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mpatterson1812 t1_jef242d wrote

I feel like a lot of these type of signs are just trying too hard. I'd rather it just be a sign with a toilet on it.


Pudi2000 t1_jeer0kw wrote

Good to know for all the monitors out there.


Freak_Out_Bazaar t1_jeer42a wrote

Someone’s going to complain that this is binary. Should be “Whatever”


Lonely_ProdiG t1_jeet18u wrote

Women should never have to face the wraith of poor aim and overspray. I’m cool with sharing, but good luck ladies.


FawksyBoxes t1_jef1fjc wrote

I've had to clean up waaaaaay more messes, in women's restrooms than men's. As in breaking out the bio kit and having to sanitize an entire stall. While working as a manager at McD.


CapmyCup t1_jeeull4 wrote

In most cases overspray is just splashing because people don't know how to aim and can't sit because SiTtInG iS fOR lAdIeS


0YaKnow t1_jeeutej wrote

What do you think women who live with men do? Or do you think wives and husband have separate bathrooms in their houses? I think once you finally get a girlfriend that women are quite capable of sharing bathrooms with men. I suppose if your poor aim and overspray is that bad it explains why you’ve never lived with a partner before.


Lonely_ProdiG t1_jefh2bz wrote

Uh, I’m married and I sit when I pee, so you’re barking up the wrong tree.


Kurotan t1_jeetd1t wrote

Every bathroom should be a single person room with privacy. Then it won't matter. I hate US restrooms.


FawksyBoxes t1_jef1qew wrote

Or just doors and walls that don't leave a foot gap. Like why is that a thing??


FawksyBoxes t1_jef169f wrote

If I owned my own restaurant I'd just put ? And ¿ on the doors. Both would be identical with just stalls and sinks.


DominosChickenSalad t1_jeghosh wrote

These signs are offensive. It should just be a picture of a pile of shit on the floor.


The_Mr_Yeah t1_jef1ch6 wrote

Theres one in St. Louis that has a woman symbol, a man symbol, the half-woman-half-man symbol(like the one shown), a person in a wheelchair, and then an alien laying down and it says "whatever, just please wash your hands". It was some burger joint. I think it was Hi-Pointe.


artaig t1_jef5pte wrote

A highlander together with an English? Outrageous!