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WastingO2 t1_jdvaqci wrote

The handle was a piece of tape in the first place....... people bitch about anything.


WeSnawLoL t1_jdvyzob wrote

as someone who reuses this bottle of water I can say the handles were actually very good and made it easier to drink without crushing the bottle.


Responsible-Chest-26 t1_jdx426l wrote

I used one of these for my water jug at work(tree care) the tape handle actually lasted longer than i expected. Then i just tied a piece of rope around the neck when it finally fell off. I got a couple good years out of that bottle. Durable for a throwaway


BigCommieMachine t1_jdx7fgx wrote

Yeah a lot of people at the gym use it because you can drink quickly from it with squeezing it too hard and making a mess.


SrPolloFrito t1_jdxbcgd wrote

Used them to make gravity bongs for like a year and that handle was a life saver.


WastingO2 t1_jdvziht wrote

You drink out of a gallon jug like king kong? Put a piece of tape on it... Or pour it into one of your old jugs that u have saved?


sanchosuitcase t1_jdw64fs wrote

Or they work outside and need lots of water? Who fucking cares how they drink it.


FireLordObamaOG t1_jdwd3xb wrote

I care about the plastic. Get an insulated 64 oz bottle or a reusable 128 oz plastic bottle.


WeSnawLoL t1_jdyush6 wrote

I have reusable bottles already and a hydroflask. Sometimes you just run out and you end up having to go to the store. When I do buy these bottles I try to reuse them as much as possible. Even after they're not good to use for drinking water I use them for "shake up water" at work for my cement.


WastingO2 t1_jdw8cvl wrote

They seem to..


sharuffino t1_jdx17cr wrote

You’re saying a lot for someone pretending to care so little.


WastingO2 t1_jdx64hf wrote

I totally understand you came here to bitch about something. Ur welcome karen :)


sharuffino t1_jdx7qxp wrote

It’s even weirder that you confuse me for someone else. Good luck in the world. Sounds like you need it.


Arrowcreek t1_jdxzlva wrote

Why are you being downvoted? You are agreeing with the general consensus of "they need to drink a lot of water"


WeSnawLoL t1_jdwbvw6 wrote

No I just work construction and don't like wasting plastic with 1000 little bottles


trustthehustle t1_jdxojbv wrote

As someone with a disability that ‘piece of tape’ makes THE WORLD of a difference EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Amazing_Sundae_2024 t1_jdz1ge7 wrote

I am beginning to think some companies are using this "supply chain" excuse just so they can cheap out even more. My box of cookie bars that used to hold 10 bars only had 8 and empty space where 2 more could fit. Sheesh. I guess the supply chain shorted them 2 cookies? /s


StuffedGaiwan t1_jedoxto wrote

It is an excuse. I only buy the handled water bottles. I didn't see the Glacier bottles with the handles at the store so I had to buy another brand that had plastic handles. I don't like those one's as much as the old glacier handle. There are not many brands that have the handle and I won't support the brands that don't.


melanthius t1_jdwz8e0 wrote

The supplier of that “piece of tape as a handle” is serious /r/onejob candidate of the year


FatassTitePants t1_jdyik6k wrote

Cutting trees, cruising, getting buff, ripping hits...people really figured out how to use that dang handle!


Appropriate_Strain94 t1_jdywcc3 wrote

Ahaha yea the Crystal Geyser water has cheap taped on paper “handle” sometimes they just fall off too in the middle of a pour.


StuffedGaiwan t1_jedp135 wrote

Once in a great while they are a little defective and don't stick as good but if you pay attention in the store before you buy them, you can get one that doesn't have that defect.


StuffedGaiwan t1_jedostt wrote

The tape they used was way stronger than typical tape. It lasted a long time and it was at the perfect angle to pick it up and take the top off to drink.

I saw this how they don't have handles anymore so I bought the one's that STILL use a plastic handle.


ITChicaRVLife t1_jdwkors wrote

Seems like a good thing. Less plastic, less cost to create?


x925 t1_jdx44e9 wrote

The handle on these was a piece of tape, it maybe saved a penny on each bottle.


KnudsonRegime t1_jdxkthp wrote

Which is about $2 million against an annual revenue of $36 million. Pennies add up.


sNills t1_jdxpxvg wrote

Absolutely no way it cost anywhere near a penny per bottle


x925 t1_jdxszxy wrote

Im sure that's way above what it cost, but even at that price, it is insignificant enough that they wouldn't bother changing prices.


theboxman154 t1_jdxegtx wrote

Yea but what's the cost of production for just 1 bottle? 20 cents? If my random guess is correct that's a 5% cheaper product


x925 t1_jdxepya wrote

These bottles cost about $1.50 near me. They could lower the price if they wanted to. But they sell very well at this price.


Appropriate_Strain94 t1_jdywnt6 wrote

I find these at the dollar store all the time for $1.09, I still pass on it as my favorite water is “Niagara” which is the same water Costco Kirkland uses and Smart and Final “First St” water, and they have actual plastic handle that’s attached to the neck.


ITChicaRVLife t1_je0xe8r wrote

I mean... Office Space did it. I bet some company IT guy is having a blast on the beach complaining that he ordered a Mai Tai and NO SALT on the Margarita :)


darthnick96 t1_jdxgvuf wrote

If anything they’re going to somehow find a way to justify this as a way to increase the price


beeteedee t1_jdvkcql wrote

“Hey Bob, did you find a new supplier for the handles yet?”

“Even better! I spent the day writing a passive aggressive note for the side of the bottle to explain why there’s no handle and why it’s not my fault.”

“Nice work Bob! I can see you’ll go far here at Nestle.”


Jlock98 t1_jdvyo28 wrote

This isn’t Nestle. I get that they suck, but I’m confused why so many people are commenting about them on this post.


beeteedee t1_jdw66s7 wrote

Not gonna lie, I just went along with the crowd and assumed they knew what they were talking about. Apologies to the good people of CG Roxane, a subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.


keeperkairos t1_jdwpuv7 wrote

Yeah never do that lol. The crowd is rarely totally correct, and often catastrophically incorrect.


AutoGeek3000 t1_jdx8gqh wrote

The person in charge of the supply chain likely had nothing to do with the note and is probably working very hard to find another supplier that can get them rolls of this tape that are compatible with their bottling line equipment.

From when I worked in supply chain, we had 2-3 suppliers for almost everything and even before covid there were times where all 3 couldn't meet the delivery date. For many things, there aren't more than 3 suppliers so you really don't have many other options at that point.

How quickly people will shit on other people, in a situation they know nothing about, is mind boggling.


kashcor t1_jdwv3xr wrote

We ordered 20kg of fish food for the pond this summer, it usually comes in plastic buckets which is good for us so we can store it in our shed that rodents keep finding a way into. The company had a ‘temporary supplier issue’ and the food arrived in a paper sack. It too came with a little apology note. We already repurposed last years bucket so now we gotta find something to store 20kg of fish food in and keep it safe from rodents. We’d rather have had the option to choose whether to wait for the bucket or not. But I guess the company thought fulfilling the order was more important.


AutoGeek3000 t1_jdx7ft4 wrote

In case you haven't found a replacement, we store our dog food in a container like this and it's great:


sara_bear_8888 t1_jdxajy8 wrote

Second this brand! Also have a "gamma seal" container for our puppers food. It stays outside and so far no squirrel, opossum, racoon, or a determined 90lb. Labrador has been able to breech it!


[deleted] t1_jdv2qd8 wrote



Jugales t1_jdvj66z wrote

I don't drink my tap water because my water softener is terrible, and my landlord won't replace it. Also tap water isn't free? And this isn't Nestle?

^(But) ^(yeah,) ^(fuck) ^(off) ^(Nestle) ^(for) ^(many) ^(reasons)


Specialey t1_jdvsckh wrote

I simp for zerowater religiously bc of how fucking good their filters are at doing their job.


Renyen0 t1_jdwyh27 wrote

Obligatory fuck Nestle

Also, sounds like a terrible fucking excuse from Crystal Geyser. You greedy cunts are raking in so much money, you can’t afford to toss a piece of reinforced tape on there in the meantime? Fuck you too CG. Lame ass excuse.


sanchosuitcase t1_jdw6685 wrote

Not a Nestle brand, goober.


[deleted] t1_jdw6jb0 wrote



ChrundleToboggan t1_jdw8flb wrote

lol so much projection and misdirected anger from you.


[deleted] t1_jdw9ki4 wrote



ChrundleToboggan t1_jdwbyec wrote

>So that makes it ok they pay less in taxes then a school teacher?

In what crazy fairytale land in your head did he say anything implying that whatsoever? No one but you could read that conversation and not think you're just a ridiculous person.


drewbreeezy t1_jdwsj05 wrote

>So that makes it ok they pay less in taxes then a school teacher?

Who, Crystal Water, the one in the picture?


canolafly t1_jdwrvo6 wrote

It's Crystal Geyser, owned by a French company, CG Roxane. However, they are just as evil as Nestle. They are taking Lake Shasta water, but couldn't handle being generous enough to the small town of Weed to allow them to keep their cheap lease to use that water. So Weed got fucked. It's a poor town.


Jaerin t1_jdv6dec wrote

We don't know how to run a proper supply chain because we gambled on something and lost and instead of accepting OUR mistake we're going to pass the pain on to you and blame someone else for it.


Point-Connect t1_jdx5qqq wrote

That's not really how things work...they don't make all of their own stuff, it's sourced from all over the world and the supply chain literally broke down for almost every sector causing all kinds of odds and ends to be unsourceable. This is especially true for very specific items produced at a large scale.


AutoGeek3000 t1_jdx83d1 wrote

Agreed, I used to work in supply chain for a very large company and there are some items that needed a 1 year lead time. In other words, I had to order them 12 months ahead of when they would be delivered or they would not get delivered on time.

Most people don't realize how well oiled that machine was before covid, and how shutting it down completely fucked it. Yes, getting millions of pieces of tape, in the length, width, material, and adhesive you want, is probably really hard now in some cases.


Jaerin t1_jdxcj76 wrote

They didn't order enough, that's the gamble I was talking about. Lots of companies downsized or chose to do things that may limit their production due to COVID and other potential changes in demand. The failed gamble is when you don't estimate properly with a lead time like that and then have no backup plan other than tell the customer why it changed and to blame someone else.


Jaerin t1_jdxc4r6 wrote

Right and instead of choosing to source from somewhere or someone else they chose to go with a bottle without a handle on it instead. Those chose an alternative already, they just chose one that was likely cheaper at the cost of customer convenience rather than paying someone else more to keep it.


VicRambo t1_jdv2qvx wrote


cantgetitrightrose t1_jdwbgm2 wrote



sahhhnnn t1_jdxhjqs wrote

I drink nothing but this brand and size! I wondered what happened to the handles and never bothered to read the packaging 😂


Casualways t1_jdwqe1q wrote

I really dislike that I can relate to this post, the handles do make it easier to handle when you go through 5 or more of these a week, I feel so guilty admitting this, I do recycle but I wish our recycling wasn't such a joke. I live in an area where you don't drink tap water.


MrPumpkin21 t1_jdw5hq7 wrote

“time being” meaning forever.


SegaNaLeqa t1_jdwv8tj wrote

I think it’s kinda nice they took the time to apologize. I can imagine the Karen’s calling them over this, and a customer service representative, that has nothing to do with the decision, getting yelled at over it. This hopefully helped lessen the amount of calls.


ptofl t1_jdx3qwr wrote

*But the guys who supplied the printing really picked up the slack.


afrogrimey t1_jdxb0k8 wrote

Crystal Geyser is the GOAT of bottled waters. Fresh spring water that tastes great and is usually the cheapest option on the shelf. Win win baby.


loneranger07 t1_jdxe4xu wrote

Very good water brand choice! Delicious


ijustsailedaway t1_jdybcjw wrote

They could have said to be more environmentally friendly but they decided blame game.


dvote0326 t1_jdyqz16 wrote

Kinda looks like they just said what happened then apologized for it.


XLIV_tm t1_jdykuc8 wrote

either one justs looks like cost cutting.


Background_Cash_1351 t1_jdvi96s wrote

I tried to ship.a crate of handles once, but I couldnt figure out to hold it.


markher1 t1_jdvpzau wrote

Customers: This Sucks! Logistics: 🥲🥲🥲


Klin24 t1_jdw1m4a wrote

No worries, I don't buy crystal geyser gallon jugs anyways.


jujulita_moi t1_jdx2ezk wrote

Handleless. Say that three times fast.


sunnyRb t1_jdx2niq wrote

That water is nasty! Yuck 🤢


HitDog420 t1_jdx36un wrote

Not even an apology it's more of it's not my fault excuse


Scrotchety t1_jdx8k0m wrote

Got duct tape? Tear off a 12" strip, make a horseshoe shape and press the ends against a side, then fold the middle together. Take another strip to shore up the first strip. (Useful if you reuse the bottle)


ScarecrowJohnny t1_jdxfwxt wrote

These water people really need to get a handle on things!


Alan_Smithee_ t1_jdxgfl8 wrote

They went to all that trouble to redo their labels, just to explain why they changed the bottle shape…


PHAT64 t1_jdxly2n wrote

Hm, I probably wouldn't have even noticed... It's more of a 'nice to have' rather than a requirement.

If people are complaining to them about this, they need to get their throats karate chopped.


trustthehustle t1_jdxoo13 wrote

It’s been like this for several months :(


Regular_Dick t1_jdxrqdl wrote

There are plenty of water bottles with handles on them in our nations landfills. We could dig um up and rinse them off. We could also use them to make giant recycled plastic saltwater bottle rockets to inhabit the moon and mars. Just don’t let them burn them into the atmosphere at a cement plant incinerator. Also whatever we do, Crystal Geyser should help pay for capitalizing off our Apathy.


lemonpepsiking t1_jdxs2i2 wrote

Used to work as a courtesy clerk at Safeway in the summer. Would go through one of these a day. the handle was appreciated.


SatanSuxMyDick t1_jdxt21n wrote

i’ve bought this exact product multiple times, i’ve never once touched the “handle”


parkerpootis t1_jdyysk8 wrote

I’ve been buying a lot of this same brand lately because my tap water is sulfuric. I know I should give the landlord shit about it as the whole complex is dealing with it, but I’m too tired.


Wingsofthepegasus t1_jdz0a4m wrote

I noticed the missing handle when I picked up one at the dollar tree last week. Ticked me off majorly. It's an awkward bottle to handle without the, uh, handle


Tiggerstorm1234 t1_je02bms wrote

Well now you know why it doesn't have a handle. So don't call us about it we already explained it to you Karen.


StuffedGaiwan t1_jedpi0j wrote

I saw this at the grocery store. Another brand to boycott. I bought the bottle that has handles.


[deleted] t1_jduycy8 wrote



drewbreeezy t1_jdwtd3y wrote

With the amount of "Nestle" comments here for no reason I have to ponder:

Maybe AI is closer than I previously thought. It can't be far off from some of these breathing potatoes.


Lavenderixin t1_jdx6juu wrote

But how would you handle it?


flowingink22 OP t1_jdxawdt wrote

I didn't even notice there wasn't a handle. I carried it up my three flights of dorm steps like a baby.


Confident-Variety-95 t1_jdxvn56 wrote

The scammer who backyard bottles 'spring water' complaining about the irregularities of outsourcing. FMD


NotRichPiana t1_jdy3gp1 wrote

This is one of my least favorite water brands


highs_a_kite t1_jdxtdw2 wrote

Such an aggravation fr. The other day I was literally squeezing that bottle so tightly trying to get a drink from it that water would gush out. Cheap thin plastic too, and as stated,,no handle 😵‍💫


dvote0326 t1_jdyrnoy wrote

You make yourself out to be one of those buffoons on infomercials that comically struggle with incredibly simple tasks.


highs_a_kite t1_jdz991w wrote

Dude you ever grab one of these without a handle? It’s a nightmare


_over-lord t1_jdvdisq wrote

First sign of the Apocalypse!


ksigley t1_jdvbi9i wrote

Fuck Nestle.


DelusionsBigIfTrue t1_jdvp1g8 wrote

Nestle doesn’t own Crystal Geyser ya clown.


avatarofbelle t1_jdw3i9o wrote

I specifically buy this brand to avoid purchasing a nestle product. Do people just assume nestle is the producer of all bottled water?


kiase t1_jdwv5eq wrote

Why? Crystal Geyser isn’t really any better ethically than Nestle, just smaller. Don’t understand that thought process.