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Deltron_Zed t1_j9gti11 wrote

No offense to the poster but GODDMAN ANOTHER PEPPER?


As someone who has worked in kitchens all his life and sees this in, rough estimate, at least a third of all peppers that I have ever cut, professionally and recreationally... what is the big fucking deal!? This is so common,I can't believe how many people are apparently experiencing it for the first time in their lives.


40ozkiller t1_j9gzxew wrote

You would be surprised to find out there are some people out there with 0 cooking experience.

Its good to assume everyone isn’t the same as you in general too.


RayneBeauRhode OP t1_j9h90to wrote

To be fair, I cook almost daily and cater occasionally. This still was the first time oddly enough. Guess I need to broaden my pepper range 😭


idahorochs t1_j9hu19a wrote

I’ve never cooked/prepared food professionally, but I’ve never encountered this before. People need to chill out.


Deltron_Zed t1_j9h67n0 wrote

No. Not surprised. Just saddened.


KingKratom00 t1_j9h7tb9 wrote

Saddened is a bit over the top imo


Deltron_Zed t1_j9ha59h wrote

Well, you care about what you care about and use what language describes YOUR inner experience the best. I'm not asking for your validation.

But, yes. The fact that A LOT of people can't make a meal for themselves and will eat a majority of their meals from a restaurant, fast food eatery or some instant, processed prepackaged meal is a little bit of a bummer from my point of view. Not going to cry or end my life over it or anything.


emtrigg013 t1_j9ilptc wrote

But.... You've worked in kitchens all your life...

And now you're shitting on people who keep you in business?

I cook all the time and never with peppers. I didn't know this was a thing because I'm not on reddit 24/7. It was a cute little photo and you're being unnecessarily holier than thou about it. We just wanna be happy dude.


SlippinJimE t1_j9k8xw2 wrote

You seriously see this in like a third of all peppers you cut? I believe you, but maybe it's a regional thing. I cook with bell peppers all the time and have literally never seen this.


Deltron_Zed t1_j9kk9m0 wrote

It's interesting how different lives can see totally different parts of the world during a lifetime. These are so common to my experience, its so hard for me to believe you have been exposed to peppers and haven't seen this. Not that I don't believe it.

However, search mildyinteresting for "pepper" and sort by time and then look through a month of posts.


tuftopubichair t1_j9gu24g wrote

Just got out of kitchen management for the past couple years and can't help but to agree, moreso than that as a long time lurker of this sub there is a huge flood of just these posts every single year and it ends up being every other post for so gotdayum long it is painful.


Deltron_Zed t1_j9h6nlm wrote

Yes. It's hard to believe any member of this sub hasn't seen a slew of these posts already.


Spazmer t1_j9hdzvc wrote

This is the equivalent of the "OMG EVERY EGG IN THIS CARTON WAS A DOUBLE!" posts. Yes... you bought extra large eggs. That's the entire idea.