guess Quebec is distinct in that way.


R-2000 t1_j9tnhiv wrote

Wow!! Did you just wake up from a multi year coma?


yirush OP t1_j9tnw0i wrote

Haha. In fact, I kind of did. Anyway, I went to have a closer look at the Provigo down the street and it seems there are a few Quebec bread companies that have also been in a coma. Lotsa plastic.


ntg7ncn t1_j9qtpfr wrote