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CasualObserverNine t1_jd7d3lj wrote

Nope. If it does not take a full 1.5 hours to pass-through the store, it is not an IKEA.


93773R t1_jd7euiy wrote

The IKEA closest to me got shortcuts so you can speed run your visit.

S/O to Kållered.


ishzlle t1_jd7wiop wrote

I think most of them have shortcuts


Raistlarn t1_jd8mxbm wrote

Mine too, unfortunately they have most of them blocked...and the main entrance hidden.


nmyron3983 t1_jd992p9 wrote

So, you live at Ikea now right. Just wondering around, trying to find the exit and sleeping in the bedroom displays?



cmuratt t1_jd94xl9 wrote

All of them have the shortcuts. It takes time to master the maze called Ikea.


93773R t1_jd97snv wrote

I have only visited two IKEA stores and one is really close to where I live so that one I have been to since childhood. It is soon to be replaced by a new one so I have to relearn the maze.

But I have briefly visited Älmhult when passing by.


manInTheWoods t1_jd997v1 wrote

> S/O to Kållered.

The old or the new, still unopened one?


93773R t1_jd9c7mw wrote

The old one, I think the new one is opening this may but I am not sure.


Accidental_Ouroboros t1_jd8j613 wrote

When I was somewhere around eleven or so, I went to an Ikea on the opening day.

It was the first and only time so far in my entire life that I experienced claustrophobia, and I definitely had a minor panic attack.

Not a fan of seemingly endless, inescapable mazes filled with so many people I can hardly tell which direction I am moving in.

So, my measure is that if it doesn't cause a pit of dread to form in my stomach, it isn't a true Ikea.


HailToTheThief225 t1_jd8snox wrote

As a single guy I have a love hate relationship with the place. Love it because I don’t have a partner wanting to stop and look at everything. I can go straight to what I need and be out in half the time.

Hate it because anyone there not on their own is taking up the main aisle, moving at 2mph, and refusing to let faster shoppers pass. I’ve only dealt with inconsiderate shoppers in my experience.


Shufflepants t1_jd8wifi wrote

I find that typically the fastest and most direct routes are not on the main path at all.


CasualObserverNine t1_jd8kp08 wrote

I was older, but when I realized the “scheme” of forced observation of every product and floral arrangement in the store, I have never returned.

I hear there are shortcuts. Likely forced on them by fire marshals.


3-DMan t1_jd8hdyx wrote

Kid's ball pit is like 20 balls


soonerjohn06 t1_jd8j1kv wrote

This is just the display Ikea. You have to go down and pick up the flat-packed Ikea and assemble it at home


T-Wrex_13 t1_jd8mfgl wrote

Best I've done is 24 minutes and that's because the checkouts were a mess


Fokewe t1_jd9ht0g wrote

Pro tip: Go directly to the returns section before doing the maze.


Carl__Gordon_Jenkins t1_jdbyaku wrote

I always thought the metric was that it’s not an Ikea if, by the end of it, you don’t have a serious argument with your significant other.


TheLemonChiffonPie t1_jdgupw5 wrote

If no one has demanded a divorce I’m there yet then it’s not a proper IKEA!


Black_Kirk_Lazarus t1_jd7alah wrote

Where else are you going to get Swedish meatballs? The supermarket? Pffft, please.


Artiquecircle t1_jd7b4cp wrote

Could get them from the horse glue factory gift shop?


NinjaLanternShark t1_jd7byxa wrote

"Babe, I need some milk, a dozen eggs, some OJ -- and also grab a set of kitchen cabinets if they have 'em on sale..."


boy____wonder t1_jd82x23 wrote

Reusable shopping bags? Please. I like to bring my groceries home in a brand new pantry.


liarandathief t1_jd7d6e3 wrote

Or, the sprawling Ikea next door is expanding like the Combine Citadel


BradMarchandsNose t1_jd7wscq wrote

Over time, Hong Kong is going to become one giant IKEA


Yummyyummyfoodz t1_jd8jben wrote

Do you think Ikea provides their own assembly instructions to build their stores?


ogurzhov t1_jdarokk wrote

They sure do. Just remember, lift with two people and assemble on a carpet.


PdSales t1_jd7s3qt wrote

That’s where the hold employee meetings.

“Let’s assemble in the IKEA section.”


karmagirl314 t1_jd88rnv wrote

Oh god now I really hope that IKEA staff meetings are called assemblies.


deathputt4birdie t1_jd8i3t3 wrote

I'd imagine that all internal IKEA corporate documents must use the IKEA man for any illustrations and include a little Allen wrench. IKEA's HR training manuals must be a hoot.


Shadow_Road t1_jd7wmxx wrote

That's just an entrance to the Ikea underground network.


Waffletimewarp t1_jd7xzgd wrote

Gotta be careful with those. I took a wrong turn in my local IKEA and ended up in fucking Bangladesh.


Shadow_Road t1_jd8h4tx wrote

Nice for cheap travel as long as you dont get lost. Gotta remember to grab a map.


brunaBla t1_jd7uscg wrote

Supermarket has Miracle Whip too! God I love HK. Lived there for 2 years. The jungle among the skyscrapers is something else


perjury0478 t1_jd87rp9 wrote

Humans exiting this store should probably be detained and then debriefed prior to the administration of amnestics.


FraughtOverwrought t1_jd7d6i3 wrote

Where exactly in HK is this??


infizzable t1_jd89yy4 wrote

In Hong Kong a few supermarkets, 7-11, Ikea operations are all managed by DFI Retail Group which is under Jardine Group who also happen to own Maxims Group which manages operations of Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many restaurants in Hong Kong.

The blue ad in the photo is yuu which is a rewards app you can collect rewards for shopping at supermarkets, 7-11, and redeem points for a meal at KFC, Pizza Hut, or even discounts at Ikea.

Source: currently working in yuu (which recently got hacked BTW)


Branathon t1_jd7c9gu wrote

I thought the whole point was that it was huge...

yes, that is what she said.


ESMoriarty t1_jd7oelg wrote

That better be like Benders closest in Futurama, because an IKEA that isn't the size of a mall isn't an IKEA.


jonathan4211 t1_jdb0gh9 wrote

No it's a full-size store, it just needs to be assembled first


Alconox t1_jd7vvnw wrote

Bed and Bath in the beyond


stattish t1_jd83a7e wrote

Plot twist- the supermarket is in huge Ikea store


G-Deezy t1_jd85ixb wrote

Mini Ikea?

Sounds like an oxymoron


gotopolice t1_jd87nw6 wrote

IKEA franchise in HK is owned by a conglomerate which also owns the supermarket.


sf_dave t1_jd8d0v3 wrote

Everything in HK is being franchised and owned by a handful of conglomerates. It’s what the end game for unlimited laissez faire capitalism looks like.


MinniesWorld t1_jd8mgi6 wrote

Experienced IKEA people know to start straight in the marketplace and they know how to navigate through departments they don’t want to be bothered with. At this point I can get in and out of an IKEA in less than a half an hour and that’s including the store with the groceries in it. I only get slow down if I want something too big for me to wrestle with and I need help loading the cart.


magnificentfoxes t1_jdb76gt wrote

Exactly. I went today to pick up some extra parts and went straight to the warehouse via the registers the wrong way. I was out in 10 mins.


MinniesWorld t1_jdbd837 wrote

I park by the loading zone and walk straight in the doors where the registers are. Turn right to the other entrance, and there’s a little hidden door by the restrooms where the marketplace is. BAM! I’m exactly where I need to be and when I check out my car is right there


magnificentfoxes t1_jdbpfus wrote

Excellent... They're pretty good at shooing off people who wait too long at the loading zone outside our local store and it's also on multiple levels. Car park is on the roof, oddly!


MinniesWorld t1_jdckzoe wrote

Whoops, I didn’t mean I park in the loading zone just where the loading zone is


Atomsteel t1_jda7iu2 wrote

Maybe this IKEA is just specialized and only carries what might actually fit in an average Hong Kong apartment.


Hot-Disaster1675 t1_jdaftit wrote

A mini ikea would still be the size of a target


MiraniaTLS t1_jd80j8c wrote

I wonder if their hours are different then main store lol


Deli-ops t1_jd80wam wrote

Looks like its big enough to sell one dresser ;P


fatherdale t1_jd862m8 wrote

I've been there! Keep wandering - there's a full-sized Ikea downstairs!


whocores t1_jd87njx wrote

That’s an oxymoron, small IKEA.


alcohall183 t1_jd89455 wrote

This is an international store, isn't it? I can see the old el paso kit.


Svhmj t1_jd894vz wrote

Finally. An Ikea for him.


jommedejomme t1_jd8ap5c wrote

The Ikea has a supermarket at the front.


Molotavmandee t1_jd8egim wrote

It would be bigger but it still hasn’t been put together yet


FiyasKane t1_jd8f7dr wrote

I would've thought there'd be a mini supermarket in an Ikea lol


ioioooi t1_jd8gqze wrote

How much for the mini Ikea

And can I get it delivered to my house


vonvoltage t1_jd8h5oy wrote

There's always another shop in the back in Hong Kong.


Alwayssome1 t1_jd8lgge wrote

Finally, an IKEA store that doesn’t get me lost


Notdahomie t1_jd8oz04 wrote

Buy 2 coffee tables get 40% off any sleepy time tea


StayGlazzy t1_jd8yz2n wrote

I bet the customers will still be like "hOw Do I gEt oUt oF tHiS sToRe?!?!?"


Sylvurphlame t1_jda9fs3 wrote

I was just going to say:

Nah, that’s full size IKEA. You just gotta make twenty turns to get through the rest of it.


Potietang t1_jd93cq8 wrote

I bet everything in Hong Kong has a mini something in the back.


Anibun t1_jd96c9a wrote

If I see you round these parts again... ikea!


cyberentomology t1_jdan35x wrote

Wow, that’s like the Anti-IKEA, regular IKEAs have a mini supermarket in the front


magenta_maxx t1_jdaxifo wrote

I wonder what they serve at the Deli counter 🤔 😕


jimbronio t1_jd7epfc wrote

Is it IKEA or “IKEA”?


BaguetteOfDoom OP t1_jd7h31b wrote

HK might be close to China, getting swallowed up by China but it's definitely not like the rest of China. Apart from South Korea and Japan it's probably the most "western" country in Asia.


Radaxen t1_jd80kek wrote

There's Singapore, which is probably the most 'western' country in Asia


alviator t1_jd7hohf wrote

I mean all their shit is made in all the other Ikea in the rest of the world.