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jfeo1988 t1_jdsa9xs wrote

Several years ago I had a dream that still sticks out to me. In the dream a car drove up. It was a mix between a corvette and some sort of cargo hauler. In my dream i knew it was called a cargovette.

It had t-tops. A monkey was driving it and in the back seat was Phyllis Diller smoking a cigarette.

That was the ugliest damn car I’ve ever seen until I saw this one


StampedeJonesPS4 t1_jdt0my3 wrote

Give it 5-10 years. They are currently working on a corvette sub-brand.


joelluber t1_jdts8ju wrote

Today I parked next to a four-door Mustang. Looked just like a Kia EV6. 🤦


diuturnal t1_jdtyngm wrote

Shooting brakes are great and everyone who says anything other than that is lying to you and themselves.