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Moenic t1_je5q0th wrote

If it wasn't you... how do you know that they are spoons?


IneverAsk5times t1_je75df1 wrote

They are clearly forks.


dali01 t1_je8co1u wrote

Most definitely a fork in the road.


Chaeix OP t1_je5y9ww wrote

Forks wouldn’t be able to all overlap nicely under the concrete to be laid like that. And clearly not knives!


bflatmusic7 t1_je61tzx wrote

Forks would have worked better than spoons what are you talking about.


Antique-Ad-5533 t1_je77lt7 wrote

No he's correct you can tell by the length of the handles, small spoons


enehar t1_je7832p wrote

If forks interlock, they'll twist to the side a bit. These are spoons.


bflatmusic7 t1_je7bde0 wrote

Nope. If you stack spoons at angles the height difference would but much more noticeable than forks. They no longer nest together and would have large gaps in height one after another. Forks will lay flat together and only increase height by the thickness of each tine. They aren't threaded together they are just stacked and rotated.


SKULL1138 t1_je90hgx wrote

The spoons would be at odd angles also. Clearly this is an ancient ninja throwing star. I have spoken


GonerDoug t1_je8ugg9 wrote

Could be a mix of forks AND spoons. They're definitely not all identical. There are at least three distinct patterns on the ends.