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manlywho t1_j9yh5wl wrote

Wait a minute, I thought the US was the only chumps paying “gratuity”…


Sad_Conversation1121 t1_j9yihi2 wrote

USA steal another thing


TortugaOnTortuga t1_j9ykrlk wrote

yall can downvote him but yall cant disagree.. he’s speaking facts


HalfnHalfCoffeeJelly t1_ja0gszz wrote

Lol. European’s invented tipping and rich American tourists brought it over to further assert they are better.


WatermelonWithAFlute t1_ja78avx wrote

not gonna do the research to tell if what you just said is even remotely true or not because i don't care. Reason tipping is a big thing in america is because it's a way to be able to pay your workers less by offloading costs onto your customers. that's it. that's the whole reason. Little to do with subjective superiority.


GSPilot t1_j9yeaw1 wrote

Is it common in the UK to have the “gratuity” added to your tab?


qwertymanman OP t1_j9ygaok wrote

12.5% discretionary service charge in most cafes and restaurants added on. Even if service is crap, asking for it to be removed is mortifying


bebozakunt t1_j9ygyb4 wrote

Mortifying for who? You or the people trying to steal from you..?


qwertymanman OP t1_j9yhpaz wrote

Both, ironically


Kohpad t1_j9z36qr wrote

Is it really? I've only done it twice because I'll accept some pretty shite service, but both times it felt pretty painless. I had pretty legitimate gripes and the manager agreed, easy.


Spiritual-Wind-3898 t1_j9zlfpk wrote

Its really not. Ask them to remove. They remove it.


SoNic67 t1_j9zwvsi wrote

Then it is attempt at stealing?

PS: In US you can also NOT PAY the tip. They won't call the cops on you but, like in UK. you better not try to eat there next time. Because... spit happens.


Spiritual-Wind-3898 t1_ja00288 wrote

You know its not complusory in the UK and its not the same as the US. And in fact is often considered rude to even ask for tips.


SoNic67 t1_ja089l8 wrote

Is not compulsory in US either. Just rude not to. If you can't afford to tip, eat at home - problem solved.


Spiritual-Wind-3898 t1_ja09ejl wrote

Its not rude in other countries to not tip. When in US i tip. When in UK i dont. And its not considered rude in uk to not tip. Its normal to not tip


SoNic67 t1_ja09pjp wrote

But it is on the bill. It's either compulsory or they are trying to steal from you.

The fact that they take it off if you ask is irrelevant. They can take off the whole order if they wanted, it's their bill, their business.


SoNic67 t1_j9zx338 wrote

In US isn't mandatory either. You can walk out without paying the tip, is not even on the bill.

But, like in UK, if you try to eat there another time... gross stuff can land accidentally in your food.


BillyShears2015 t1_ja01ub8 wrote

Do European’s not understand that gratuity and a tip is the same thing? Is that why they’re always bitching about about US tip culture?


SunliMin t1_ja0etrq wrote

Technically they are different things though

Tip = Voluntary, and can be any amount. You can tip 1%, 10%, 30%, etc

Gratuity = Automatically added extra amount

When you decide to give you waiter 20%, that's a tip. When the restaurant enforces a 20% mandatory addition to pay their staff, that's gratuity

The culture differences is that in America (and Canada), tips are expected, and not tipping is very disrespectful. In the EU, tipping is not expected. It doesn't mean some places won't try to swindle you and charge gratuity, but it isn't the norm, and it upsets customers since they likely wouldn't have tipped on their own

England is also very different from the rest of the EU. Their culture is the hybrid of EU and North America. Similar to how Canadians use both metric and imperial, UK does as well for example


BillyShears2015 t1_ja0fms5 wrote

Right….so if American restaurants just started adding gratuity printed to the ticket all of y’all’s asinine complaints would stop huh? Give me a break.


RockRevolutionary182 t1_ja1nol2 wrote

Ok that was interesting. I've always hated the metric system but now I wish we were using it only in the US It makes things so much simpler. When they made up the imperial system Dad a meeting with all the smartest dudes and they were like dude how could we look superior to all the people? So the one dude said why don't we make measurements super hard and confusing. They did things like to abbreviate inch let's make it two lines up top and for foot one it'll confuse them because logically you would think 2 lines would be feet and 1 inches because 2 is larger. Then another dude was like dudddddde let's break it down so you can say different numbers in different ways and they all mean the same thing. Example 1/2 " is the same as 32/64 it's the same as 4/8 and 16/32. My dudes that is how the imperial system was born. When they got done with that they named themselves the Democrats.


lawfulkitten1 t1_ja0zx46 wrote

even in the US it's different. places that charge gratuity for large parties generally won't let you remove it, but if you go to that same restaurant as a party of 1-2 they might default to 0% tip and you can choose what amount you want to tip (including nothing)


YousuckGenji t1_j9y6zwe wrote

That's not a hint it's an answer.


scpcguy t1_ja0jvck wrote

My thought exactly. A quotient, even.


obscureferences t1_j9yd2hq wrote

What's $26.10 divided by 2?


You sure?



qwertymanman OP t1_j9yeba2 wrote

The extra penny adds up over a million transactions


jawnly211 t1_j9yh1vc wrote

“It's very complicated. It's uhhh it's aggregate. So I'm talking about fractions of a penny here!!!” - Peter Gibbons


libertine1 t1_j9yfrhh wrote

Nah. Gratuity subtracted. I would never pay the tip if the bar includes it on the receipt. Fuck that.


Brannigansfist t1_j9yisno wrote

It definitely depends on how tip culture is in your country. 12% in the States is not considered the minimum acceptable.


noahnear t1_ja2r0pd wrote

I see this on about half the restaurant bills I get now in Uk cities.


LucaPaciolo t1_j9yu90i wrote

I find it more interesting that it comes with mandatory gratuity.


Desperate-Peter-Pan t1_j9ylder wrote

I thought there was no tipping there? I thought America was the only place where tips are expected.


Greatgrowler t1_j9ymmjx wrote

It was unusual to be added to the bill but is becoming more common now. I would often ‘round up’ in a café or approx 10% in a proper restaurant.


[deleted] t1_j9ytgwp wrote



Greatgrowler t1_j9yzotq wrote

Imagine being so naïve that you still believe the myth about British teeth.


[deleted] t1_j9zi6h9 wrote



noahnear t1_ja2qtq0 wrote

Before this law I always asked the server if the tip went wholly to the staff. If it didn’t I asked them to remove it and tipped in cash.


vaspat t1_j9z5909 wrote

No, tipping exists everywhere in Europe, it's just an actual tipping amount, not i'm-paying-you-most-of-your-wage amount. 5 (good service, no complaints) to 10 (outstanding service) %. If you tip 20-25%, like is now becoming customary in the US, they will think that you're either a dumb american or a crazy person.


herandy t1_j9zy1g3 wrote

WTF is a Persian pancake? (P.S. I'm Persian)


my_shout t1_j9yxf08 wrote

Not even discretion on how much you want to tip?



DingoLaChien t1_j9y842o wrote

If only we all had calculators in our pockets, oh...wait.


Saintoxy t1_j9yd117 wrote

Silly Dingo, that's not a calculator, itsa camera!


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j9zrrhm wrote

Well one: now you don't have to get it out

Two: Jesus Christ dividing by two is so easy why even get a calculator out


SoNic67 t1_j9zwkko wrote

I though that Europeans are proud that they don't have to tip their waitress. Because they are "paid well enough".

"Gratuity" 12% is then... what?


Riegler77 t1_ja0xj8l wrote

This is the UK, we don't claim them


SoNic67 t1_ja2f7vj wrote

Yeah, contradict the reality. Because that's on the this post picture.

And it's not the only time I see that in Europe. Almost every time are 4 people or more at a table, they will put that on, and is not negotiable.


noahnear t1_ja2r72h wrote

I get the idea that the higher the bill, the lower the % of it is left as a tip. People hate the idea of a large number, even if it’s a small %age.


HessLook t1_j9z66rg wrote

Ok, so what are Persian pancakes?! Lmao


Abbot_of_Cucany t1_j9zkmlt wrote

Made with yogurt instead of milk, and the batter is thicker than American pancake batter or crêpe batter.


karimamin t1_j9zhsd3 wrote

Ugh tipping culture has spread across the ocean. Is Persian Pancake a code for happy ending?


crackpotJeffrey t1_j9yb5f7 wrote

Why give me /2 it's literally the only one I can work out quickly in my head lol.

Give me /3 and /5 that's more helpful


Captain_Naps t1_j9z972c wrote

Our POS system prints one total bill but has a 'split (X)' option so an equal number can be had no matter the number of guests, if that's their wish. Separate cheques per seat can be doled out as well. Options galore. The customer need only ask.


matcha_me t1_j9y9cwy wrote

Actually you don't split the bill, you pay for what you had. Clearly the person who had the Persian Pancakes needs to pay GBP 1.50 more. 12.30 + 3.13/2 or 13.80 + 3.13/2 is a fair split.


sjmp75020 t1_j9y9urk wrote

Just split the bill. Have some dignity.


matcha_me t1_j9yao7q wrote

Fuck that shit.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j9zs1rq wrote

It's one or two pounds, why care so much?

I get it if the difference is big but Christ otherwise /2 is perfectly fine.


matcha_me t1_ja26y04 wrote

It's about the principle of it. If the bill was huge, and one person had a lobster and a $10000 wine, and the other had a soup and a salad and expected a /2, that wouldn't be fair.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_ja4vo4t wrote

Yes. Which is why I said "I get if if the difference is big". Did you not see that?

In this case, it isn't a big difference. So your example doesn't remotely apply.


matcha_me t1_ja6atvx wrote

It's not an example. It's a precept. A principle. Going dutch. Doesn't mean an even split. It means you pay for you.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_ja79oho wrote

Seems like a really dumb principle. I don't mind paying a pound more than a friend.


matcha_me t1_jaame7q wrote

You're better than all of us. You'll sleep better with that knowledge, I'm sure.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_jacyr2a wrote

Yeah thanks, I do think approaching splitting a bill my way does make me a better friend!


Captain_Naps t1_j9z8va5 wrote

Paying for your own meal has no dignity?


sjmp75020 t1_j9zm7qs wrote

Sitting there trying to add up everything you had like a child is ridiculous. Just split the bill equally and enjoy your time with your friends. Better yet, you pay the entire bill and don’t worry about it.


Captain_Naps t1_j9zodry wrote

If there's a group of us, we just let the server know that we'll be asking for separate cheques, or cheques as couples, etc. They keep us separated by-seat and it's easy to pay your own way. As a non-drinker I'm not paying an equal share of their bottle of DRC. Fuck that. You pick up that tab.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j9zs6cm wrote

I agree with not worrying over a pound or two, but I think taking the entire bill is a meh system. Some people simply are more prone to doing that and it fucks them over in the long run.


Geek55 t1_ja0mlh9 wrote

Found the asshole that always orders the most expensive stuff and then suggests splitting the bill


sjmp75020 t1_ja0o850 wrote

Nope. Just the opposite. I’m usually the one ordering something simple. I also worked my way through college and law school waiting a lot of tables and I know how not to be the asshole who wastes the server’s time splitting up the check a million ways. Another pro tip: increase your tip according to the amount of time you spend socializing.


noahnear t1_ja2rcgg wrote

You would hate eating out in Germany.


RNG_HatesMe t1_j9yz9ls wrote

Fun "tip" (and I know this doesn't apply in the UK):

"Mandatory" or "Automatic" gratuities like this in the US are *not* legally considered tips, but are classed as "service fees". -

Historically (since 2012 or so), this has meant that a restaurant cannot count it towards the service workers wage.

But, recently, a federal district court (the 5th, in Florida) decided that since they are fees, not tips, the restaurant may, at their own discretion, keep those "gratuities" for themselves and have no obligation to distribute them to staff.

So, at least in the US, if you see a gratuity listed on a bill, don't assume that your server will see *any* of that money. If you care about that, ask if you can pay the non-gratuity portion normally, and give the "gratuity" portion to your server in cash. (I'm not saying they are required to allow you to do that).


Nice_Abroad982 t1_j9zkktc wrote

Mandatory gratuity as if they are saying you MUST be grateful


Nangiyala t1_ja089t2 wrote

Is that an American Style Café as it comesvwith the bill the American Way?

Gratitude included in the bill, hint for splitting the bill?

Last time I visited a Café, the tip was up to me to add to the bill and the bill was not split, but everyone payed for the stuff they had consumed.

Ps: realy, what is it with the tip included in the bill, something for the tax? Or why is it done?


bmanley620 t1_ja0ed39 wrote

And they get an extra penny out of it. Clever bastards


tinymember469 t1_ja0ic4a wrote

What is a flat white?


DeterminedOctoLion t1_ja1jlm8 wrote

Espresso shots mixed with steamed milk.


tinymember469 t1_ja1kbfb wrote

Ah, ok thanks. I can't believe that someone down voted me because I did not know the names of every drink in the entire world.


tinymember469 t1_ja1k84j wrote

Really? A down vote because I don't know the drink name? That's a very very very very sensitive person right there.


VegaKH t1_ja1kj6m wrote

And it's incorrect. I'd like it to at least use the little curly equals signs there. ≈


trbo91 t1_j9ysb48 wrote

Know exactly which place it is based on the bill


Lower_Echo9152 t1_j9yxpt6 wrote

Seems useful in case both myself and the person I went out with forgot how the calculator on our phones work


theveryrealreal t1_j9zix8m wrote

They totally did all the work for you! Hardly a hint. You'll never learn with these kind of hand outs.


beatmaster808 t1_ja04h8i wrote

Oh my god, I could never ever figure that--it's $15

I'll pay extra for the tip cause mine was more


CommntForTheAlgo t1_ja0id0z wrote

round up to pay 30 and then add tip so easy


noahnear t1_ja2rizt wrote

You don’t tip when the tip is included. I always check now as this is so common.


You_Say_Uncle t1_ja0mn9o wrote

And if you cook it yourself you can eat all week for the same price.


Regnes t1_ja0rt9b wrote

How is it a hint if it just gives you the answer?


sambolino44 t1_ja0we7m wrote

Who gets the extra penny?


noahnear t1_ja2rkuq wrote

No one knows until they come riding to work one day in a flash car.


Elegant_Spot_3486 t1_ja1yyno wrote

I’m more concerned about the discretionary tips added.


icelandichorsey t1_j9ychsl wrote

If this is eben mildly interesting you ought to go out more, sorry


RockRevolutionary182 t1_ja1mnts wrote

That's because people are becoming so dumb. I think it was something they put in the vaccine. If you ever seen the show supernatural and the season with the Leviathan when they were making the humans docile so they can eat them easier that that right there is what there up to. A byproduct of that Is having to put warnings on things like Tide laundry soap pods Because if they don't people eat will eat them. And it is why they have to show how to split a cafe bill into two.