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hopper89 t1_j9gei16 wrote

To be honest, the Dew is probably the same but the green in the bottles look to be different making the liquids inside appear different.


DumpstahKat t1_j9hmo1g wrote

I used to be a Mountain Dew addict. I am not proud of this, but I can say with absolute certainty that the smaller/skinnier bottles (>16 oz) are made with a slightly lighter green plastic, and the bigger ones (<20 oz) are made with a slightly darker green plastic. The bigger bottles are also made of a thicker plastic, so that could also effect the color.

I guarantee you, OP, if you pour out the actual liquid of both bottles into clear glasses, they're the exact same shade of almost-but-not-quite-piss-yellow. It's the bottles themselves that are different.


alexjaness t1_j9hscj3 wrote

I had a huge coke problem for a few years, and even I am looking down at you.



Intercellar t1_j9i8yw7 wrote

This makes me want to try mountain dew


DumpstahKat t1_j9ij162 wrote

Honestly, as someone who used to drink a minimum of two 20-oz bottles of Dew a day... I wouldn't really recommend it.


PauloFernandez t1_j9joknh wrote

At least drink the one made with real sugar. The corn syrup ones are just okay at best.


lucky_ducker t1_j9k9kcn wrote


It's like piss yellow with a little bit of Prestone green antifreeze.


slanginwhips85 t1_j9icmyg wrote

The one on the left is 20


DumpstahKat t1_j9iiwij wrote

With all due respect, you are 100% incorrect.

The only Mountain Dew bottles above the 20 oz are the gigantic Liter sizes, and those are too chunky to fit in even the more generously-sized car cupholder. The Liter sizes are also shaped very differently (they don't have that narrower grip part), so they're pretty visually distinctive. So the taller one (on the right) can't be anything other than the 20 oz.

Whereas the 13? 16? (can't remember which) sized bottle is narrower overall, shorter, and has a noticeably smaller cap, so the one on the left is 100% not the 20 oz. And the only bottles smaller than the 13? oz are the glass bottles and the tiny 8 oz. It can't be an 8 oz because the 8 oz bottles don't have that narrow grip bit at all and tend to also have black caps, not green.

ETA: I'll be damned, I was the one who was 100% incorrect. The one on the right is a 1-Liter, and the one on the left is the 20 oz. This is why you shouldn't get addicted to Mountain Dew, kids: it rots your brain cells and isn't even good for being an accurate know-it-all regarding Mountain Dew bottles on the Internet.


danish07 t1_j9j8n4q wrote

The one on the left is 20 oz. A 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew has 77g of carbs and 77g of sugar. You can zoom in on the nutritional facts.


DumpstahKat t1_j9ja97r wrote

Well god damn it, you're right.

Even disregarding the nutritional facts, I made such a big deal out of the 1 Liters not having those damn grippy bits and didn't even look closely enough at the bottle on the right to realize that it didn't have a damn grippy bit. It's smooth-waisted.

I'd thank you for pointing out my mistake but I'm too busy eating my own words and being salty about it.


Purithian t1_j9ju5jo wrote

Hey at least you're one of the honest reddit users who don't flip shit on people when a counter point comes up!


Kongsley t1_j9kh45r wrote

If your piss is the color of Mountain Dew, you are drinking too much Mountain Dew.


maso3K t1_j9geloy wrote

That or lighting.


hopper89 t1_j9haflc wrote

Yeah could be, especially if the thicknesses in the shoulder are different.


The_Mr_Yeah OP t1_j9gentc wrote

Yeah they are different bottles. I noticed while looking at the dates to make sure I didn't buy a bad one.


imamakebaddecisions t1_j9gwb4w wrote

One is pee, choose wisely.


kunkworks t1_j9gkvf2 wrote

The Dew was probably collected from separate mountains.


pmMeansnadda t1_j9gsdhu wrote

Your comment made me realize that Mountain Dew is a great name and I wish it wasn’t wasted on a shitty soda lol


dav3y_jon3s t1_j9h19ws wrote

It was once the name for moonshine liquor. There is even a song about it.


1600cc t1_j9h6tcz wrote

Mountain dew was originally made as a mixer!


Replikant83 t1_j9hh7to wrote

Interesting! Now it's just the stereotyped drink of the ubergamer. Not near as cool!


Orgeweight t1_j9i3if1 wrote

We rednecks are rather fond of the magical tooth destroyer, as well.


Replikant83 t1_j9i43rd wrote

LOL is it extra sugary?


Orgeweight t1_j9i4fwz wrote

I've switched to diet to cut down my sugar intake, but the standard ol' yeet water is pretty sugary and delicious. Also terrible for you, in any flavor lol.


Cousin1tt t1_j9ii5rv wrote

You actually get more drunk with diet sodas because of the aspartame in the drink. Any bartender will tell you this. The aspartame is actually worse for you than the sugar (albeit still not great because of the amount in the drink) many studies done on the adverse effects of any alternative sweetener.


Orgeweight t1_j9iwxd9 wrote

No argument, here. I'm very easily addicted to substances, and decided to play the odds in the short term, and keep my weight down. If I can get off of 3rd shift, and don't feel the need to shove so much caffeine down my throat, I'm going to try to switch to some sort of tea or something. TBH, I'm just happy that I'm only addicted to caffeine and nicotine, these days. Vicodin and I have gone some rounds.


Cousin1tt t1_j9ihyq4 wrote

And from personal experience, it is AWESOME with bourbon, whiskey, rum, and moonshine. It is SOOOOO good.


DrWallybFeed t1_j9hp3ev wrote

For what? I made a Mountain Dew vodka the other day, but I can’t imagine what else it’d mix well with.


YimmyGhey t1_j9iewdl wrote

My uncle Bill runs a still on the hill

Where he runs off a gallon or two (or three)

The birds in the sky get so highhhh they can't fly

Off that good 'ol mountain dew!


dav3y_jon3s t1_j9igd6w wrote

My uncle mort is sawed off short he stands about 4 foot 2

But he thinks he's a giant when you give hime a pint

Of that good ol mt dew


YimmyGhey t1_j9ihdj6 wrote

I can't believe we used to sing that in boy scouts. 12 year old me couldn't comprehend it wasn't about the soda. Turns out almost all of them were old drinking songs haha


Rosieapples t1_j9jf3rw wrote

Let the grasses grow and the waters flow in a free and easy way……..


lindseed t1_j9kj01q wrote

Ever realize how similar Mountain Dew and Sierra (means mountain) Mist are?


[deleted] t1_j9guzs2 wrote



The_Mr_Yeah OP t1_j9gvxlc wrote

The Garfield panel is real, from 7/27/78, but the text was edited in by the Amazon seller i got it from.


Leanardoe t1_j9iew80 wrote

That’s the original print from 78’, or they photo shopped it?


The_Mr_Yeah OP t1_j9if0tc wrote

Its shopped. If you zoom in on the text box, you can see some ugliness from the edit on the background. Edit: Garfy smoking the pipe is real tho.


Leanardoe t1_j9ifatj wrote

Yeah I can’t tell if that’s from them splicing paper or printing it out after a photo shop lmao


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j9h2bzc wrote

Mountain Dew is piss yellow, the bottles are different shades of green.


theveryrealreal t1_j9gjzx7 wrote

Was one of them found by the side of a highway or near an Amazon warehouse? I quickly have learned to stop drinking those.


SaltWoundRub t1_j9h3gqh wrote

Careful, Garfield looks like he is ready to Dew some damage…


W33Ded t1_j9hycc2 wrote

The bottles are different colors


B1azeKick t1_j9gnagz wrote

Clear bottle, green bottle.


RedPillNavigator t1_j9gqdis wrote

Bottle on right is a green bottle.


HorikitasTheBest t1_j9hum2i wrote

The plastic is both green


RedPillNavigator t1_j9jlqri wrote

The Bottle on the left is a clear bottle but picking up light making it appear slightly green but if you look at the neck of the bottles you can see the right one is a green bottle.


TommyTuttle t1_j9h142a wrote

One of those may have passed through a trucker 💁‍♂️


mrtzjam t1_j9hawlm wrote

One is Green while the other is 𝘎𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘯.


LargeCharge87 t1_j9hbime wrote

It looks like one is in a clear bottle and ones in a bottle that’s colored green. I don’t know


TinyBurbz t1_j9hnvzk wrote

No one is talking about the Garfield sticker.


chubbygayguy88 t1_j9i8qgu wrote

No. The left one is in a clear bottle. The right one is in a green bottle.

Get better eyes.


stressHCLB t1_j9i9qqy wrote

The first pressing of the mountain produces a lighter dew. This is “extra virgin”.


Simple-Lemon6116 t1_j9il92h wrote

Are the expiration dates the same? Some drinks (even sealed) seem to dissipate color closer to/after the expiration date.


Chafun t1_j9go66o wrote

154% DV sugar idk how ppl drink these stuff.


BinkBunny t1_j9gs868 wrote

Both will be delicious.


COOL42ALEX t1_j9gty3o wrote

I think it's Mountains Dew


GrandProblem8034 t1_j9gxf39 wrote

One is Mountain Dew and the other is coolant. Choose wisely.


Dreenab t1_j9h4i0r wrote

Bottle on right is thick


MrPelham t1_j9hd2q9 wrote

Not the soda, the bottles


Gullible_Ad5191 t1_j9hgc7r wrote

I got a homie that'd kill ya for a mountain dew.


TooMuchRope t1_j9hinnh wrote

77grams of fucking sugar.


zeb0777 t1_j9hiqgt wrote

Left one looks like a refill.


tomokari21 t1_j9hjpug wrote

Temp difference maybe I have no clue


djdawn t1_j9i1q97 wrote

I wondered if one was diet or something, but nop.


G_Fest t1_j9i2tbx wrote

They must have gotten the mountain and dew ratios off when they made the batches.


Harkxium t1_j9i3mq5 wrote

Watch out, one might be urine.


bubbagump101 t1_j9ic522 wrote

They’re in 2 different types of bottles fuckwit


Cousin1tt t1_j9ihufq wrote

Shrink-flation. You pay the same price for less. Same idea has been applied to cereals with narrower boxes and many other products at the store.


jamzrk t1_j9ij9fs wrote

Mountain is more yellow like the left one. The bottles are green tinted like Sprite Bottles were. The left has less green. If Pepsi follows coke eventually it'll be pure piss color. Though that may be why they don't do that, fuck recycling. Not going to let our consumers know they're drinking piss.


ThatPhiGuy t1_j9inkhx wrote

Wow that is a lot of sugar


Smigedon t1_j9ix5i4 wrote

Isnt it just the color of the plastic ? One transparent and the other a little more green ?


truebluexh t1_j9j6iga wrote

Stan Lee drank one of those in The Incredible Hulk


dadmou5 t1_j9j8l74 wrote

Mountain Dew itself is yellowish green. The bottle on the left is mostly clear so you see the real color. The bottle on the right is dark green so it looks different.


steelerfaninperu t1_j9jdq1l wrote

The key ingredient is orange juice. Mountain Dew contains orange juice, which of course is a product that is subject to the whims of nature and cycles of growth and harvest.

I always personally found the bottles that expire in November to taste best.


Rosieapples t1_j9jf1lg wrote

Came from two different mountains.


SlartieB t1_j9jght6 wrote

Is one of them pee? Hard to tell with Mtn Dew


elit3spartan t1_j9jj4bs wrote

Is no one going to mention the Garfield in the background


ACrask t1_j9jk71k wrote

Different colored bottles


howardshartsby t1_j9jpf2h wrote

With added piss.

With less added piss (and more bile).

I assume.


Taellib t1_j9juki0 wrote

Stay away from the trailerparkaccino


averagemaleuser86 t1_j9jwgle wrote

Buddy of mine used to drink 20+ a day. He'd get done drinking one and then go open another. Allll day. Always had a bottle on him. Really didn't understand it. Thankfully, last I talked to him he quit. That shit has more sugar than redbull does.


Razzorsharp t1_j9k10bi wrote

Looks like Garfield is trying to syphon himself some dew with his pipe.


Weiguken t1_j9k9sb6 wrote

And yet, I want both of them in my mouth


Jeansiesicle t1_j9kb8fi wrote

Gotta check the expiration date. Mountain Dew gets a wonky color when it’s expired.


butterscotches t1_j9kd38f wrote

It’s Mountains Dew. Like Attorneys General.


JOmickie t1_j9kkd3p wrote

Let’s just say it was a very long car ride. 😉


TatiIsAPunk t1_j9kxjrs wrote

Smh the bottles are clearly two different shades.