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srentiln t1_jdjeaev wrote

Breaks $5 every now and then here in SoCal despite in-state oil fields that you'd think would help reduce the cost.


MaritimesRefugee t1_jdk7ty4 wrote

yeah... one would think that with all of the refinery and pipeline construction that the CA state government funds, the cost would indeed be reduced...



srentiln t1_jdmbrky wrote

I'm not naive enough to think the state will do anything to help expand production, but we have in state oil harvest and refining already. Our refineries have a 2 million barrel per day capacity, and we have over 200,000 drilled wells. I'm not saying I expect Texas/New Mexico level base prices, but the fact our average price is consistently one of the highest in the nation does not fit with having production capacity in-state. Even adjusting for the gas tax, the price doesn't seem to make sense.