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Accidental_Ouroboros t1_jd8j613 wrote

When I was somewhere around eleven or so, I went to an Ikea on the opening day.

It was the first and only time so far in my entire life that I experienced claustrophobia, and I definitely had a minor panic attack.

Not a fan of seemingly endless, inescapable mazes filled with so many people I can hardly tell which direction I am moving in.

So, my measure is that if it doesn't cause a pit of dread to form in my stomach, it isn't a true Ikea.


HailToTheThief225 t1_jd8snox wrote

As a single guy I have a love hate relationship with the place. Love it because I don’t have a partner wanting to stop and look at everything. I can go straight to what I need and be out in half the time.

Hate it because anyone there not on their own is taking up the main aisle, moving at 2mph, and refusing to let faster shoppers pass. I’ve only dealt with inconsiderate shoppers in my experience.


Shufflepants t1_jd8wifi wrote

I find that typically the fastest and most direct routes are not on the main path at all.


CasualObserverNine t1_jd8kp08 wrote

I was older, but when I realized the “scheme” of forced observation of every product and floral arrangement in the store, I have never returned.

I hear there are shortcuts. Likely forced on them by fire marshals.