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Deltron_Zed t1_j9h67n0 wrote

No. Not surprised. Just saddened.


KingKratom00 t1_j9h7tb9 wrote

Saddened is a bit over the top imo


Deltron_Zed t1_j9ha59h wrote

Well, you care about what you care about and use what language describes YOUR inner experience the best. I'm not asking for your validation.

But, yes. The fact that A LOT of people can't make a meal for themselves and will eat a majority of their meals from a restaurant, fast food eatery or some instant, processed prepackaged meal is a little bit of a bummer from my point of view. Not going to cry or end my life over it or anything.


emtrigg013 t1_j9ilptc wrote

But.... You've worked in kitchens all your life...

And now you're shitting on people who keep you in business?

I cook all the time and never with peppers. I didn't know this was a thing because I'm not on reddit 24/7. It was a cute little photo and you're being unnecessarily holier than thou about it. We just wanna be happy dude.