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x925 t1_jdx44e9 wrote

The handle on these was a piece of tape, it maybe saved a penny on each bottle.


KnudsonRegime t1_jdxkthp wrote

Which is about $2 million against an annual revenue of $36 million. Pennies add up.


sNills t1_jdxpxvg wrote

Absolutely no way it cost anywhere near a penny per bottle


x925 t1_jdxszxy wrote

Im sure that's way above what it cost, but even at that price, it is insignificant enough that they wouldn't bother changing prices.


theboxman154 t1_jdxegtx wrote

Yea but what's the cost of production for just 1 bottle? 20 cents? If my random guess is correct that's a 5% cheaper product


x925 t1_jdxepya wrote

These bottles cost about $1.50 near me. They could lower the price if they wanted to. But they sell very well at this price.


Appropriate_Strain94 t1_jdywnt6 wrote

I find these at the dollar store all the time for $1.09, I still pass on it as my favorite water is “Niagara” which is the same water Costco Kirkland uses and Smart and Final “First St” water, and they have actual plastic handle that’s attached to the neck.


ITChicaRVLife t1_je0xe8r wrote

I mean... Office Space did it. I bet some company IT guy is having a blast on the beach complaining that he ordered a Mai Tai and NO SALT on the Margarita :)