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CatPasswd t1_je74cky wrote

They'd better do an extreme change of that dog's diet, or it will be a corpse soon.


upvotealready t1_je8byit wrote

My dog had a UTI and developed bladder stones from that. It didn't have anything to do with diet.


cisned t1_je8elf4 wrote

Your dog needs to drink more water and go outside more often.

UTI are a sign his holding it in for long periods of time


upvotealready t1_je8mr9s wrote

No its not. Its caused by a bacteria infection.


Aggravating_Lunch599 t1_je8y96d wrote

Yes, holding it in for long periods of time means the bacteria has longer periods of time to proliferate and wreak havoc, causing the UTI.


upvotealready t1_je9kc8p wrote

No, it was caused by a bacteria infection that had nothing to do with holding it in.


Additional_Candle_55 t1_je9lurh wrote

No one’s arguing that it wasn’t bacteria, they’re simply saying that “holding it” rather than just going outside can result in a build up of bacteria and/or poor hydration, that results in a UTI, which is a fact for pretty much all animals.


brunaBla t1_je8zyzq wrote

Bladder stones are caused from a high urine pH. There are specific diets that lower urine pH making it more acidic and therefore dissolve the crystals. I’m not sure why you’re saying a UTI caused crystals, that’s not a thing.

There are certain dog breeds more prone to crystals (like Dalmatians).


upvotealready t1_je9k4dl wrote

Struvite bladder stones form when minerals in your dog’s urine become concentrated, which causes them to stick together and form crystals.

This often happens as a result of complications from a UTI. UTIs change the acidity of your dog’s urine to a high pH and prevent the minerals from breaking down properly. Struvite crystals are the most common type of bladder stone in dogs.


brunaBla t1_jeaoqe6 wrote

Yes, I’m aware. That’s frequent UTIs. It takes a long times for that to happen. A one time uti won’t do that.


upvotealready t1_jear243 wrote

>I’m not sure why you’re saying a UTI caused crystals, that’s not a thing.

You obviously didn't know that - and that's OK. An untreated UTI can form crystals in weeks. That is what my vet told me, if you google it you will get the same answer.


TheGrunkalunka t1_je74m4e wrote

you take these home, throw them in a pot, add some broth, a potato. baby, you've got a stew going


nethobo t1_je7914g wrote

It would have cost you nothing to not say this. On the up side, I'm not hungry anymore, so I can save on food.


notaphycho t1_je7uk40 wrote

My first thought was imitation maple candy, but you do you.


TheGrunkalunka t1_je8erfa wrote

Never heard of that kind of candy


notaphycho t1_je9fybx wrote

Just hardened maple sugar to make a almost hard candy that just melts in your mouth.


ShamrockinAround t1_je8izy6 wrote

Oh damn. My dog had those. I can’t remember how many she had but wow. I had no idea they looked like that!

Edit: I’m **trying think what I changed in her diet. She was always a good water drinker and on a good potty schedule. I know I changed up her dry kibble from commercial big box brand and added in a bunch of supplements. I think I added in some fresh stuff too. She was 13 when she has surgery. She lived to 18. It’s funny how quickly I’ve forgotten all the pampering and extras I used to do now that she’s gone.

Edit: autocorrect and missing words


TerenceBabouinos t1_jea18oq wrote

How did you spot the problem ?


ShamrockinAround t1_jea7jpg wrote

I can’t remember if it was that her bathroom habits noticeably changed or if she started vomiting yellowish/white foam. It was probably both but the vomiting is what had me take her in to the vet.

I just remember them calling and saying she had a bladder full of stones - most of them quarter size.

I had never heard of bladder stones in a dog and immediately started googling for info.

I don’t remember the vet being super helpful in suggesting ways to prevent it from happening and really, why she got them. Which as annoying.


OozeNAahz t1_je8c3zp wrote

Picturing the dog peeing on a car tire and hearing a ping….hisssssssss


xoomax t1_jealvor wrote

Damn. I feel this. My little 4 year old / 13 lb guy had only three stones removed last year. They were about the size of the second row. He's on Hill's Prescription diet now and I'm making sure he gets plenty of liquid. I resisted the expense of the food at first, but with his litter mate brother passing recently and not wanting him or me to go through the stones surgery again, I'm sucking it up and sticking with the canned Hills c/d food.

Good luck to your little guy/gal.


Bman3396 t1_je8bwyb wrote

What are you feeding your dog to give them that money stones and that large?


droopyheadliner t1_je8mduk wrote

Damn. Just had this done to our 14lb cat and they were tiny…


rogerm3xico t1_je92fia wrote

What are they feeding it? Mountain Dew?


96XJ40 t1_jea3w70 wrote

Wait.. these aren't breath mints?


Jaboogada t1_jealyqw wrote

Forbidden butterscotch


theshmoe98 t1_jebkgit wrote

How to lose 26 stone in one day


Extension_Wafer_7615 t1_jed6f34 wrote

As a mineral collector, I'm just sayin that I want them in my collection, even if they aren't minerals.


tayt087x t1_je7wzqp wrote

Did you eat the dog after?