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radium_eater t1_je9dxma wrote

so fancy. fashion icon. had no idea they came in this color that is so cool! do you know if its like a drone or worker or anything like that?


luielvi OP t1_je9e6o4 wrote

I have no idea! It didn't seem like it could fly, it was just crawling and scratching its wings with its back. Didn't have water or any sweets with me and I didn't want to touch it.


Polishspy t1_je9nnfy wrote

I think that's a mason bee, the. Don't build traditional hives but use hollows in trees.


ValifriggOdinsson t1_je9thd3 wrote

*carpenter bee


Ghozer t1_jeani6w wrote

thorax too 'long' for carpenter bee, they are much more rounded, different shaped abdomen too, and thorax isn't 'fluffy' on this image.... not sure it is a carpenter bee...


ValifriggOdinsson t1_jearqlq wrote

Tbh I haven’t found this color scheme in mason bees on my google research, only carpenter bees 😅 didn’t look at smaller details


bushido216 t1_je9g0zg wrote

And you didn't even try to catch it? What kind of trainer are you?


Inkydex t1_jeabgtz wrote

Well Black Shinies are always the best type of shiny form


Doomerlicious t1_jec6spw wrote

It’s a black hairy flower wasp. You’ll see them zooming around at knee height looking for grubs on warm days. They paralyse them and drag them back to their burrows. They lay an egg on top and off again for more. Really great things to have around the garden as they eat all the grubs that would otherwise be eating your plant’s roots. Totally non-aggressive, unless you’re a grub…

Here is a pic from Jerry Coleby-Williams website


SodaPop6548 t1_jeah86f wrote

I dislike carpenter bees.